A few links while we await word at Bill Belichick’s 3:00pm press conference about the latest on Tom Brady’s injured knee…

In a Patriots Daily afternoon post, Britt Schramm says that, it might be In Brady, We Trust. But for now, it’s In Cassel, We Pray.

Chad Finn takes a look at what many of the national pundits are saying about the loss of Brady for the Patriots. One that Finn didn’t mention is Michael Silver and his Morning Rush column.

Pink Hat Hell has the latest recap of Sox Appeal.

Tony Massarotti says that in this series against the Rays, we’ll find out whether the Red Sox are serious about winning the decision, or are more concerned about getting into the postseason first. He also asks the obvious: Can Belichick win without Brady?

Cold Hard Football Facts tells us that the Patriots might be losing the single most important player in the history of the game. Football Outsiders has an interesting discussion on the impact of the Brady injury in their Audibles At The Line feature. Jonathan Comey tries to get some historical perspective on what Brady’s injury means.

Tom Curran says that the Patriots should’ve been better prepared for this situation. Dick Vermeil says not to count out the Patriots just yet.

Would Patriots fans cheer if Peyton Manning or Brett Favre went down?

Gordon Edes says that the Rays are coming into Fenw struggling at the exact wrong time.

The Pundit Review blog has an interview with Traci Taylor, the widow of James W. Taylor Jr., who was profiled last week by Stan Grossfeld in the Globe.

Bob Ryan says we shouldn’t worry about the Patriots…it’s still baseball season.

The Celtics will make seven appearances on NBA TV this season.


2 thoughts on “09.08.08 Afternoon

  1. On that idiotic blog entry about “would you cheer an injury?” the most intelligent comment was made by a Steelers fan. What is the world coming to?


  2. Bruce, maybe you can help me out. I’ve been trying like mad to find the articles Tom Curran wrote last week (or really, at any point before yesterday) in which he detailed how the Patriots could have better prepared for losing Brady. I’m quite sure he’s written on it several times, including detailed analysis of what quarterback should have been first off the bench yesterday. Why can’t I find them?


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