By this point, most of the storylines are set, the trash talk is done with (more on that later) and the silliness sets in. Whether it is reporting that a rhinoceros has picked the Giants to win, or a caller telling Dennis and Callahan that through extensive film study he’s determined that 90% of the time that Tom Brady licks his fingers, he’s going to throw the ball.

There’s a few good solid features out there this morning, finding them in all the noise is a chore.

Sweet James aims to please – Marty Dobrow on ESPN Boston tells you everything you could possible need or want to know about James Ihedigbo.

Greatest debate – Michael Whitmer looks at Bill Belichick’s place in history.

Belichick and the Patriots: A love story – Jonathan Comey says that when talking with Bill Belichick’s players, the word “love” comes up a lot.

Joe Montana lauds Brady’s accomplishments – Ian Rapoport has Tom Brady’s boyhood idol speaking admiringly of the New England quarterback.

Ferentz has found home with Patriots – Michael Vega has a look at Patriots tight ends coach Brian Ferentz, who many have tagged as a future coaching stat this week.

Injury-free Spikes is doing a bang-up job – Paul Kenyon has a healthy Brandon Spikes making a big impact on the Patriots defense.

Wilfork has grown into his role – Jackie MacMullan looks at how the Patriots defensive captain has grown and matured over the course of his career.

Follow the leader – Mark Farinella with a look at the other captain, Jerod Mayo.

Stop all the Tom foolery – Gerry Callahan steps outside his radio persona for a strong column on the Patriots QB.

Gronkowski back at practice – Shalise Manza Young’s notebook has the tight end back at practice yesterday. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has Sterling Moore still anonymous to many. The Patriots Journal has Mark Anderson hoping for a better result in his second Super Bowl appearance.


Media Roundup: Boston, New York Media Differ Greatly On Patriots, Giants Coverage – My SB Nation Boston media column looks at the cheerleading of NY vs the cynicism of Boston.

Chris Collinsworth joins Al Michaels in Super Bowl TV booth – Bill Doyle looks at the NBC broadcasting crew for Sunday.

Harrison has revenge on his mind – Chad Finn has Rodney Harrison dismissing the idea that the Patriots aren’t looking for revenge. Finn also has an update on CSNNE sideline reporter Greg Dickerson, who suffered two seizures in the early going of this season, but is glad to be back on the job. My best wishes go out to Greg, who is one of the good guys.

Sports radio station takes aim at legal system with bogus info – MassLawyersWeekly has Dennis and Callahan a little, confused, recently.

Check back in a little bit for more from this week.


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Week Drawing To A Close

  1. On the D&C story, I have no doubt that they thought the Stella Awards were real when they read them on the air. After all, haven't they had past instances of mistaking stories from The Onion or sportspickle as real news? Dennis just didn't want to look stupid on Twitter so he claimed it was a joke. So now they have admitted to deliberately misleading their audience. Smart move, John!


  2. Okay…time to start the prediction thread.

    30-14 Pats. I have looked at this game a bunch this week and 2 things stand out to me. 1) The biggest mismatch I see in the game is the Pats DL versus the Giants OL. The Giants OL almost got Manning killed in the SF game. No one is talking about the 6 sacks and 11 hits he took in that game. I think this DL has gelled. Not one of the 4 Giants "studs" is playing at the same level as Vince. I don't see the OLineman who is going to neutralize Anderson and I think Warren and Daederick are playing at a very high level…right at the right time. I don't see the Giants running on the Pats and I do see the Pats pressuring Manning. 2) I think the Pats are angry and have been playing angry since Brandon Spikes and Pat Chung got back. WIth them this defense has a very different attitude. People forget both got injured in the 1st half of the first Giants game this year. Had they been there in the second half perhaps we would have seen a different outcome. I think all the guarantee talk out of NY, coupled with the Manning talk (both Eli and Peyton) pisses Brady off to no end. I don't usually see emotion as a factor in a game however I think if a team plays more 'angry" they tend to be the more violent and more intense team.

    What does everyone else think?


  3. I think this will be a back and forth game with the Pats sealing the victory late in the 4th with Manning interception and a TD for a 34-24 win.


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