The Streak Continues

No, not Jackie Bradley Jr, who unfortunately had his hitting streak snapped at 29 games last night. I don't really mean Xander Bogaerts, who increased his streak to 19 games last night. Clay Buchholz's streak of lousy performances however, is alive and well. Also alive and well is the ability of sports radio hosts to make … Continue reading The Streak Continues

My Question

So here's my question: If Roger Goodell is "really not focused" on the Tom Brady appeal and he "didn’t see the report" from Congress on the NFL interfering with the concussion study, what exactly has he been doing? Furthermore, if he "didn’t see the report," (he said it TWICE) how was he able to … Continue reading My Question

Patriots “That Guy” 2016 Draft Review

Predicting New England's draft picks provides more setbacks than predicting spring weather (Hello there, 70 degrees! Nice to see you, sleet!). However, forecasting what types of players they usually pick has gotten easier. In our previous, pre-draft "That Guy" piece, we touched on several different kinds of athletes the Patriots tend to bring into the fold. … Continue reading Patriots “That Guy” 2016 Draft Review