6 thoughts on “Giants Confident/Trash Talk Roundup

  1. The symmetry from 2008 and the Patriots media/fanbase to the wildly overconfident Giants fans, players, and cheerleader media of 2012 is stunning. I hope and PRAY the Pats take care of business and bust out the retro helping of humble pie.

    If not, this one will sting for a long, long time.

    1. at the risk of sounding like an out and out "Fanboy,Pom-Pom Waver, Patriot Apologist, Patriots Rumpswab"…I sort of disagree that this will, "sting for a long,long time" If the Pats lose. I've been following the Pats for about 40 years now. If Pats lose I'll be disappointed of course but I'm much more RELAXED for this SB than the 2007 game. THAT ONE stung for a long time (still stings actually) I think the Pats have an excellent chance of winning but I do look at them as the decided underdogs no matter what Vegas says. …..I'm almost looking at this as sort of a "Bonus Super Bowl' despite the Pats regular season record there were long stretches of the season where I never thought they would make it this far. In 2007 it was sort of EXPECTED they would win, I don't feel that way this time around.

      Yes, I'll be wound up like a top before the game, I'm sure I'll be yelling and screaming at the TV at the top of my lungs. However should they lose, I'll still be AMAZED at the incredible stretch of success this team as had during the Belichick/Brady years.

      1. I would also be relaxed and very "if they win, great; if not, at least we got there" in my attitude…. if it weren't those effing mouthy Giants and their a-hole fanbase on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Losing to them is like having a knitting needle jammed in my tear duct.

        1. I'm with ya Pimp. The other thing is , the Pats have another BOUNTY of draft picks. No matter what happens Sunday, this team is gonna be "in the hunt" for many more years to come….just think, they made it to Super Bowl with the "Worst Defense Of All Times". (ha-ha)…with the draft picks (hopefully good ones) get a heathy Ras-I-Dowling back, the Defense should be better. The Belichick/Brady string of success is FAR FROM OVER!!…….but enough of that, LETS KICK THE GIANTS ASS THIS YEAR!!!…..GO PATS!

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