I guess Felger and Mazz are finding that it is impossible to be both a contrarian AND say that the Giants are going to roll, since everyone seems to be saying the Giants will win.

They’ve now changed course and are talking like the Patriots might actually have a chance in this one. It’s  easy to be a popular radio host in Boston apparently – just figure out what most people are are thinking, and go the opposite way.

With the last full-team media sessions today, things should settle down a bit in the trash-talk and guarantee department.

I have limited access today, so here are some of the top stories from this morning:

‘Scar’ runs deep – Greg A Bedard with a feature on Dante Scarnecchia, maybe the best yet.

Brandon Spikes proves hometown not a dead end – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots second-year linebacker overcoming his childhood environment to make it to the Super Bowl.

Matt Light doesn’t get too serious – Mike Reiss says that the offensive lineman’s job is simple – keep Tom Brady safe and his teammates laughing.

What we learned Wednesday: Led by Wilfork, the Pats’ defensive line is playing its best football of the year – Christopher Price looks at what we can take from Wednesday’s activities.

Getting the word from Bird – Dan Shaughnessy talks to Larry Legend.


16 thoughts on “Felger and Mazz Reverse Course, Now Support Patriots

  1. Apologies to be redundant and copy links, but this has to be one of the big stories today:

    Disgusting, no matter how they got a hold of the email.

    "Leaked" emails from Gisele. Now, conspiracy theorists and even ESPN are reminding us that NYPost=News Corp and we all know about what happened over the summer in the UK.

    I have 0 clue of the legal potentials here but would you really want to go up against one of the most popular athletes in this country and richest models? I don't think it is smart, no matter how big of a corporation you are.

    $10 says that Felger purports it as a hacked email because of this linkage/hatred for the company that owns NYPost.


    1. Before you get too out raged…I will bet the $.64 in my pocket that one of Geiselle's "friends" forwarded the email to a "friend" who then forwarded it to the NY Post for "cash considerations".

      Do I think it is sleazy to print or even report on that email? Yes. So will most other people. the only people who won't are media people who think everything is fair game. They really don't have any moral concept of right and wrong.


  2. Dr House and Mickey Mouse now support the Patriots?
    Why GOD? Why? In the name of TEABOW, why?


  3. Today's SB media Pet Peeve:…famous people appearances on radio row only because they are pitching something and after the interview is basically done the obligatory pitch for the item/product they are pitching. Case in point, I thought Joe Theisman (Thesman for when he is back in Jersey) gave a great interview to D & C this morning. He was funny, on topic, engaging and knowledgable. And then at the end of it we find out he is pitching the AA Association which has to do with aneurisms. I think it is great that he has this affiliation. He is doing fine work getting the word out…but come on…time and place. We listen to the interview because he is Joe Theisman. We don't need to be pitched some obscure cause or product. The worst at this is Joe montana who will not talk to anyone unless he is sponsored. I say don't have these people on. I promise my enjoymnet of the SB coverage will not suffer if I do not have to listen to an ex something or other give his opinion and then pitch something I could care less about for 3 more minutes. Stick to the inside guys who are talking about the game. I am happy with that.

    While I am on it…what is WEEI thinking having Curt Shilling on to give his opinion on the game. In effect they gave him a 15 minute free plug for his new video game which was financed by the State of RI. There was no sports or entertainment value to that conversation. Ugh.


    1. I listened to that. Normally, they let you pitch your product for 5 minutes instead of the full 15 or 20. Even if you're not telling it at the end, you want to limit yourself.

      The sad thing? I had to call someone who games to figure out 99% of what he was talking about. Gamers do NOT listen to sports talk radio. I'm sure Schilling is a smart guy but a bit clueless in marketing here or he clearly has a company behind it that has 0 marketing research. Plus, if he was paid to be there, I think the only two stations that would let a baseball person on would be here because of who he was.

      Here is why I'll let it pass: every single guy on DP this week has done it. Each one on Mike and Mike has done it. ESPN must have told them to pipe it down because they barely got a minute, thankfully. Even DP only allows them at the end when they're up against the clock. With how expensive the Superbowl has become, it seems like the only way you go is with someone paying for the spot if you pitch their product. I know this is a true endorsement instead of pitching your company, though.


      1. The companies sponsor the “talent”. They pay for their trip to the SB in exchange for plugs. What I don't understand is why the radio stations feed the system. They do not need these people nearly as much as these people need them. They do not add anything to the SB experience.


  4. I'm sorry — I'm quite confused. I was told that the season effectively ended sometime in November, as it was clear that the Patriots were going nowhere with their last-in-the-NFL defense; ergo, the rest of the season was irrelevant. Is football still going on?????


    1. Yes, it did end in November. All the Patriots have been doing since then are meet and greets and appearances on Fantasy Island.


    2. Dave:

      if you use a word like Ergo when tying together an assumption and a conclusion made b media members…aren't you automatically setting yourself up to be disappointed when they change their positions?


    3. APimpnamedDaveR:

      Oh man, you missed out… here's what happened…
      The Pats played a bunch of teams that sucked and had no QB's. Did I mention the teams they played SUCKED??
      Then… they crushed it in the first playoff game, only to find out that the Broncos also sucked, Tebow sucked and the Pats proved nothing with the win. In fact, when you reflect on the last few playoff games for the Pats & Brady, you need to take that game out. Seriously. It doesn't count.
      Finally, they played a 'real' team. Sadly that team also screwed up and GAVE the game to the Pats. You wouldn't believe it… the Ravens just LET Wilfork right through their O-line. They dropped a sure TD with seconds to go by ALLOWING a Pats DB to touch the ball. THEN… the kicker shanked a 32yd FG!!! It was crazy! The Pats are the luckiest team EVER!!

      So anyway… enjoy the slaughter on Sunday. They've finally met their match… a 9-7 team who have an edge at every single position on the field.


  5. And, last post because I'm beyond tolerance now with the Superbowl talk/over coverage. It seems like each show has also "exhausted" its analyst list for anyone who can talk X O, so they're onto the celebs. I usually like Adam Sandler but asking celebs about things like politics and sports is normally a train wreck, and they're usually only on to promote something.

    When a pick of a coin-toss makes news, you know that that your tank is running on fumes: http://tinyurl.com/7n6sjru

    For those of us here who consider shows like AFC/NFC Matchup and ESPN's NFL Matchup show pure porn, there is no other analyst like Greg Cosell. He's the best that I know of and always posts tidbits @gregcosell. If you love his stuff, he does a Wednesday podcast with Doug Farrar on the Yahoo! Shutdown Corner NFL blog. Unfortunately, he's picking the Giants but did a great breakdown as to why. See his last ~30 or so tweets (he will NOT pollute your timeline):

    And, like in 2007, someone could NOT go without asking "WHO IS ERNIE ADAMS?"

    Still love that he's very incognito.

    To end on a positive note:
    – @darrenrovell: Pats owner Robert Kraft on @cnbc: "The only time I pay attention to the cover of Sports Illustrated is when the Swimsuit Issue comes out. http://t.co/yfFNe1eu

    – Screamin' A. Smith also did what many of us would love to do: flip Skip "Baseless" the bird http://i.imgur.com/jOOrb.jpg http://www.sportsgrid.com/media/stephen-a-smith-m


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