A few days off, some actual sunshine yesterday, has put me into a much better mood to open up the week. While last week I was cranky and took it out on the local sports media, today, we’ll turn it around and look at some positives:

I like it when Dennis and Callahan (featuring Kirk Minihane) have a sports-related guest that they actually treat with respect and take seriously. They can do a great interview when they approach it right.

I like it when Fred Toucher goes on an angry rant against the sports lodge.

I like when Toucher and Rich talk to Brian Scalabrine and he shoots down everything they say about the Celtics.

I like when Lou Merloni uses his experience as a Major League player to give the audience a piece of insight that other hosts would not be able to provide.

I like when Gresh and Zo get serious about football. When they’re breaking it down and talking the game, there’s no one better on local radio.

I like when Michael Felger goes off on a (non-sports related) conspiracy theory. He can be pretty funny without even trying to be.

I like when 98.5 plays the squeaky, angry helium-voice Tony Massarotti clips.

I like that Mike Salk has pissed so many people off at WEEI.

I like the non-angry approach of Michael Holley.

I like when the Red Sox or Celtics are playing and Mike Adams has the night off.

I like Pete Sheppard’s show on 1510 NBC Sports Radio Boston. It’s the same old Pete, someone who actually enjoys sports and isn’t looking for every opportunity to point out a negative or cause for worry.

I like reading just about anything written by Alex Speier. The guy is thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable and can write. Why is he a sportswriter again?

I occasionally enjoy when Dan Shaughnessy goes off on a team like the 2012 Red Sox.

It’s early, but I like the new Globe hires of Baxter Holmes (Celtics) and Ben Volin (Patriots/NFL). Young, hungry guys who have showed an analytical side in the early going, and seem pleasant enough.

I like all of the Herald’s beat coverages. They’re all solid, and writers like Steve Bulpett, Stephen Harris, Michael Silverman and Karen Guregian are all seasoned professionals who know their sport and don’t get caught up in petty agendas.

I like that Tom E Curran has taken to challenging some of the ridiculous #hotsportztakes that his colleagues put out there.

I like Brian MacPherson and Tim Britton covering the Red Sox at the Providence Journal.

I like Chad Finn as a media reporter, but I like him even better when he’s writing about sports. Too bad management at the Globe isn’t more appreciative of his style and talent in that area.

I like Johnston and Flynn on the weekends and as fill-ins on 98.5, as long as they’re not talking Celtics.

I still like the Globe Sunday notes sections, as formulaic as they can be at times, they’re still a Sunday morning staple.

I like that Bob Ryan is still a presence in the Boston sports media.

The best Twitter follow of the radio side of  WEEI is @AndyWEEI

I like that Mike Reiss keeps at it on the Patriots blog, (along with Rodak and Yates) even on days where there is nothing happening, there are still multiple posts during the day to satiate those looking for any bit of Patriots news or analysis. Every post may not be a hit, but the consistency is admirable.

I like the work Chris Price did on WEEI.com leading up to the NFL draft. A lot of work there.

I like all of our radio play-by-play teams, and am interested to hear Bob Socci on Patriots broadcasts this fall.

I like that Tommy Heinsohn is still at it, and is still 100% invested in the home team.

I like that we have TV voices the quality of Mike Gorman, Don Orsillo and Jack Edwards. The three couldn’t be more different in styles, but they’re all top notch at what they do and add to the games.

I like that Jessica Camerato has grown into a writer capable of putting out great features on players such as the one she wrote on the struggles that Keyon Dooling went through.

I like how Jamison Coyle operates on NESN Daily. Leah Hextall too.

I like the Patriots practice/workout recaps that are done by the Patriots Football Weekly staff. They unfailingly provide the most detail.

I like that we live in an area where sports are so passionately followed and covered and that our professional teams are competitive most of the time.


11 thoughts on “On A Happier Note…

  1. I like Bruce Lerch (@BLerch27) and the Herald High School Sports team for their efforts in covering boys and girls high school lacrosse. The Morrissey Ave. group cannot spell lacrosse, boys or girls.


  2. No negativity in the article? The heterodoxy! Someone just had their Lodge membership revoked.


    1. I am sure if you offered to write columns Bruce would be happy to expand content to a daily basis. Just saying…


      1. I would be more than happy to write. Every day if necessary and only tools end a post with with “Just saying”.


        1. I have known Bruce a long time, he definitely would appreciate the help, as he has a young family and a day job besides this. His email address is in the masthead. Contact him if you really are serious.

          My suggestion…get a thicker skin if you do it and learn about sarcasm.


          1. Congrats on knowing Bruce for a long time for whatever that is worth. I have been following this blog almost since it was launched. For the record, my original post was also tongue in cheek, so maybe you should take some of your own advice about getting a thicker skin. I am sure Bruce can defend himself if he felt it necessary and doesn’t need a troll like you carrying his water.


  3. I liked this like most of all >>>>

    “I like when the Red Sox or Celtics are playing and Mike Adams has the night off”


  4. NESN Daily has been growing on me as well. Even though it’s a shameless clone of Sportscenter, the Coyle/Hextall pairing is pleasant, and they put together good stories. Not perfect, but I’m not turning it off anymore….


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