I was sure this was a hoax.



We created logos for 10 NFL stars

What, no switch logo for Adrian Peterson? No Adderall bottle for the Legion of Boom?

How come the Von Miller one doesn’t somehow show him bribing an NFL drug tester?

How about some play on how the stars in the NFL logo show what a player sees when he has a concussion?





23 thoughts on “ESPN Unveils New Tom Brady Logo

  1. I know as a public figure Brady really can’t sue them and win, but can he at least have his reps send them a threatening letter over this nonsense? Heads simply have to roll over this now 500-days-and-counting farce that the NFL offices and their lickspittle media talking heads in Bristol (and elsewhere) have perpetrated upon the American public. If a few heads roll in Bristol, that would be a good start.

  2. No heads will roll. These things are done solely to rile NE fans. In a way, a tribute to the hatred many at ESPN have for the Patriots. Alas, not particularly original or even particularly artistic. Who did this, one of the guys in maintenance? Come on ESPN, try a little harder!

  3. Just in case you forgot why you stopped having anything to do with ESPN. (Sorry Mike Reiss.) And of course as soon as people complain it will be lighten up Boston it’s just a joke.

    You know what would be a hilarious joke, if the entire Patriots team and coaching staff denied every single ESPN interview request for a year. Not ban them from the premises or anything just flat out say no thanks when asked a question by ESPN. Now that would be some funny sh*t.

    1. Or just pull a Marshawn Lynch: answer every question from ESPN with, “I’m just here so that I won’t get fined.”

    2. Predictably, there were a bunch of “Lighten up, it’s just a joke” comments on that story. I wonder why Brady was the only the one they decided to do a “joke” logo for. Maybe it would have been too hard to graphically portray Cam Newton backing away from a fumble or Odell Beckham cheapshotting someone, but a Revis logo with a $ theme or a Von Miller logo incorporating those glasses he wears wouldn’t have been that hard.

  4. John Tomase showing his laziness yet again last night on Twitter – DJ Bean tweeted out of the last five teams to go up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final, two of them ended up losing the series. Tomase replied “Never happened in history. Mathematically impossible” Guess he forgot that the Bruins lost the first two games in Vancouver in 2011.

    1. I’m less concerned that Tomase forgot about the Bruins being down 0-2 in the 2011 finals than I am about him stating that it’s “mathematically impossible” for a team to come back from 0-2 to win a series. If those are his true feelings, then he’s a lot dumber than I thought. Oh, and why does he still have a job in journalism, in Boston? (Rhetorical question that most of us have been asking for the last 8 years).

    1. They can’t lighten up on this board. Bruce has them assembled and ready to attack windmills any day now.

      The comic relief is wonderful.

      1. Yes, you nailed it Pedro. We all sit here waiting for Bruce’s command for us to charge at media windmills. That’s the ticket. Apparently, we should all just sit back and laugh at the fact that the world’s largest sports media outlet has colluded with the NFL in its efforts over the past 9 years to brand the second or third most dominant dynasty in league history as serial cheaters (this didn’t start with the Deflategate lie; this started with their obscenely over-the-top, drama-queen-like “coverage” of the equally overblown Spygate nonsense). In case you haven’t noticed, said branding efforts have been a spectacular success in all but 5.5 of the nation’s 50 states, despite the fact that there is now more than ample evidence to suggest that absolutely, positively nothing was done to those footballs, either in the 2014 AFC title game, or in other games prior, and that there is more than ample evidence that proves the NFL has lied about this fiasco at every step of the way, dating all the way back to the evening of the AFC title game itself.

        I’ll remind you, also, that ESPN is supposed to be a journalism outfit. Its mission is supposed to be practicing journalism, not acting as the NFL’s public relations lackey whenever the Lords of Park Avenue want to smear someone, or some entity, they don’t like. It certainly has a responsibility to at least get 8-year old, totally debunked, fake stories right, and yet they spent weeks and weeks during the early stages of “Deflategate” citing the “taping of the Rams’ Super Bowl 36 walkthrough” as if it actually happened. They finally “apologized” for that falsehood at 12:30 a.m. one night, when no one was watching, and only after the people down in Foxboro made a couple of phone calls. Then, they still had to send out a memo to their on-air talent months later advising them not to mention it again.

        That’s real sports journalism for ya, from the “World Wide Leader,” no less.

        I’ll lighten up as soon as ESPN stops the b.s. and starts practicing actual journalism. And that goes for the rest of the Deflategate Truthers out there in the media — it’s not isolated to just Bristol.

      2. You also have no idea what the term “attacking windmills” means (which isn’t actually the term).

          1. How is your career doing? You enjoy shitting on everyone who has a modicum of enjoyment for anything that’s on WEEI currently–regardless of the reason.

        1. To dream the impossible dream
          To fight the unbeatable foe
          To bear with unbearable sorrow
          And to run where
          the brave dare not go
          To right the unrightable wrong
          And to love pure and chaste from afar
          To try when your arms are too weary
          To reach the unreachable star
          This is my quest

          I think the reference is perfect although I doubt Pedro knew that when he made his post.

          1. Pedro knew exactly the reference. Thus the replies. Onward with the Crusade. Just stop being so pretentious.

    2. No. If it was a joke, then it was a joke that ‘preaches to the choir’ of people who already believe that Brady did it and is a liar and a cheat. It’s not the kind of joke that just kind of ribs a guy when everyone knows the base of the joke to be false.
      Asking someone to ‘lighten up’ usually means that you don’t take the issue as seriously as the guy who’s upset. Your dismissal of his concerns really only serves to piss him off more – asking him to lighten up almost never results in him saying “Oh, yeah, you’re right – thanks for showing me the light.”
      To me, the logo ‘joke’ is the hammer that drives the ‘liar and cheater’ nail even deeper (if that’s possible) into the public consciousness.
      Screw ESPN.

  5. I don’t condone “hacking” of other people’s computers or systems, and I certainly don’t condone circulating false death rumors………however, how telling is it that when “news” of Goodell still being alive “broke” after the NFL’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday, the vast, vast majority of the responses were basically, “Oh, he’s alive? That’s too bad.” ??

    I mean, seriously, I know it was a joke, but can the owners be THAT obtuse to the fact that false death rumors about their figurehead generated mostly positive responses (positive meaning “in favor of” his death)? How long are they going to continue to allow the face of their league to be one of the most hated men in sports? Do they not understand the “optics” here, or do they just not care?

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