No, not Jackie Bradley Jr, who unfortunately had his hitting streak snapped at 29 games last night.

I don’t really mean Xander Bogaerts, who increased his streak to 19 games last night.

Clay Buchholz’s streak of lousy performances however, is alive and well.

Also alive and well is the ability of sports radio hosts to make ridiculous statements which have no basis in reality or fact.

I present to you Tweedledum and Tweedledee:



Of course, last night was the SIXTH different spot Bradley had hit in the lineup during his streak.

Tim Britton:

In fact, to blame the end of Bradley’s 29-game hitting streak on misplaced managerial meddling or the interruption of well-worn, superstitious habits is to ignore both a series of facts and the gravity of the accomplishment in the first place. Bradley’s hits were not the result of his spot in the order, and his lack of them on Thursday wasn’t either.

Sean McAdam:

First of all, Thursday night marked the sixth (SIXTH!) different spot that Bradley has hit during the hitting streak. He had hit second, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth. So the notion that any change was disruptive was absurd.

As for the notion that Bradley would treat his at-bats differently because he was leading off? Also wrong. Bradley’s major adjustment since spring training has been being aggressive early in the count. So, do you know how many pitches Bradley saw in four at-bats as the leadoff hitter? Eight.

Does that sound like someone who was being forced to be more patient for the night, or someone changing their approach by working the count more?

Common sense and facts though, aren’t going to sway the tidal wave of #hotsportztakes.

I’ll expose my ignorance here and say I had no idea who Jim Breuer was prior to this week.

The comedian made big news this week by revealing he had an encounter with John Jastremski of Deflategate fame down in Mexico.

There are enough holes in his story to make it dubious, and his appearance on Toucher and Rich yesterday – the day before his album was released today, make the whole thing just a bit too convenient for me.

The by-the-book Ravens were punished by the NFL yesterday for breaking offseason training rules.

The punishment was a fine and loss of a week of OTA activity. Some wondered why the punishment wasn’t more severe.

Yet, this was the second violation for the Ravens since 2010:

It was then explained that this was their first violation during THIS CBA period.

Huh. The Patriots are still being punished for things that happened in 2007, isn’t that before this CBA?

Media should pipe down about Matt Harvey’s silence – Chad Finn looks at the media outrage over the Mets pitcher choosing not to talk to them.

Chris Berman to leave longtime ESPN gigs at end of 2016 NFL season – The longtime ESPN broadcaster refutes reports that he is retiring, however.


8 thoughts on “The Streak Continues

  1. On Monday, MONDAY, when Brady’s legal challenge was announced, Toucher and Rich whined, bitched, moaned and complained about Brady further dragging this out, forcing them to hear and talk about Deflategate.

    Fast forward one day and they haven’t stopped talking about it since.



    1. To build on Donald’s cogent point, the whole batting order controversy is absurd. By moving him up the order you are doing more to extend the streak by giving him more plate appearances – or chances to get a hit. Last night ended with the 9-hole hitter (pinch hitting) making the final out of the game, which is the only way that the 1 and 9 hitters get the same # of ABs. The fact that JBJ hit at 9 for most of this streak is even more impressive. He hit the ball hard in the 2 abs i saw but got unlucky, so he didn’t seem thrown off by a new spot in the order.

      Also, I like Finn but really think he needs to drop the whole sports media critic thing. If Harvey were pitching for the Sox every single one of the Globe baseball writers and columnists would be outdoing themselves for the hottest take. Cafardo is the Pope of the “players must be accountable to the media” movement. Finn can hammer the Daily News all he wants but until he turns his sights on his own newsroom (which will never happen) his media critic material will be a joke.


      1. Or, since he’s not about to rip his employer because he enjoys being employed and all, he can instead use issues happening in different markets to make it clear how he feels about certain things that may occur here.


        1. Not sure exactly what’s going on here with the screen name and third-person voice (or maybe i do…) but I get the point even though I think it’s an unfortunate reality. Unfortunately, most people aren’t sophisticated enough to connect it back to the local market – including the offenders.


  2. I think we found the much ballyhooed “Planet Delusia” that FnM like to reference. Only its not populated by Green Teamers , the sole inhabitant is one Pete Sheppard.

    The way Kirk waltzed him around and puppy trained him was amazing.

    And if you need a holiday drinking game – count the # of times Pete invokes either a witness or the Almighty to add credibility to his claims.


  3. Bruce, you don’t know much about Breuer because he’s not much of a comedian. His “goat boy” routine on SNL was fingernails-on-the-chalkboard stuff. I heard a rebroadcast of his radio gig last night. It made little sense.


  4. So I’m at the gym this morning working off the extra burgers from the weekend and I look up to see the tv is on NESN. They are broadcasting a loop of their morning highlight show. Now, given their relationship with the Red Sox, what I saw next blew me away…

    They had a graphic showing the pitching rotation for the week with E-Rod listed as Tuesday’s starter, which I believe I read somewhere. Fine. Then later (or earlier since they replay the thing every 20 minutes) they have a banner graphic saying Rodriguez is starting “Today”–as in Monday.
    They show the game highlights and I look up to see the team hi-5ing their way off the field but the graphic they run is the line score from Saturday’s 10-9 loss, complete with “Ortiz HR” and other statistical tidbits on the side. They then transition to Farrell’s media grab-ass session and the graphic reads “Sox win 5-3 in 11 innings.”

    Ok, so an intern was stuck working over the long weekend and screwed up the production, fine. Things happen but they couldn’t fix it? Did no one notice?

    According to it aired 15 times. I saw it in the 7:00 hour and made a point to look back at each replay, it did not change. That’s the epitome of lazy media.


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