At one point during last night’s ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecast, play-by-play man Dan Shulman made the observation that this is a great time for Boston sports fans. He pointed out that that Bruins and Celtics are both going to the playoffs, and that the Red Sox season is just getting underway.

Such a comment reminded me that sometimes its good to get an outside perspective on what we have going on here. Earlier in the weekend, I had actually been leaning towards the belief that this was not a good time at all for Boston sports. The highly-touted Red Sox were off to their worst start since World War II, making them the nation-wide butt of jokes, the Celtics were doing a damn fine job of playing possum to their rivals in the East, absolutely laying down to the Bulls and Heat this week, the Bruins have been a positive, yet as they go into the playoffs, there is always a “how will they lose this year?” type of mentality to them until they actually get over the hump, and the Patriots are locked out, victims of  a labor war that I become convinced more each day will stretch into the regular season.

Shulman managed to remind us that perhaps a different view on things might be in order.

What is the local sports media’s role in the perception of how things are? Sports radio gives listeners an outlet to express their frustrations, if they can get on the air, but does it make for good listening? When I hear a caller – or a host for that matter – yelling about how Carl Crawford is a $140 million bust, or that “Danny gave away a championship when he traded Perk!” or “Fran-coma should be fired!” – I don’t sit there and think “This is great readio, I could listen to this all day long!” I generally flip the station as quickly as possible.

There is very much a divide in attitude between print (or written) and on-air sports media. The latter is much more bombastic, reactionary and vapid. This will always be the case. More and more, I’m simply not interested in what the on-air talking heads have to say about the local sports teams.

This week marks the 9th anniversary of BSMW. In blog years, this is an ancient site. Throughout the years, I’ve kind of had it in my head that I would do this for 10 years. That’s not set in stone, and a lot can happen in a year, but I thought I would throw that out there. We’ll see what happens as the year progresses, and as always, I’m open to suggestions, to input, to guest posting, anything that people are interested in seeing here. I’ve tossed the idea around of doing a sports media chat through Cover It Live, so that’s something that might happen soon as well.

In another milestone, the BSMW messageboard had its one millionth post over the weekend. I can’t even get my mind around that one.

But I digress. Josh Beckett was tremendous last night, exactly what the Red Sox, who still can’t get out of their own way at times, needed. They beat the Yankees 4-0 at Fenway last night, giving them a weekend series win over their rivals from New York. Get all the coverage at

Here’s a sampling of quicklinks from this morning:

Best Beckett ever? Why Sunday’s outing may have been pitcher’s best with Red Sox – Alex Speier with a look at Beckett’s lights-out performance against the Yankees. More on Beckett: Dom Amore | Joe McDonald | Dan Shaughnessy | John Tomase | Maureen Mullen | Bill Burt | Ron Chimelis | Tony Lee

Red Sox committed to current rotation – Sean McAdam notes that with the extension given to Clay Buchholz over the weekend, the Red Sox rotation is set for the forseeable future.

For the Red Sox, it’s not all bad – Gordon Edes has 10 things to ponder nine games into the season.

Damon’s got ear to ground – Peter Abraham’s notebook has Johnny Damon expecting boos tonight as his Rays come to Fenway. Tim Britton’s Red Sox Journal has Mike Cameron adjusting to a new role. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has more on Buchholz’s new deal.

Celtics don’t seem to have plan – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics floundering as the playoffs approach.

Flops on the big stage – Gary Washburn describes the Celtics play as “like Frank Sinatra singing with the aid of a teleprompter.”

Heat kick sand in faces of once-proud Celtics – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics getting bullied in Miami.

Five things we learned from the regular season – DJ Bean looks at what we know about this Bruins team.

Bruins’ keys to beating Canadiens – James Murphy looks at what it will take to beat Montreal.

Bruins, Habs to clash in 33rd playoff meeting – Stephen Harris looks at another rite of spring.


11 thoughts on “Beckett Dominant As Sox Beat Yankees

  1. That's the thing – we are in sports nirvana and have been in sports nirvana since about 2001 (the Patriots first Super Bowl win). Every team (at least since the Celts got the new big three) has been competitive, generally has made the playoffs and has a chance to win it all. The Pats have have won three Super Bowls, lost 1, and lost 1 AFC championship game. The Red Sox have won two World Series and lost two ALCS, the Celtics have one one championship and lost another in the Finals and the Bruins have generally made the playoffs … we should be celebrating this – not bemoaning that our teams may not win their respective titles easily.


    1. I'm going to start question why people read Bruce's columns every day just to complain about him. Sort of like conservatives reading the Globe or liberals watching Fox News…


  2. With all that's going on in Boston sports right now, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Manny busted again, Dennis and Callahan devoted a huge portion of this morning's show to GOLF. I didn't turn them on until about 6:45, so unless they were early, I didn't hear any calls about golf. I thought they always say that the shows are "caller driven". D&C would yap about golf for ten minutes and take a call which would be about the Celtics or the Red Sox. They would then go back to yapping about golf.

    I feel sorry for Rob Bradford. They have stuck him with two lightweights on Saturday mornings. They both sound like whiney little weasels. One of them went on and on about the Red Sox ten game losing streak in spring training to the point where you could tell Bradford was really getting annoyed.


    1. There *is* a whole world of sports going on out there besides Boston sports…but few care, myself included. NASCAR, F1, Reno Air Racing, Track & Field, Darts, Bowling, America's Cup, Skiing, Tour de France, Iditarod, Billiards, etc. Does anyone really want to hear Boston sports radio talk on these topics? "So Glen, tell us, should they have pitted the car on the 177th lap?" "What about it, Gerry? Should he have tried to pick up that 7-10 split?" "I dunno, Felger; I think they should have rested the sled dogs longer at that last rest stop." C'mon, no one (in any real numbers) wants to hear that on the radio around here.

      I've on occasion listened to WFAN, and when they start talking about horse racing, tennis, golf, or college sports, I change the channel to something that is actually interesting.


  3. Bruce:
    I only started following your site a couple of years ago, after I heard Dale Arnold mention it as one of his resources. What impelled you to start it?



  4. You are correct in a larger sense, yes this is a great time for Boston sports. But the standard is now different. When we have contenders, we aren't like St.Louis fans who politely clap when our teams fail. We demand excellence. That's why there is such harshness for the Celtics and Sox right now. They are better than that.


  5. Hey Jack, far be it from me to defend Dennis and Callahan but it was THE MASTERS that was played yesterday and it was a helluva tournament. I have no problem with some golf talk after a major golf event……….and if you even for a minute believed talk radio is, "caller driven" there's this bridge in Brooklyn that I have for sale.


  6. I tend to agree with those who understand this is a good time to be a Boston fan. That said, I'm also a bit disappointed with the Celtics and Sox. Obviously, we have a ways to go at fenway, but the Celtics' season, which seemed so promising, seems to be fading.


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