A trip around the afternoon stories:

Chad Finn has Kevin Youkilis arriving as a legitimate star.

Peter Gammons did a Q&A on Boston.com today.

Andy Hart has an Ask PFW Mailbag on Patriots.com

Gregg Easterbrook makes it through his first Tuesday Morning Quarterback with only a passing mention of you-know-what.

Don Banks says former BC QB Matt Ryan will likely be the opening day starter for the Falcons.

Tim Graham ponders whether John Lynch (who visited the Patriots today) would be a good fit for New England.

Lesley Visser gets a rare (for these days) interview with Bill Parcells.

Gordon Edes has David Ortiz quieting concerns about his wrist with his power display last night.

Albert Breer visits Bills camp as Buffalo sets their aim on moving closer to the Patriots in the standings.

Marty Burns has his first Eastern Conference rankings, with the Celtics still on top.



2 thoughts on “08.13.08 Afternoon

  1. Loved the comments for the Gammons Q&A. I’m glad to see Teddy Sarandis has discovered an outlet to espouse his wild, laughable theories.

    Go get ’em, Ghoul!


  2. I enjoyed Easterbrook’s analysis of the Supreme Court. Mainly because it displayed a PROFOUND unintelligence with respect to how the US government is, and was intended by the founders to be, organized. I’d cut 99 out of 100 people slack on that issue, because it’s not something the typical person cares about. But this is a purportedly intelligent Brookings Fellow we’re talking about — one who lives in the DC area, even.

    I won’t bore you with an extended poli sci lecture, but his “why doesn’t the SC just tell us what’s okay” argument is the exact unanswerable-despot-based lawmaking that the drafters of the Constitution were seeking to avoid (and that they had just finished fighting a revolution to break free from). His argument is, and I use the word intentionally, idiotic.


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