Today’s Sports Radio Villain – Dane Cook

Alleged comedian Dane Cook has lower ratings than Dennis and Callahan this morning after stiffing an on-line audience out of his performance on the Boston Strong benefit last night.

Boston Herald Patriots reporter Jeff Howe led the charge against Cook on twitter last night, earning him a round of attaboys from his fellow sports media members. Howe was on Toucher and Rich this morning to talk about what he did.

I understand the outrage over the principle involved here – Cook is a moron for doing this – but I’m a little baffled that people are actually complaining about *not* being able to see Dane Cook.

NESN fill-in for Jerry Remy adjusting on fly – Chad Finn talks to Rob Bradford about filling in on Red Sox TV, and chimes in on Bill Simmons’ MLK reference to Memphis, addresses some WEEI rumors and looks at NBC’s coverage of Bruins/Penguins.

Bruins’ radio voice Dave Goucher high on youngsters – Bill Doyle talks to Goucher about the Bruins young defensemen and about the club as they head into the Conference finals.

Torey Krug an unlikely hero for Bruins – Fluto Shinzawa has a feature on the electric rookie.

Bruins-Penguins preview: B’s will put up a long fight – DJ Bean previews the series.

Cream rises to top in 2013 Cup playoffs – Joe Haggerty looks at how the NHL has its best four teams (and last four Champions) still playing.

Ellsbury ‘changed the game’ against Phillies – Sean McAdam looks at the big performance on the basepaths by the Red Sox centerfielder last night. Gordon Edes also looks at the night, which ended with the Phillies giving Ellsbury second base.

Not everyone was impressed though.

Earlier this week, Massarotti stated that a ball dropped in between Ellsbury and Stephen Drew over the weekend because they are both Scott Boras clients on one-year deals and are trying not to get hurt in a contract year.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when even money has Massarotti saying Ellsbury is selfishly stealing bases to pad his stats in a contract year.


ESPN Radio To Carry Patriots Games, Tuesday Media Notebook

ESPN announced yesterday that they have signed a multi-year deal to broadcast New England Patriots games on ESPN Radio outside of the New England market. The Patriots radio network flag-shipped by 98.5 The SportsHub will still have exclusive rights in this market, but Patriots fans who live outside of New England will get more opportunities to hear the Patriots on the radio.

Similar deals have been signed with the New York Giants, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins by ESPN Radio.

ESPN NFL analysts Herm Edwards, Bill Polian and Damien Woody will each work several of ESPN Radio’s national broadcasts.  Additional commentators and the complete schedule will be announced at a later date.

Remy Ailing

NESN announced yesterday that Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy is suffering from seasonal allergies and will miss the next few games. Remy himself tweeted yesterday to assure fans “have no fear-that’s all that it is.”

Dennis Eckersley filled in on the broadcast last night, and will also be in the booth on Friday night when the Red Sox travel to New York to take on the Yankees.’s Rob Bradford will fill in tonight and tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

CSNNE, Celtics hold Boston Strong Auction (Last Day Is Today)

Comcast SportsNet, NECN and Boston Celtics are joining to auction 10 
tickets in the Comcast SportsNet luxury suite to the Boston Strong concert
on May 30, 2013 at the TD Garden. Night would include 10 tickets to the concert plus complimentary food and beverage.

The Boston Strong concert features performances from legendary Boston recording artists Aerosmith, Boston, J Geils Band, New Kids on the Block, and James Taylor; major recording acts Jason Aldean, Jimmy Buffett, Dane Cook, Extreme, Godsmack, and Carole King; and Boston comedians Dane Cook and Steven Wright.

To enter the auction, visit

The auction ends at 5:00pm today, Opening auction bid: $2,500

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Richard Family Fund, c/o the St. Mark’s Area Main Street, 1914 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, MA 02124. Visit for details on the fund.

WEEI Offering “Ultimate Fenway Experience”

WEEI is giving people a chance to have the “Ultimate Fenway Experience” while helping the Pan-Mass Challenge. The prize includes four dugout seats to the June 19th game, a tour of the park including on-field access during batting practice, dinner for four at the EMC club, and a tour of the WEEI broadcast booth. Raffle tickets are only $2.00 each, and can be purchased here.

The drawing will be held on May 31st.

Get To Know Salk

The Boston Magazine website has an interview with WEEI afternoon host Mike Salk. He explains his philosophy on sports talk:

I don’t typically have the same opinion as the majority of people. I don’t view myself as a contrarian, and I never take a position just to argue it, but I think it just kind of happens. You don’t need to take a false position just to generate controversy. I don’t like that. You’re trying to relate to listeners and have a conversation with them that is something that you might have with your buddies at a bar. Adding an intellectual take on it is what I think makes it fun. Hopefully you say, “Oh, I never really thought about it that way.”

I’d like to see this show succeed, but the early returns haven’t been good.

On A Happier Note…

A few days off, some actual sunshine yesterday, has put me into a much better mood to open up the week. While last week I was cranky and took it out on the local sports media, today, we’ll turn it around and look at some positives:

I like it when Dennis and Callahan (featuring Kirk Minihane) have a sports-related guest that they actually treat with respect and take seriously. They can do a great interview when they approach it right.

I like it when Fred Toucher goes on an angry rant against the sports lodge.

I like when Toucher and Rich talk to Brian Scalabrine and he shoots down everything they say about the Celtics.

I like when Lou Merloni uses his experience as a Major League player to give the audience a piece of insight that other hosts would not be able to provide.

I like when Gresh and Zo get serious about football. When they’re breaking it down and talking the game, there’s no one better on local radio.

I like when Michael Felger goes off on a (non-sports related) conspiracy theory. He can be pretty funny without even trying to be.

I like when 98.5 plays the squeaky, angry helium-voice Tony Massarotti clips.

I like that Mike Salk has pissed so many people off at WEEI.

I like the non-angry approach of Michael Holley.

I like when the Red Sox or Celtics are playing and Mike Adams has the night off.

I like Pete Sheppard’s show on 1510 NBC Sports Radio Boston. It’s the same old Pete, someone who actually enjoys sports and isn’t looking for every opportunity to point out a negative or cause for worry.

I like reading just about anything written by Alex Speier. The guy is thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable and can write. Why is he a sportswriter again?

I occasionally enjoy when Dan Shaughnessy goes off on a team like the 2012 Red Sox.

It’s early, but I like the new Globe hires of Baxter Holmes (Celtics) and Ben Volin (Patriots/NFL). Young, hungry guys who have showed an analytical side in the early going, and seem pleasant enough.

I like all of the Herald’s beat coverages. They’re all solid, and writers like Steve Bulpett, Stephen Harris, Michael Silverman and Karen Guregian are all seasoned professionals who know their sport and don’t get caught up in petty agendas.

I like that Tom E Curran has taken to challenging some of the ridiculous #hotsportztakes that his colleagues put out there.

I like Brian MacPherson and Tim Britton covering the Red Sox at the Providence Journal.

I like Chad Finn as a media reporter, but I like him even better when he’s writing about sports. Too bad management at the Globe isn’t more appreciative of his style and talent in that area.

I like Johnston and Flynn on the weekends and as fill-ins on 98.5, as long as they’re not talking Celtics.

I still like the Globe Sunday notes sections, as formulaic as they can be at times, they’re still a Sunday morning staple.

I like that Bob Ryan is still a presence in the Boston sports media.

The best Twitter follow of the radio side of  WEEI is @AndyWEEI

I like that Mike Reiss keeps at it on the Patriots blog, (along with Rodak and Yates) even on days where there is nothing happening, there are still multiple posts during the day to satiate those looking for any bit of Patriots news or analysis. Every post may not be a hit, but the consistency is admirable.

I like the work Chris Price did on leading up to the NFL draft. A lot of work there.

I like all of our radio play-by-play teams, and am interested to hear Bob Socci on Patriots broadcasts this fall.

I like that Tommy Heinsohn is still at it, and is still 100% invested in the home team.

I like that we have TV voices the quality of Mike Gorman, Don Orsillo and Jack Edwards. The three couldn’t be more different in styles, but they’re all top notch at what they do and add to the games.

I like that Jessica Camerato has grown into a writer capable of putting out great features on players such as the one she wrote on the struggles that Keyon Dooling went through.

I like how Jamison Coyle operates on NESN Daily. Leah Hextall too.

I like the Patriots practice/workout recaps that are done by the Patriots Football Weekly staff. They unfailingly provide the most detail.

I like that we live in an area where sports are so passionately followed and covered and that our professional teams are competitive most of the time.

Bruins Blow Series. Season Over


Death, Taxes and Boston sports radio. About the only things in life which are completely predictable.

The Bruins take a 3-0 series lead, and then drop game four in overtime. Ergo, since they once blew a 3-0 series lead and lost a series after losing game four in overtime, this MUST be history repeating itself. This is your local radio programming until the Bruins close the series.

Or you’re a columnist who made a boatload of money on some fictional curse involving a local baseball team. What do you do? Naturally you made any connection you can to this situation.

The media columns today look at the postseason coverage of the Bruins.

NESN, CSNNE compete for Bruins coverage – Chad Finn.

For Pierre McGuire, rinkside beats the booth – Bill Doyle.

It was also a rough night for the Red Sox, as Terry Francona made his return to Fenway Park as an opposing manager. His Indians walloped the Sox 12-3.

Tribe a tribute to Terry Francona

John Tomase says there are two camps when it comes to Francona.

On one side are those who can’t say his name without intoning that he’s The Greatest Manager in Red Sox History, as if it’s an official part of his title. He won two World Series, nearly reached a third, and oversaw the rebirth of the franchise. It’ll take more than one bad month to undo that.

On the other are those who will never forgive him for the collapse of 2011, the fact that he basically skated on it in the court of public opinion, or for employing the player-friendly style that let it happen. The Sox won on their ridiculous talent, which he managed not to screw up. Beatification proceedings can wait.

I’d be curious to know the percentages in each camp. I personally really don’t know anyone in the second camp, though I know they exist. They’re the ones who mockingly called him “Francoma” when they called in to sports radio. I’d have to imagine it is a very very small club.

WEEI can’t be looking forward to the release of the latest ratings numbers. A sneak peek of April and the first week of May reveals that 98.5 is again #1 in their demo for mornings, mid-days and afternoons, while WEEI hovers between 6th and 7th in those same time slots.  According to the numbers I was given, (which I have not been able to confirm, but I have no reason to believe are inaccurate) the first week of May broke down like this:

May week 1

Males 25-54

T&R 13.3 #1 D&C 5.1 #6

G&Z 8.1 #1 M&M 2.6 #12

F&M 12.9 #1 S&H 4.6 T-6TH

Last year, you’ll recall that WEEI won the afternoon drive in May.

Bruins Take 3-0 Lead, On Brink Of Losing Series

It’s over.

I’m always amazed at the ability of some people to immediately hone in on the negative. In sports media, it’s the people involved with sports radio and television who feel the need to create something negative out of a very impressive performance by the Boston Bruins last night.

Whether it is the play of Tyler Seguin and Chris Kelly (last night on CSNNE) or Dennis and Callahan and Minihane trying to create some sort of controversy this morning around Brad Marchand and Shawn Thornton (suggesting Marchand should fight his own battles, and that Thornton resents having to come to the aid of a punk like Marchand – a suggestion Thornton himself thoroughly debunked when he appeared on the show in the 9:00 hour.

Enough of that.

Claude Julien’s plans turning to gold for Bruins – I really enjoyed Kevin Paul Dupont’s column today.

The Bruins fourth line was the difference last night, probably to the chagrin of those who complain about Julien’s insistence on rolling all his lines out there with regularity.

Fourth line carries Bruins to win over Rangers, 2-1 – Joe Haggerty says the fourth line showed they are much more than grinders.

Fourth line has first-rate showing – Joe McDonald looks at the energy and offense the unit brought last night.

Bruins go fourth with well-rounded effort – Stephen Harris looks at as good an all-around game as we’ve seen from the Bruins this season.

Merlot Line Proves Worth For Umpteenth Time And Other Leftover Bruins Thoughts – Michael Hurley touches on the officiating and many other items from last night.

Bruins defense a major source of offense in playoffs – DJ Bean looks at the production of the defensemen to the Bruins charge.

Good stuff.

Time For The Annoyed Rant

For some reason, I’m a foul mood today. Don’t know why.

It might be what passes for sports radio/TV in this town these days. Nothing but faux controversies and studio-gangsters talking tough. Here’s a partial list of things I’m not interested in these days:

I’m not interested in Dennis and Callahan talking about eating feces, sodomy or Callahan’s questions about why can’t we just blow up tornadoes with a laser.

I’m not interested in the Dennis and Callahan producer somehow trying to compare Rob Gronkowski with Larry Bird in terms of being a career disappointment.

If the Patriots win three Super Bowls and Gronk is a three-time MVP and a Hall of Famer, I won’t be disappointed.

I’m not interested in hearing Fred Toucher’s impression of Jaromír Jágr ever again, though I know I will.

I’m not interested in hearing Jon “Bonafides” Wallach get some basic sports fact wrong again.

I’m not interested in counting how many times Lou Merloni says “damn” in a 20-minute segment.

I’m not interested in Andy Gresh’s opinion that Rajon Rondo is the most hated athlete in Boston.

I’m not interested in Scott Zolak’s ham salad sandwiches and coffee that he got at Cumby’s on the way in.

I’m not interested in hearing how Mike Mutnansky can ramble his way into the next break. Example (Courtesy of Scott@PD):

Faced off with Salk, TC, there on NESN, went at it in the Twizzle, Celtics, rebuild, keep the core together, debated that thing, there on NESN, after the post-game show, great job done there on that, followed up with that debate, Salk wants to blow it up, couldn’t defend it, kicked his *ss there on NESN and had no problem doing it, want to mix that thing in there along with your Bruins, Red Sox calls, I see you lined up there, Steve in Fall River, Russ in Walpole, great callers. Ortiz, questions now, on something, see Shaughnessy in the Globe, asking the tough questions, agree, topic worth exploring Lou Merloni, Bruins, a little gamesmanship there on the faceoffs, getting the benefit of the doubt on those things, Michael Holley says now he doesn’t see the Bruins losing another game in this series, interesting, Holley, bold, I had the Bruins losing this series TC, we’ll explore that after this break.

Even so, I’m not interested in the prospect of Jessica Moran (though I like her on CSNNE) replacing Mutt.

I’m not interested in seeing how Dan Shaughnessy can make himself the story this week, and then take a victory lap on Gresh and Zo and on the weekend TV shows and any national outlet that will have him and promote him as the face of Boston sports.

I’m not interested in hearing how Mike Felger can blame Tom Brady for Peter King’s puff piece on him in this week’s MMQB.

I’m not interested in in hearing Tony Massarotti declare that everything SUCKS, unless it’s something that Felger came up with.

I’m not interested in Mike Salk try to “interpret” comments made by a guest such as Danny Ainge and then try to create some sort of story about a rift between Ainge and Doc Rivers. Or talk about how John Farrell really isn’t a clone of Terry Francona, and because of that, is he really any different than Bobby Valentine?

I’m not interested in Michael Holley floundering hopelessly as he tries to save his own job as he realizes that since Salk is Jeff Brown’s guy, Holley would be next out the door.

I’m not interested in anything Mike Adams has to say. (How many Mike’s are there on Boston radio, anyway?)

I’m not interested in hearing the Felger and Massarotti show repeated almost verbatim during the evenings on 98.5 by Adam Jones.

I’m not interested in hearing Larry Johnson tell everyone on the weekends how people like Dan Shaughnessy and Dennis and Callahan and everyone is doing such a great job.

I’m not interested in the Yankee-programming on that same show.

I’m not interested in Jen Royle’s tweets of herself in bed with her dog, and utilizing Butch Stearns as her new radio coach and mentor. Butch Stearns????

I’m not interested in yet another review of the 2009 season on the ESPN Boston Patriots blog.

I’m not interested in seeing the new guy at the Globe retweeting Mike Florio.

I’m not interested in hearing the Boston media fawn over John Tortorella while waiting hopefully for an explosion out of him.

I’m not interested in seeing how Chris Gasper can find creative ways to shoehorn $100 words into his column. Fustigated? Lugubrious?

/Rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Bird’s Rookie Year — Game 2 vs. the 76ers

Celtics (0-1) vs. Philadelphia (1-0)
April 20, 1980
Boston Garden

The Celtics opened the playoffs by demolishing Houston.  After the sweep, Rockets coach Del Harris anointed the 1980 Celtics as “the best team I’ve ever seen.”  The C’s, however, were given a rude awakening in the opener of the conference finals, as Philadelphia used a combination of style (Dr. J), power (Darryl Dawkins), and grit (Henry Bibby) to wrestle away homecourt.  Game Two was a different story, as the Celtics relied heavily on their starting five and fought off every Philly comeback to hold on and win, 96-90.

Bird SI Cover

Bob Ryan examined the victory in the pages of the Boston Globe the following morning, a game that saw all of Boston’s starting five in double figures:

There can be no denying that the Boston half of the morning box score is an eyebrow archer.  Boston substitutes accounted for a mere 28 of the 240 playing minutes.  Fitch stayed with his five-man mule team, and nobody will ever be able to convince him he did not do the right thing.

“If,” he said, “I run into a carbon copy of this game anywhere along the line, I’ll do it again. I think this team is as well-conditioned as any in the league.  My players have the right to ask out for a blow, and the substitutes for each player can put themselves in for their man if they think they should. I may run a dictatorship, but it’s with a diplomatic-democratic twist.”

Larry Bird, who played 46 minutes, led all scorers with 31 points and, as evidenced in the video, put his body on the line for the Celtics.  The NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year also picked up 12 rebounds.  Ryan touched on Bird’s play, which ultimately was the difference between victory and defeat.

After missing his first three shots, he sank 13 of his next 15 attempts from the floor, and the variety of his offense suggested a man playing “Horse” with himself.  The level of the 76ers’ defense in this game matched their first-game effort, but this time The Rookie made shots no 6-foot-9 man has a right to make.  It was that simple.

“He made some incredible shots,” conceded Sixer coach Billy Cunningham. “There wasn’t much you could do about it.”

The game was not entirely perfect for Bird.  He accumulated only one shot at the free throw line, delivered only two assists, and turned the ball over an alarming eight times.  Despite the defeat, Philadelphia saw vulnerability in their opponent.  Larry Whiteside’s story from the Globe had Julius Erving’s take on Bird’s 31-point night.

“Let’s face it,” said Julius Erving.  “Larry had an outstanding individual game.  Everybody knows he is capable of doing that on any given night.  He’s got that kind of ability.  But he wound up taking 30 shots, and everybody knows that is not the kind to team game that the Celtics have played all year.  I just don’t know if he’ll have that kind of success if he has to do it every night.  It worked in this game.  We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Larry Bird driving past Caldwell and Bobby Jones

Ryan touched on the sequence that gave the Celtics their first victory of the series:

The game wasn’t put away until the final nine minutes, or until the Celtics, who had blown a 15-point second-period lead down to a tie at 62-all, answered the final Sixer thrust with big baskets by Cowens (14) and Bird.  Philly was still hanging tough at 76-70 when Cowens responded to a delightful low-post mismatch with Steve Mix by swinging into the lane for a hook with 9:18 left.  Bird then expanded the margin to 10 at 80-70 with a jumper from just inside the three- point arc.  The 76ers were unable to reduce the deficit to less than 10 until garbage time, as the Celtics twice expanded the lead to 13, the second time at 90-77 with 3:41 to play.

The Celtics also reasserted themselves on the glass.  After the Sixers picked up nine more defensive rebounds than the C’s in the series opener, Bird (12 rebounds) and Cedric Maxwell (15 rebounds) shifted the direction of the series by limiting Philly’s second-chance opportunities.  The Sixers shot 48 percent in Game One, yet barely managed 44 percent from the field in Game Two.

“I just went out there with the same confidence that I’ve had all season,” Bird told the Globe’s Whiteside.  “We proved we were the best team in an 82-game season. Now we’ve got to prove we’re the best team in the playoffs.  I didn’t mind the fact that I played so long.  In a game like this, and playing against a talented club like Philly, you don’t really want to come out.”

The Globe’s Leigh Montville, who now writes for Sports on Earth, detailed the scene in the Celtics’ locker room after the game:

“Sloppy,” a man tried to tell Celtics’ guard Chris Ford.  “You won, but you looked sloppy.”

Chris Ford and Lionel Hollins fight for a loose ball

“What do you mean?” Ford fairly shouted.  “Everyone out there is fighting tooth and nail.  Maybe from where you’re sitting the game looks sloppy, but if you’re playing you know the games aren’t going to be picture-perfect because nobody’s going to let them be.  Maybe you can say everyone’s making mistakes.  I say everyone’s just trying like hell.”

The Celtics had not won in Philly since January of 1979.  In order to avoid returning to the Garden facing a 3-1 deficit, the C’s would need to find a way to procure a victory at the Spectrum.  While the Celtics were only seven wins away from a championship, the Boston Bruins had just bowed out of the playoffs after losing, 4-1, to the New York Islanders (who were beginning a run of four straight Stanley Cup victories).  The Globe’s Ernie Roberts asked Harry Sinden his thoughts on the Celtics:

One writer asked Sinden if he thought it unfair that the Bruins had to play eight games in 11 days while the Celtics seemed to have the luxury of a two- or three-day rest between playoff games. Harry grinned.  “I don’t think it is pertinent,” he said, “but who should I complain to?  Mr. (Larry) O’Brien (commissioner of the NBA)?  Actually I hope the Celtics win their title because I’d like to see one championship team come to Boston.”

The Celtics traveled to Philadelphia for Game Three.


Philadelphia Game 2

Bruins Take Game One, Sox Rally In Ninth

It was a good night for the locals, as the Bruins beat the Rangers in overtime to take the first game of their conference semifinal series, and the Red Sox rallied from a two-run deficit in the ninth inning to beat the Tampa Rays.

Brad Marchand goal lifts Bruins past Rangers in OT – Steve Conroy has the Bruins doing a good job turning the page from their electrifying game seven win over Toronto.

Marchand finally looks himself with Game 1 goal – Joe Haggerty has the Bruins winger getting himself back to form last night.

Young blueliners don’t look green – With the Bruins down three veteran defensemen, Joe McDonald looks at the fine performance by the trio of Torey Krug, Matt Bartkowski and Dougie Hamilton last night. Kevin Paul Dupont has more on the young trio.

Nobody bigger than Zdeno Chara – Mark Daniels has the Bruins stalwart playing an immense 38 minutes last night.

Bruins fans made CSN studio scary – Chad Finn’s media column looks back at the scene in the Comcast SportsNet studio outside TD Garden after the historic game 7 win over the Maple Leafs.

So, let me get this straight, Mike Felger was scared, not of bodily harm, but about the quality of the broadcast? That’s why they called 911? Also, since when has Felger been worried about the quality of any broadcast?

Finn also mentions the Entercom employee satisfaction survey.

Jack Edwards’ winning Bruins call gains notice – Bill Doyle’s media column has Jack Edwards talking about his call of the winning goal in game seven.

The Red Sox were down 3-1 in the ninth inning, and the Rays had their closer on the mound to start the inning. The same closer who had struck out the side on Tuesday night. The Sox loaded the bases, and with two outs and two strikes, Will Middlebrooks emptied the bases, giving Boston a 4-3 lead which they held for the win.

Red Sox rally on Will Middlebrooks’ bat – Scott Lauber looks at the important win for the Sox.

Shane Victorino toughing it out for Red Sox – Nick Cafardo look at how important the outfielder has become to the Red Sox.

Bard’s control issues big concern in Double A – Sean McAdam looks at the struggles for the formerly dominant reliever.

Red Sox steal drama trick from Bruins – John Tomase looks at this one as a win that the Red Sox can build on.

Just how ridiculous (and transparent) is Mike Florio?

Patriots’ decision to cut Love looks like disability discrimination

Jaguars help Patriots, in a roundabout way

From the latter:

The Patriots’ apologists suddenly have gotten very quiet.

OK, so no one is defending the team any more. Then:

The team has not responded to a PFT request for comment, and no amount of off-the-record spin being espoused by writers covering the team regarding concerns such as Love’s performance slipping in 2012 and the addition of other players who may be better than Love changes the fact that the Pats cut Love not because of his performance or his competition but because of a medical condition.  We know this because the team released Love in the immediate aftermath of his diagnosis with the “non-football illness” designation.

So are the apologists quiet, or are the apologist writers covering the team actually making excuses for them?

While the Patriots may suffer no consequence or reprimand for a fairly blatant violation of Love’s human rights (because, you know, they’re the Patriots), the Jaguars deserve to be praised for ignoring a condition that can be treated and controlled. Many people operate successfully with diabetes, and every diabetic should be a fan of the Jaguars moving forward.

Excuse me, Mr Florio, but your slip is showing. What does this even mean? Is he saying they won’t be punished because the league looks the other way on the Patriots, or is he saying the Patriots make a routine habit of violating of the human rights of their employees?

On the matter of spin coming from the local media, I’m not seeing it. Tom E Curran wrote about it – More to Pats’ release of Love than meets the eye but Florio’s line seems to be more about retaliating for being called out than actually debunking anything Curran says. I’m not seeing other Patriots media rush to the defense of the team as Florio indicates is happening.

Then Florio runs this last night:

Krafts catch flak for favoring Patriots over Revolution

Included is this paragraph:

Still, a Sports Illustrated poll of anonymous players pegged the Krafts as the worst owners in the MLS, and players like Thierry Henry and David Beckham have balked at playing on the FieldTurf at Gillette Stadium.


Entercom Looking To Survey “employee engagement and workplace satisfaction” Today

You may have heard John Dennis and Gerry Callahan talking this morning about the survey the company is having them take today.

Here is the email sent to employees earlier this week:

Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 10:52 PM
Cc: Jeff Brown; Carmela M***; Mike K****

Subject: Employee Opinion Survey

Entercom Boston Employees,  As you are aware, we have conducted employee opinion surveys in our markets in the past. Weezie Kramer, who was recently promoted to Station Group President, has requested that we do a company-wide survey.

The survey consists of questions that measure employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, that you will score on a scale between 1-7. We also have a few questions about what you like best/least about your job, along with what is going well overall and suggestions for improvement.

To expedite the process, I’ve asked Carmela M*** to facilitate the survey. You will be receiving an email from Jeff about the meeting schedule. The meetings will begin with a video message from Weezie, followed by a video message from me. Carmela will then hand out the survey and we ask that you complete it at the meeting and place it in a Fed Ex box that will be in the front of the room. The surveys will be sent overnight directly to my office.

I want to assure you that your feedback will be protected. Carmela has promised that no one will read your survey locally. She will make sure that the completed surveys stay in the Fed Ex box until I receive them. All of the feedback will be compiled into a report and therefore your feedback will be anonymous.

Thanks in advance for taking the survey and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Corporate surveys are not all that uncommon. Companies do them all the time to gauge the morale of employees. My buddy Andy at WEEI says they’ve done them at WEEI before. The email above says so too. That’s not what Dennis and Callahan said this morning, as they said it was the first time they have ever done something like this in their 15/16 years at the station.

They also questioned why the company felt the need to do it at this point in time. Given the amount of recent departures from the station, both voluntary and involuntary, it seems obvious, which was the very point they were making. Interesting that the company is calling everyone to these meetings and having them take the survey under supervision. While this is a company-wide survey, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess that it is aimed specifically at the Boston market.

Another email set the times for these meetings, as management went in at 9:00 am today, and there are all-employee sessions scheduled for 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.