It’s over.

I’m always amazed at the ability of some people to immediately hone in on the negative. In sports media, it’s the people involved with sports radio and television who feel the need to create something negative out of a very impressive performance by the Boston Bruins last night.

Whether it is the play of Tyler Seguin and Chris Kelly (last night on CSNNE) or Dennis and Callahan and Minihane trying to create some sort of controversy this morning around Brad Marchand and Shawn Thornton (suggesting Marchand should fight his own battles, and that Thornton resents having to come to the aid of a punk like Marchand – a suggestion Thornton himself thoroughly debunked when he appeared on the show in the 9:00 hour.

Enough of that.

Claude Julien’s plans turning to gold for Bruins – I really enjoyed Kevin Paul Dupont’s column today.

The Bruins fourth line was the difference last night, probably to the chagrin of those who complain about Julien’s insistence on rolling all his lines out there with regularity.

Fourth line carries Bruins to win over Rangers, 2-1 – Joe Haggerty says the fourth line showed they are much more than grinders.

Fourth line has first-rate showing – Joe McDonald looks at the energy and offense the unit brought last night.

Bruins go fourth with well-rounded effort – Stephen Harris looks at as good an all-around game as we’ve seen from the Bruins this season.

Merlot Line Proves Worth For Umpteenth Time And Other Leftover Bruins Thoughts – Michael Hurley touches on the officiating and many other items from last night.

Bruins defense a major source of offense in playoffs – DJ Bean looks at the production of the defensemen to the Bruins charge.

Good stuff.


One thought on “Bruins Take 3-0 Lead, On Brink Of Losing Series

  1. I just believe these guys (meaning 90% of the Boston Sports Media) don’t know any other way to talk about sports, they really don’t. You’ve got the Marchand/Thorton thing. Then after every Bruins win they can’t wait to tell you how SLOW and OLD Jaromir Jagr is….and if the negativity is brought up to them, the cries of FANBOY! begin…..negativity, mocking, sarcastic, and smartass that’s the Boston sports media in a nutshell.

    The other day, AFTER THE GAME, Jagr is out there skating by himself, practicing moves. Felger’s reaction?…in his usual smartass tone he says. “meh…see him do that all the time in games and his usually ends up on his butt” ….Instead of giving a veteran player credit for at least trying, he mocks him. What a bunch of A-holes.


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