So here’s my question:

If Roger Goodell is “really not focused” on the Tom Brady appeal and he “didn’t see the report” from Congress on the NFL interfering with the concussion study, what exactly has he been doing?

Furthermore, if he “didn’t see the report,” (he said it TWICE) how was he able to spend considerable time in his press conference yesterday disputing the allegations made in the report?

Then there is this:

A Congressman issued that report without even talking to any of our advisors. I don’t think that’s appropriate. I don’t think that’s the right way to do things.

So all Congressional reports should be cleared with the NFL before being released. Got it.

I’ve said this ad nauseum, but with very few exceptions here and there, the media does not directly challenge Goodell on his deception and outright lies.

It’s baffling.



8 thoughts on “My Question

  1. I’m not sure it’s baffling, just brutally predictable. Like I said, overdressed oafs without a scintilla of dignity, or conscience.


  2. I understand what Roger Goodell’s role is as a commissioner and why he does what he does, but I don’t understand why the lies and contradictory disingenuous comments continue with no end. It’s obvious and apparent to the general public that there is no truth or substance to what Roger says. So why continue the charade? Does the Billionaire Boys Club honestly think this is the best course of action? I’m not advocating for 100% transparency, but the arrogance that comes with each line of bullsh*t is just mocking their fan base. When you’re king of the hill I suppose you can do that without recourse, but it leaves such a sour taste.


  3. So, the Patriots have now publicly sided with Brady vs. the NFL by filing an amicus brief with the court today. Interesting. What is more interesting is how the “other 31” respond. Will they try to force the Kraft’s to sell? Will this launch even more fake, concocted schemes (like Deflategate was/is) to further punish and damage the Patriots on-field product? Or….in a most unlikely scenario, will they shut up and finally admit that their incompetent, megalomaniacal mouthpiece on Park Avenue simply has to be relieved of his duties, and then force the new commissioner to accept whatever plea deal Brady offered Der Fuhrer last week? (If it’s a one-game “non-cooperation” penalty, with no admission of guilt on anyone’s part, including the Dorito Dinks, then it still sucks, but it’s better than continuing with this nonsense — and Brady still gets to play in 15 of the 16 games). I guess Kraft finally got sick and tired of the b.s., and finally realized he really has no friends among the other owners, so why not go “Al Davis” on them at this point?


  4. I forgot who Breuer was/is. Didn’t even know he was still alive, let alone talking sports somewhere. I thought his story was a gag until each show on both stations spent some time on it. Looks like we can safely bury this one:


    1. I think Breuer hosts a heavy metal-themed show on XM Radio, too. He does an absolutely spot-on Brian Johnson (now the former lead singer of AC/DC) impression. Eh, this story is much ado about nothing, even if it’s true. If JJ and his wife were upset with the Patriots organization, that’s probably past tense now since he got his job back and the Pats lobbied the league for his reinstatement. In the end, the only people who deserve the never-ending wrath of Pats fans and all those interested in truth and justice are those lying, despicable cretins in the NFL offices.


  5. So here is my question. WTF are the Red Sox doing retiring Wade Boggs number? He was a f#$king mercenary When Boston would no longer tolerate his abject selfish play, me first persona and his unwillingness to sacrifice or hit behind a runner…he goes to NY. After riding the stupid horse after the Yankees carried him to a ring…he goes to Tampa for money trading on his past reputation while allowing him to pursue more selfish records for hits…because lord knows he was not willing to hit for power in a game situation. The Sox brass think that asshat is worth of retiring? Unbelievable. If there is a more overrated player ever to play for a Boston team I would like to know who it is. Honestly…they won nothing while he was here eating chicken ahem, cheating on his wife and not doing the little unselfish things it takes to help a team win.

    The Sox are winning despite a lousy unlikeable manager. The kids are producing. Memo to Dr. Charles…you don’t need stupid acts like re-embracing Boggs…especially after he was finally exorcized from our collective conscientiousness. Add this to the long list of reasons I hate current Sox ownership


    1. “He was a f#$king mercenary”

      A mercenary who played for the team for over a decade.


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