Alleged comedian Dane Cook has lower ratings than Dennis and Callahan this morning after stiffing an on-line audience out of his performance on the Boston Strong benefit last night.

Boston Herald Patriots reporter Jeff Howe led the charge against Cook on twitter last night, earning him a round of attaboys from his fellow sports media members. Howe was on Toucher and Rich this morning to talk about what he did.

I understand the outrage over the principle involved here – Cook is a moron for doing this – but I’m a little baffled that people are actually complaining about *not* being able to see Dane Cook.

NESN fill-in for Jerry Remy adjusting on fly – Chad Finn talks to Rob Bradford about filling in on Red Sox TV, and chimes in on Bill Simmons’ MLK reference to Memphis, addresses some WEEI rumors and looks at NBC’s coverage of Bruins/Penguins.

Bruins’ radio voice Dave Goucher high on youngsters – Bill Doyle talks to Goucher about the Bruins young defensemen and about the club as they head into the Conference finals.

Torey Krug an unlikely hero for Bruins – Fluto Shinzawa has a feature on the electric rookie.

Bruins-Penguins preview: B’s will put up a long fight – DJ Bean previews the series.

Cream rises to top in 2013 Cup playoffs – Joe Haggerty looks at how the NHL has its best four teams (and last four Champions) still playing.

Ellsbury ‘changed the game’ against Phillies – Sean McAdam looks at the big performance on the basepaths by the Red Sox centerfielder last night. Gordon Edes also looks at the night, which ended with the Phillies giving Ellsbury second base.

Not everyone was impressed though.

Earlier this week, Massarotti stated that a ball dropped in between Ellsbury and Stephen Drew over the weekend because they are both Scott Boras clients on one-year deals and are trying not to get hurt in a contract year.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when even money has Massarotti saying Ellsbury is selfishly stealing bases to pad his stats in a contract year.


15 thoughts on “Today’s Sports Radio Villain – Dane Cook

  1. Dane Cook really should have thought this one out before… I’m not defending him, but do we have an idea of his intent here?

    I have yet to see anything pointing to him wanting to “snub” people and generate the reaction did he did. I know he’s “washed up” and his time has passed but the outrage seems closer to one of those self-generated forest fires that ESPN generates to put out.

    We’re 12+ hours removed and I’ve yet to see anything from him, which would probably be in his best interests if he has any intention of doing shows around here.

    Even Yahoo! picked up on the article/event: , giving credit to him for being the impetus.

    If D+C didn’t lead the charge, with T+R chiming in but I didn’t hear a similar level of “lets make sure Dane Cook’s face is ahead of Matt Cooke and the Tsarnaev brothers on Boston Sports Most Wanted List”, would it have blown up the way it did?

    It’s funny how certain people are just chiming now that it seems like a legit bandwagon after Howe got it started:
    @Jen_Royle My bad @DaneCook, you’re a SELFISH piece of crap. You should be ashamed to represent Boston after last night.

    One-upped by:
    @stoolpresidente Is Dane Cook the most despised person in the history of Boston?


    1. I thought Cook was clear…he did not want his new material being streamed out over the internet ruining it for others before it was released. He seemed to be saying he wanted to perform the new material for the audience who was there and there only.

      The bigger issue is no one was streaming the show. It had no TV coverage. Yet it was an event that Boston played in public (albeit without Brad Delp) for the first time since…Cook could have let his material out because no one would have heard it. As Dale Arnold said this morning on WEEI at the end of his hockey chat…worst waste of talent on a fundraiser ever. I have no idea what Don Law was thinking.


      1. They also only raised 1.5m. I don’t fund raise but everyone kept saying that it was really low for what could(should?) have been raised.


  2. Posts like this remind me why I’m thankful I stopped listening to F&M. Hammering wild conspiracy theories for weeks on end aren’t interesting anymore.


  3. Not sure why it is you are on Mazz for his opinions on Ellsbury – when you get on him for not having an original opinion. Which way do you want it. I happen to agree with him. None produced a run so what is the big deal.


    1. Stolen bases are overrated, like the RBI doesn’t tell the whole story (and is therefore also overrated). It’s not that earth-shaking a realization. How is possibly pulling up short on a potential collision inconsistent with going for a stolen base? For being pure speculation, both together don’t seem impossible to me.


    2. Brady completes 10-10 from his own two but only gains 80 yards. FG is wide left. Productive? LeBron dumps in 40 but misses game tying free throw at end of regulation and they lose the game. Productive? Ellsbury steals 5 and doesn’t score but team wins. Productive? You could say none were productive but all were entertaining.


  4. I am about to get a heap of negative responses but I want to suggest that if WEEI is seriously thinking of replacing Mike Muttansky with Jessica Moran then they truly do not get the Boston market. I do not care how good she might be on the weekends or as a fill in…I do not believe Boston sports fans are willing to take a Woman seriously in one of the 3 prime slots. I know Susyn Waldman succeeded in NYC but I am not sure she would have succeeded here and she was from Newton. Janet Prensky failed but so did the Fabulous Sports Babe and her show succeeded in almost every other market.

    I have always believed that males never think…”I can’t wait to hear my sister’s/girlfriend’s/wife’s take on the Sox last night”. As the father of two daughter’s I hope I am wrong but I don’t think i am. Having said that I am not sure sure the WEEI midday show can be any worse than it is currently ratings wise. Still I find it odd that the brass at WEEI is trying to fix the midday show when the afternoon and morning shows are in free fall.


    1. I don’t disagree at all. I’m supposed to care what Jessica Moran thinks about the Pats, or football in general? For all I know she could be Paul Brown’s granddaughter, and grew up with an extensive knowledge of the game. But at the end of the day I want to at least THINK you played the game you’re talking about at SOME competitive level. Which is why I generally don’t care what Suzie Kolber has to say on the NFL. Or John Clayton for that matter, he looks like he never got above equipment manager. Plus he carries Peyton’s water. And I’m not saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about either, I’m just saying I’m not interested in what they have to say.


      1. I think it has less to do with the thought if “did-you-maybe-play?” than just the overall venue. Sports Talk in particular is a forum where folks tend to bark their opinions, where the strength of your argument correlates to how vehement you are in expressing it. It’s just harder for women to pull this off. Someone thoughtful and with plenty of knowledge like Jackie MacMullan comes off as a little flat. Spit Girl or whoever she is with Dibble on Fox comes off like no one I’d really want to know or talk to. Waldman’s done well, she’s mostly doing in-game color these days (though I think she used to host on FAN back in the day, correct?). She’s playing more or less the straight person opposite the loon Sterling. But in general I think it’s a finer line a woman would have to walk, between being aggressive enough to survive and not overly so. I don’t think a female host would last a week going after people the way Felger does, or carrying on the way Bob Ryan does.


    2. First, if you’re reeling in the ratings, do you put someone who has never done sportstalk full-time before? And here? (They didn’t learn from Salk being unprepared?)

      Second, same concerns as you said. This is not TV (remember when she co-hosted F+M and a good 25% of the callers were on there just to gawk..). Is this some ploy? I’ve never seen it work at all. I could careless the gender of a host but see above as to why I don’t think it’d work.

      “WEEI is trying to fix the midday show when the afternoon and morning shows are in free fall.” Chad Finn said the same thing. They keep ‘fixing’ (breaking) all of the wrong things.


    3. “Still I find it odd that the brass at WEEI is trying to fix the midday show when the afternoon and morning shows are in free fall.” – Finn noted the same in his Friday column. Have to keep wondering..


      Also, is it smart, in this market, to put anyone on the radio during a weekday/daytime slot who has little-to-no experience doing sports talk? Sounds like the Jets offensive line during the pre-season last year. The one and only time I heard her on the radio was the day she was doing fill-in with Beetle for F+M and a quarter of the calls were guys gawking at her. Maybe she would do great at it but wouldn’t it be wise to at least do a weekend show before firing someone?


  5. “Massarotti has been on the radio for decades and I haven’t even listened to him once.” “Massarotti has been on the radio for decades and banged a typewriter for decades more, and he’s never won an award for his work.” See how easy it is to play “Massarotti” on your own? Fun!


  6. Dane Cook owes a trailer full of single-malt 30 year to this guy:

    @realOBF: Pittsburgh fans hope Boston ‘gets bombed again’ – via @bostondotcom #Penghins #Bruins

    Remember when outside media tried to generalize that all of Boston.. blah blah.. beccause of Joel Ward? However, this guy is posting on a Boston Globe blog. That makes a big
    difference over this thing ending up on something not as formal/legit like a Deadspin/TheBigLead/etc.

    T+R with some wisdom:
    @Toucherandrich The same way Bruins fans shouldn’t have been criticized for a few idiots’ tweets last year, lets not right now do the same to Penguins fans.
    I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’d like to defend Felger here.

    It seems pretty trendy for other people talking hockey to take an indirect or direct shot at Felger lately. Dale, on his Sunday, is the latest. I heard Jack doing it the other day on S+H and someone on Twitter said Salk did it as well this week. Others have written “for those fans who have questioned Claude”, which is just an indirect way around saying …Felger’s questioning of Claude.

    Do we forget how bad the team looked limping into the playoffs? Lost a 3-1 lead? Down 4-1 with 10 to go in the 3rd when a billion-to-one miracle happens. Is that coaching or..?

    He’s not some horrid coach but the people who say it as if he’s the next Scotty Bowman and should never be criticized?

    After the 4-1 win, even the players admitted that things were “going to be different” if they lost. Jimmy Murphy also confirmed rumors of a previous Claude/Cam rift (2011) and even continual, all due to coaching style (can’t win games 0-0, remember?) Jimmy even mentioned that if they were to lose in this round and not do well next year that there would be a hot seat. I don’t know Jimmy to be some pot-stirrer nor have any reason to not trust what he said.

    After the win over the Rangers and win last night, it might not be the best idea to bring up the point but to say he should be free, at all times, is ignoring some of the things that happened. The media and us have no shortage of things we can get on Felger about but I don’t think that’s one.


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