I thought this was great, actually. Michael Felger’s reactions as the Bruins tie, and win game 7:




19 thoughts on “Mike Felger Has A Little Fanboy In Him

    1. I think he was hoping the game would end sooner so he could get back into his cocoon. He literally shakes his head in disgust when they tied it!

      1. He looked like he had a big bet on the game–on the wrong team. I’ve seen that look before.

    2. I’m sure Amonte, as well as Felger, noticed the camera light was on and knew the cameras were rolling.

  1. pretty funny….not that I expect him to be a, “fan” or anything…but being cynical of the media, in the long run it’s good for him career wise if the Bruins win. Sure, if they lost he could get a few shows out of the “Bruins collapse” angle and could beat Claude into the ground but that only lasts so long then it’s “Red Sox talk” …ZZZZZZZZZZZ …long story short, not surprised he was cheering

  2. Fascinating. I think it shows Felger’s on-air contrarian persona is a total fraud. He looked absolutely dejected when the post-game started seconds later, which is probably his first inclination to keep his shtick going!

    1. wouldn’t read too much into it…..it just gives him more shows to predict gloom and doom against the Rangers and their SUPER SPECTACULAR,ALL WORLD, TOTALLY UNBEATABLE GOALIE… I know Henrik Lundqvist is good, but already Boston sports media making him out to be Ken Dryden,Bernie Parent, and Tony Esposito all rolled into one

    2. I would say “character”, not fraud. (The producer James the other day slipped in a quick little quip “Almost like you play a character” while Felger was carrying on about something.) I take Felger at his word that he only gives his actual opinions on the air, but I can certainly believe that he spends most of his time voicing only those which fit the DB character he plays. He’d be a fraud if he said things he doesn’t believe–but I don’t think he does that. If he has four different thoughts on a topic (Rondo’s value to the Celtics, for example, or Belichick’s overall value as a coach, or his favorite, Capiscrap!), he’s going to spend 90% of his time harping on the one thought which will piss most people off (Rondo’s a bad teammate, Bill can’t draft receivers & d-backs, cap jail is phony). And every now and then he’ll tuck the other, less contrarian, thoughts in there (Rondo’s a superb ballhandler and rebounder, Bill does a great job coaching his defenses up, teams need to plan five years out to avoid cap problems). I guess I agree with your overall thought, but not with your use of “fraud”. Who’s a fraud? Someone who avoids giving an opinion at all, or worse, lies.

    1. The video of Sirhan Sirhan’s call is sad. Show some professionalism. Gus is 1000% times better.

    1. Rating is estimate of the percentage of the audience watching a particular program. The share is an estimate of the percentage of how many households using television are watching the program.

      I think the Boston DMA is 2.5m? so do the math off those numbers.

      It was the 3rd best of all time number that NESN has recorded for a Bruins game, ever.

      1. Thanks Those numbers are huge considering the bruins averaged between 150,000 -165,000 viewers during the season.

        1. Absolutely. I recall reading that the Celtics were doing high 2s this year and even during the ’07-’08 season, they only averaged 3.5 (Bruins were a 7.0 or so this season and last). I recall the Sox doing in the 6s even last year.

          If you’re into the numbers, Bruce does a good job posting local ones here along with @GlobeChadFinn, @fangsbites. For pure hockey numbers on local/national markets, I found @stevelepore keeps good tabs on this.

  3. So your point is that he likes hockey? I thought he already established that on his show. I mean, it’s been wall-to-wall hockey talk for the last three days (which I can’t stand as I’m not a hockey fan).

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