farinellaMark Farinella has been a regular on the Patriots beat since 1977 – which makes him the longest tenured day-to-day guy covering the Patriots.

He writes for The Sun Chronicle out of Attleboro, and is pretty prolific at cranking out the coverage, singlehandedly putting out 4-5 articles on the day after a game. His daily coverage of the team is top notch, and this season he’s also been Blogging Fearlessly on the SC web site.

As a high school student, Farinella actually covered the first game ever played at then-Schaefer Stadium in August 1971 for the Mansfield News.

In the late 1980’s, Farinella spent two years at the Patriot-Ledger, backing up Ron Hobson. He also worked for the AP as a stringer from 1982-2003.


6 thoughts on “Who Are These Guys? – Mark Farinella

  1. Old school journalist…stories focus on the football side of things.

    Reason people might not know his name is because he doesn’t pick fights, make snarky comments, and generally make himself the story.

    Great reporter…he seems to have good access to everybody and usually a reader can tell when it’s a personal interview, as opposed to the scrum, and it seems like he gets a lot of those, though one can never be sure.


  2. I have to check his articles out, I had him confused with someone else and always skipped over his links because I thought it was one of the snarky, waaaahh Belichick gives us nothing guys.


  3. As I recall, Mark’s first training camp article had a “well, today’s the day the lies begin again in Foxborough” angle. I don’t think he’s spared the snark on Belichick either. I don’t deny that he puts the hours in but I’ve seen a least a little of the cynicism that his colleagues like to revel in.


  4. He is as solid as they come. A true professional in every sense of the word. Enjoy his no-nonsense approach!!


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