This has the potential to get really ugly this weekend, as the New York Yankees arrive in town to face the Red Sox for their opening series at Fenway Park. Worse, tomorrow’s game and Sunday’s night’s games will be broadcast to a national audience via FOX and ESPN respectively. The Yankees would like nothing better than to keep the Red Sox winless, and a target of ridicule.

Where do we begin?

One low point after another – Occasionally the misery of Dan Shaughnessy is actually called for. Today it is appropriate. Even enjoyed the dig at “the tone-deaf folks at FSM.”

Welcome home, Agony! – Brian McGrory, though, needs to get a clue. Badly.

A golden era, caught for all – Andrew Ryan reports on a treasure trove of vintage Boston baseball photos that will be unveiled online by the Boston Public Library starting today.

Home sweet home – Jon Couture says that a good showing against the Yankees can ease away the pain of the horrific start to the season.

Circumstance says stomp out pomp – Steve Buckley says that the pomp and circumstance should be cancelled today, and the Red Sox should just play baseball and try to win a game. The Herald has a pretty extensive section up today on the Red Sox.

The good news? It can only get better – Gordon Edes has the Sox aware they’ve let down the fans. Sean McAdam says the Sox could be walking into a hornets nest.

A look at how Terry Francona is going about finding the right Red Sox lineup– Rob Bradford looks at the manager’s quest to find the right combination.

Adrian Gonzalez deal looms – Scott Lauber’s notebook reports that the agent for the new slugger hopes to have a new deal with the Red Sox sometime in the next 10 days. The Red Sox Journal from Brian MacPherson has the clubhouse somber after another loss yesterday. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Dustin Pedroia playing this season with a screw in his foot, to be removed after the season. The CSNNE notes from McAdam has the Red Sox bats silent in a strong effort from Jon Lester.

It wasn’t much better for the Celtics, who were stampeded by the Bulls in Chicago last night, 97-81. 

No statement from Celtics – Paul Flannery has the Celtics unable to make a statement last night.

Celtics short on time to turn around – Chris Forsberg says that the Celtics are running out of time.

Point is abundantly clear – Gary Washburn has the Bulls with a clear advantage at point guard in a matchup between the two teams.

Tom Thibodeau talks up old pals – Steve Bulpett’s notebook has the former Celtics assistant with plenty of praise for his former team. The CSNNE notes from A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics aware that they can’t just flip a switch this season. The Globe notes from Julian Benbow has Thibodeau bringing the Boston blueprint to Chicago.

Doctor diagnosed problems early on – Chad Finn’s media column has Dr. Jack Ramsay ahead of the curve when it came to the Heat’s problems.

2011 Masters Television Coverage Highlighted By Golf In 3D – My SB Nation media column has the Masters getting 3D coverage every day of the tournament.


7 thoughts on “0-6 Red Sox Look To Turn Things Around in Home Opener

  1. Heidi Watney deserves better than to be eating ballpark food while on the air. I didn't think the absence of Joel Feld would be felt so quickly. Maybe NESN will have Jerry Remy start to demonstrate different ways that ballplayers grab their crotches next.


  2. Hey Shaugnessy – Blaine Lacher called, he wants his nickname back.. You'll need to come up with something else for John Lackey.


  3. "Circumstance says stomp out pomp – Steve Buckley says that the pomp and circumstance should be cancelled today, and the Red Sox should just play baseball and try to win a game."

    Horrible article. Even if its tongue in cheek. There is simply nothing like the home opener, the guests, the giant flag, the excitement and hope for a new season, seeing new players for the first time, the introductions, the plane flyovers. To say we shouldnt have this because of a bad start on the road is so stupid.


  4. I'm watching the introductions and they introduced a bunch of people that nobody ever heard of: the Fenway Sports Group. All I could think of was Lebron James and his charming mother.


  5. A couple of observations about opening day:

    1) There may not be anything more cringe-worthy then when the local newsers decide to cover sports. WHDH is the worst. You gotta love it when Jonathon Hall and Steve Cooper are putting their Ted Baxter School of Journalism degrees to good use. Cooper with this gem, "Hey son are you excited about opening day?" No Steve he would much prefer to be in school. Both of them shaking hands with fans saying, "Hey go Sox" with that wonderful Ted Baxter inflection. What I love is Joe Amorsino was actually there and he received all of thirty seconds. It was a good thing Adam Williams was not there. I can just hear him saying, " I hope Tom Brady hits a touchdown." I will give Anne Allred credit, she does seem to know what is going on.

    2) It was amateur hour for NESN. I do not mean the on-air personalities who I believe did a good job. I'm talking the technical crew who seemed to be stepping all over each other when the Red Sox were being introduced. The video kept going in and out. It just seems like Comcast does a better job with production of the Celtics than NESN with the Sox. The Bruins are not too bad.


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