As most of my punditry (and posting) is being done via Twitter these days – look in the right hand sidebar for proof – I thought I’d put together a list of people who I have apparently angered so much that they felt the need to block me.

I only bring this up because, if you know me at all, or have followed me, you know a couple things. 1. I rarely, if ever make personal insults, and 2. I am never profane.

So why would these people block me?


It’s an illustrious list, no?

Let’s break them down.

Ron Borges – I think the first thing Ron Borges did when he got a Twitter account was block me. Ron was always willing to spar via email, and never give an inch. On Twitter, where it is public and the whole world can see, he is less inclined.

Tony Massarotti – I definitely have given Massarotti a hard time about his moronic takes, his lapdog status and the fact that he sold his soul, betrayed everything he once stood for to make a few bucks more on 98.5 FM weekdays. He might be entitled to the block.

John TomaseWhy won’t you leave John alone? It’s been almost 10 years now. As long as people are claiming that the Patriots taped the Rams walkthough, and by extension that the Patriots “taped practices” Tomase should be reminded of it. He won’t be, by me, on Twitter anyway. Because I’m blocked.

Kevin Paul Dupont – Dupes is a fairly recent addition. It came after I responded to this Tweet:

My response was “You can’t fix stupid.” So, that might’ve crossed the line to personal, but still pretty mild in terms of internet insults. He retweeted, called me a Professional Whiner and blocked me.

Mikey Adams – I honestly don’t know too much about why I’m blocked here. Adams had an undercover account on the older BSMW Forums, and probably didn’t like how he was talked about there. He trolled me on Facebook once, and I blocked him there, so maybe this is retaliation.

Sun Chronicle Sports – Wow, blocked by an entire sports section of a newspaper! Actually this is the account of Mark Farinella, who has had a back and forth relationship with BSMW for many years now. I believe the block came during the time he was being extremely critical of the Krafts for having a backup power line to Gillette Stadium, meaning they had power and the rest of the town did not during a power outage.

Michael Silver – The only national media in the bunch, Silver blocked me during deflategate after I challenged some of his ridiculous posturing and questioned the NFL Network’s ability to report straight – especially after Judy Battista had reported the leak that Brady’s camp desperately wanted the transcript of his appeal to be sealed, when in fact it was the exact opposite. Another lifetime ago, I had interviewed Silver for PFW, and found him a quirky, interesting guy.

I’m sure I’m blocked by other people, but these were ones that I was aware of.

Do you see who isn’t on the list?

Dan Shaughnessy, for one, I don’t think he actually reads mentions on Twitter, but I have to grudgingly give him credit for not blocking people. Albert Breer is another who takes a lot of crap and doesn’t block people left and right. Gary Tanguay, John Dennis, Gerry Callahan are others I’d think might block me who haven’t.

I think Twitter blocks say something about character. Especially when they’re blocking someone who isn’t confrontational, isn’t profane at them, or personally insulting them and their family. So why the block? They can’t handle criticism. Can’t be told they’re wrong, and can’t be called out for their manufactured hot takes?

It’s interesting that the people on this list have no problems viciously and spitefully calling out the people they cover. But when the spotlight is turned to themselves, they do not like it.


16 thoughts on “The Blocklist – Thursday on BSMW

  1. Silver is the epitome of the gutless coward who gives it but can’t take it. He blocks like there’s no tomorrow.


  2. No surprise here – mostly the newspaper guys doing the blocking, because they have become used to not being challenged for decades and act like fucking babies when they are challenged. Take it as a badge of honour.


  3. Bruce, if you found out that Bill Belichick sneezed and someone didn’t say God Bless You, you would hound that person on twitter for the rest of eternity for being a Patriots hater. You’re no different than Borges, just the other side of the same coin. I don’t block people either unless, like you said, they’re just being profane trolls, but you can’t seriously pretend that your behavior wouldn’t be annoying enough to some of these people to lead to that result.


    1. sorry Mickey, but there is plenty of evidence… if you think the media is fair in their coverage of the Patriots… well. you’re a lost cause


  4. When Your Getting Flak You Know You Are Over The Target. Must be hitting to close to home for a few of these frauds. Keep up the good work.


  5. The fact that KPD is that thin-skinned surprises me, really. Maybe it shouldn’t given that he’s a Globie and most of the sportswriters over there still think it’s 1975 — or at least WISH it was.

    Bruce’s Tweet was probably a bit personal. A comment the likes of — “they don’t have a history of cheating; they have a history of being overpunished for a single misdemeanor rules violation that may or may not have been a rules violation (depending on whose interpretation of the rule you’re going by” — might have kept him off the block list.

    But still….he works for the Globe. They’re irrelevant, and they know it, and they hate it. So, whatever.


  6. Shank blocked me.

    Although I think when I called him a “curly haired d— who recycles the same crappy columns every year (see: march of the tomato cans) and hasn’t had anything worth reading since Bill Clinton was POTUS” (plus a few very personal insults because I’ve met the guy and he’s as much of a bag of feces in person as he comes across in his writing) it might’ve been deserved. Although I wanted him to block me. I take it as a badge of honor that I can’t read that loser’s garbage Twitter feed even if I wanted to.

    I’ve also been blocked by Sean grande, because I called him a self-promoting toolbag when he called himself the “voice of the 2013 Red Sox.”


  7. and don’t worry. I remind that whiny overpaid liar Tomase about his lies and slander every chance I get. How that clown has a paying job in the New England region is a mystery.


  8. A lot of these guys are big Deflategate propagandists. The interesting thing is, I’ve found that, ironically, the most reasoned coverage of Deflategate over the past year is from the New York media. Seriously. The Post has done some very balanced stories as has the Times. And I never thought I would write that.


    1. Interesting to hear that the Post has been relatively fair, since Bart Hubbuch, one of the biggest Deflategate Flat-Earther trolls in the media, is in their employ. However, I guess one dipsh*t doesn’t necessarily represent the entire sports department staff.


    2. You mean the Washington Post? They have been all over the story…well Sally Jenkins has. The NY Post has been blah…they have had some sensational headlines but they have at least looked at the evidence. The NY Times has been pretty good at following the evidence as has been the WSJ.


      1. Agree with you. The Washington Post has been outstanding. I was just commenting that I have seen better coverage of Deflategate from New York writers. Not all, NY writers, but it has at least been even-handed. And Jenkins has been very fair, as had the WSJ. It just strikes me that local media (with a few exceptions) has tossed objectivity out the window.


      2. No, I thought the earlier poster was referring to the NY Post, not the WaPo. I know the WaPo has done a good job “deflating” the NFL’s case, for sure.


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