Can they possibly be this bad?

I don’t think so, but with each ugly loss in which you felt they had no chance of coming back and winning, or that they could even win the next game, confidence fades on what is such a promising 2011 season for the Boston Red Sox.

Yes, they lost again last night, 8-4 to the Indians. What else is left to say? Get all the depressing stories from

They get back in action today today at 12:05 with Jon Lester on the mound.

Anyone figure out yet what John Henry and Tom Werner are thinking by teaming up with LeBron James? They give him a minority stake in their soccer team in exchance for some of the rights to market him? (His own firm retains rights as well.) They do this with a basketball player who is hated in this town, and in large part, nationwide? With the Red Sox off the 0-5 start, this just rubs a little salt in the wound.

Red Sox brass sign ‘powerful’ alliance with King James – Jerry Kronenberg in the Herald looks at the deal.

Henry and Werner swing King-sized deal – Nick Cafardo says that the Celtics are likely hoping this is yet another distraction for James.

Take your talents elsewhere, LeBron – John Tomase says that Henry and Werner “forged a partnership that redefines out of touch.”

LeBron and the Sox? Hah? – The guys on Comcast SportsNet can’t figure this one, either.

Bruins get the result, not the effort, they want – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins getting  a win last night, but not in the style that they wanted.

B’s lacking effort as season ends – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins need to snap out of it.

Shawn Thornton a perfect 10 – Stephen Harris has the tough guy getting his career-best 10th goal of the season last night.

Daniel Paille’s time might be right now – Steve Conroy’s notebook has the winger continuing his strong play of late. DJ Bean has more on Paille making his case for postseason playing time. The Globe notebook from Kevin Paul Dupont has Tomas Kaberle still working out the kinks in his game for his new team. The CSNNE notes from Joe Haggerty have Tyler Seguin not happy with a potential playoff benching.

J. O’Neal is showing the Celtics what he can do – A. Sherrod Blakely has the big man making an impact on defense for the Celtics.

Tonight’s matchup with Bulls a playoff test – Tim Weisberg looks at a big game tonight for the Celtics.

Celtics whetting appetite – Julian Benbow has more on the battle of the Eastern powers.

Judge’s lockout ruling likely to take 2 weeks – Greg A Bedard, who was on the scene in St Paul, reports on the NFL labor hearings yesterday.

WBZ-FM announced yesterday they have signed afternoon hosts Tony Massarotti and Michael Felger to contract extentions. Chad Finn (first link below) says that it is a three-year extension.

New deal for Felger and Massarotti

Felger & Massarotti ink new deal with Sports Hub


15 thoughts on “Nothing Left To Say About Sox

  1. "They do not get a piece of his basketball earnings"

    How does LeBron James make money? By playing basketball. So how could you not say that they're not getting a piece of his basketball earnings?


    1. Because they're not getting a piece of his basketball earnings. They're not his agents, and they didn't negotiate a contract with the Heat for him. That's his basketball earnings — the money he receives from his contract to play for the Miami Heat.

      They are managing/arranging his promotional and business interests, and taking cuts from those activities. Not from his basketball earnings.


      1. you're missing the point, Dave…Lebron is famous and rich because of basketball, therefore his earnings are based on his on-court success. So the Werner group's best interest in this deal is to have Lebron beat the Celtics in the playoffs, which is counterproductive in this area, seeing as he's reviled as much as Kobe.


        1. No, his FAME is based on his on-court success. His EARNINGS are based on whatever people are paying him to do. If he decides to star with Shaq in "Kazaam II: Electric Boogaloo" and is paid $40,000,000 to do so — that's not $40M of basketball earnings. It's earnings from acting. Earnings that he wouldn't have received had he not been a basketball star — but that doesn't make it basketball earnings.

          For example, Fran Tarkenton. QB for the Vikings. Couldn't win the big one. World famous. Retired. Came up with an idea while sitting at an airport — why aren't there advertisments on these ticket jackets that the airlines hand out to every passenger? Started a company to sell ads on airline ticket jackets. Made millions.

          Are those millions "football earnings"? Of course not. Would Fran have been able to raise as much money as he likely did to start the business if he weren't Scramblin' Fran Tarkenton, former Quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings? Of course not — but that doesn't make it football earnings.

          And this isn't semantics. FSG isn't investing in Lebron's basketball career — they're investing in the application of Lebron's fame to other non-basketball business activities. That's the entire point of the exercise — they CANNOT take a share of his basketball earnings, because (a) they are not his agent, and (b) they are not authorized by the NBA or its players union to serve as a player agent.


    2. Dave R explained the the basketball earning fairly well. Let me simplify it…all FSG has done is bought the right to rep Lebron as a license. They have no financial stake in his basketball contracts. The question is what exactly is FSG going to get to market. For example will they get a share of future Nike earnings even though that contact was inked by someone else? If not I ask again…how much money in endorsements and licensing can be out there for Lebron beyond Nike worldwide…I doubt it is $50 mill. If they are making 5% (half the standard 10%) then I do not see how this investment is worth their time. Nor do I see why they would give up a piece of Liverpool which will undoubtly be worth more than they will earn from repping Lebron.


      1. Don't forget — there's one thing we don't know about this arrangement (yet), and that is whether Lebron has to purchase his Liverpool interest, or whether it's being provided to him at no cost as compensation for this agreement. It's hard to get a feel for how they model the return on Lebron without that. I doubt they gave him a significant share for absolutely nothing — that, as you note, would be very hard to earn back.

        But on the other hand, I think you might be underselling his global marketing power. The Nike deal is almost certainly a long-term lockup, so FSG won't see any Nike money for a while. But visible athletes like him can make serious coin doing commercials in Japan or Korea or Germany or Italy or elsewhere. And we don't know what Lebron's business plans might be. Say he wants to open a Lebron-branded line of athletic clothing stores. It's highly likely that FSG would become involved in that as an equity partner — something that could be exponentially valuable if it succeeds. I think there's more behind this than just "we're Lebron's non-sports agents".

        Even if there isn't — remember, they have ZERO clients today. Repping Lebron will bring in additional client business, and the sum of that business plus Lebron's earnings could, possibly, more than cover the payout (whatever it is) given to Lebron to make the deal. Say you were a new defense attorney looking for your first case. Given the choice, you'd rather take the OJ Simpson case over a small-time drug dealer who was busted for possession of crack. Not because OJ would pay you any more in fees — but because you'd be getting scads of free advertising for your practice just by representing OJ… and if you got him off on the murder charges, EVERYONE would want to hire you, and you could set your prices accordingly. I think there's definitely an element of that at work here.


        1. Dave,The Lebron thing just baffles me. Yao Ming is the most markable star in the world right now outside the US (I have an office in China and travel there regularly). He endorses everything and is the biggest star in Asia (That includes China, Indonesia and India 3 bill people total). Even with that…his best year endorsement wise he only made about $100 mill including his sneaker contract with Reebok. So maybe Warner and Co made a different deal with Lebron. Maybe the equity stake in Liverpool is in exchange for a larger percentage of the licensing dollars Lebron generates. We will probably never know. The problem I see is James is not Jordan or Tiger or even Brady (who is quite big in South America). From the press release I did not get the impression that FSG wanted to start a sports repping agency. I got the impression that they are looking at James as a separate property on par with the Sox, the racing team and Liverpool. Again I might be wrong but it is an odd deal…okay not as odd as Lebron's mother being arrested last night and then being released to an employee of the Miami Heat…but it is still an odd deal. I don't see the long term value. How many years as a pitchman does Lebron really have left? Tiger's endorsements dried up overnight…he went from $100 mill to nothing and probably is not making more than $10 mill a year now (excluding Nike…that is a different case because Tiger is Nike Golf until they can realistically replace him). Let's say Lebron does not win a title in the next 4 years…a distinct possibility…then how much is he really worth when he is a loser. Without the sneaker contract I ask how much can Lebron be really worth…I find it hard to imagine it is more than $50 mill. Perhaps you are right this is all to start an agency time will tell. It just seems to me if they were going to start maybe Dice K would have been the way to test their abilities.


          1. I think someone mentioned that this could be a case of buying low and selling high. Right now Lebron might be at his lowest point marketability wise. As time heals all wounds, people will not be as angered with James. If he wins a title that will only help his marketability. I look at Kobe Bryant, who I feel did something far more abhorrent than James, is now at or near the top in merchandising for the NBA.

            P.S. I know Bryant was never convicted of anything, but from what I read, it just seems like he was able to get away with something horrible because he had a lot of money and a really good lawyer.


          2. Let's look at Kobe for a second…how much does he make in endorsements…according to Forbes in 2007 he made $20.9 mill in endorsements. Its 4 years later and I doubt he has doubled that number. That includes his sneaker contract. I accept that James is worth more…but I just do not see where he is worth enough to give up a part of Liverpool and develop an entire operation to market him. Regarding Bryant… no need to sugar coat it…he is all that is wrong with today's modern athlete.


  2. Liverpool's new/old skipper Kenny Dalglish – a legend and Liverpool as well as Celtic and the Scottish national team – is pretty much the anti-LeBron. In that he actually won something.


  3. Lebron proved to be a narcissistic jerk with his behavior last year. He went from one of the most popular sports figures, to perhaps the most despised sports figure in the country. Henry and Werner are smart guys and I'm sure they will make money with this, but I always thought they were very image concious. Most Boston sports fans won't be too happy that they're getting into bed with a complete a**hole. Also, it was inadvertant I'm sure, but with the 5 game losing streak, the timing of this announcement was pretty bad.


  4. Dave, great post. Here is an article from Ty Duffy of the Big Lead that agrees with you and makes Tomase completely foolish. By the way, the local yakkers have all been hammering Henry today. It's why they are who they are and Henry is who he is. Latetodinner, I'm with you on not understanding how FSG will make their money but I have to imagine this has been in the makings for a long time and as well thought out as possible.


  5. Not only do Europeans know less about LeBron's douchebaggery than Americans, but the way all the talent in Europe inevitably funnels to Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and AC Milan, I'm pretty sure that's where LeBron, Bosch, and D-Wade got the idea from.


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