The NFL wildcard playoff round is this weekend, and the Patriots will be comfortably watching from their living rooms, waiting to find out the identity of their first postseason opponent.

Pats focus on fixing flaws during bye week – Robert Lee has the Patriots spending their time this week on self-improvement.

Brady has a trusty bunch – Monique Walker has a good look today at how the Patriots quarterback has developed chemistry with this group of receiving options.

Trust in Bill Belichick key to success – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots leaning on the experience and wisdom of their coach.

Ninkovich carves his niche in New England – Mary Paoletti looks at the Patriots starting outside linebacker, who has come a long way in just two seasons.

Graham, Katula aim to make their mark in postseason with Patriots – Christopher Price has the special teams combination looking to emulate the postseason success of Vinatieri and Paxton.

More Than Stats for Algernon – Alan Segel examines the value of Alge Crumpler to the Patriots.

They don’t know Jack – Ron Borges thinks an NFL team would be wise to snatch up former Patriots executive Jack Mula to run their operation.

Pats underwent makeover in 2010 – Glen Farley examines the extreme makeover of the Patriots this season.

Wes Welker healthy, ready for playoff return – Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots receiver feeling refreshed after a Sunday off. The Globe notebook by Michael Vega has Vince Wilfork wondering if a fine is headed his way. The Patriots Journal by Robert Lee has Shane Graham looking for a fresh postseason start. The Gatehouse notebook by Glen Farley has Marques Murrell returning to the Patriots.

Opportunistic Wild defeat Bruins, 3-1 – Danny Picard and Joe Haggerty have the Bruins dropping another home game.

Marc Savard is still searching for his old self – DJ Bean says that the Bruins center is still struggling.

NHL, NBC draw icy stares – Chad Finn’s media column looks at good ratings for the NHL Winter Classic. He also has Dennis and Callahan edging out Toucher and Rich in December – a month in which D&C weren’t there for most of the last two weeks.

Shaquille O’Neal bigger than numbers – Steve Bulpett says that Shaq’s on-court impact with the Celtics is greater than his pedestrian numbers would indicate. Julian Benbow has Shaq OK with his role.

Celtics’ Davis has perfect timing – Jim Fenton has Glen Davis playing well in a contract year.

Deep in the heart of Carl Crawford – Scott Lauber files a feature on new Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford, who is working to get even better.

The Next Wave? A closer look at the Red Sox’ 2011 Rookie Development Program class – Alex Speier has a look at the next bunch of Red Sox youngsters.


5 thoughts on “Patriots Set To Watch Wild Weekend

  1. Not that it's a big deal, but that Carl Crawford article doesn't say anything about what he's working on to get better, it just has a picture of him running.


  2. I was watching Patriots Today on WBZ and the same question again popped in my mind. Steve Burton is better than Alice Cook? Really? Really?! Burton does one of two things that drive me crazy. The first is that he has a constant knack to interrupt whoever he is talking to. The second is he asks a question and then asks another right on top of it. He is simply dreadful.

    One person who could take his place right now if she wanted to leave the news end of the business is Fox 25's Shannon Mulaire. She did the sports on Saturday night and was outstanding. She did the highlights without a hitch and sounded like she had done it all of her life. I saw her bio and noticed she was a soccer player. She may have a love of sports. There is no question that she could supplant most of the locals who do sports now.

    I want to talk about Steve Buckley just one more time. I watched his interview with Mike Felger on CSSNE the day he came out. I'm going to guess that Buckley was either tired, which he admitted, or found out what Felger had said on his radio show. Bruce pointed it out on his Twitter feed that Felger said it was the first day of a ratings book when Buckley appeared. Whatever the reason, Buckley came off as rude and more of a smart alec than he usually is on the Big Show. Buckley numerous times asked Felger, "Didn't you read the article?" on some of the questions by Felger. You could see Felger was trying to be as sensitive as he could be on the topic. There was no other way to describe Buckley's behavior then he was a jerk.


    1. Sorry I'm so late replying to this mandb, but I also saw this interview and felt the complete opposite about it. Felger's body language and minimal eye contact towards Buckley spoke volumes, as if he didn't even want to conduct the interview (or maybe he was embarrased about what he had on his radio show, he certainly didn't come off as sensitive to me). And then for Felger to ask questions that Buckley clearly answered in his column…well, I almost can't blame Buck for reacting the way he did. Truth is, someone else at CSNNE should have conducted the interview.

      Although I disagreed with your take on this interview, I'm 100 percent behind your opinion of Burton. He brings so little to the table.


      1. I agree Jason, Felger was uncomfortable, probably because it was so off topic, (no sports). Yes, he did ask some questions that were answered in Buckley's article. But, I think Felger was trying to make sure he in no way embarrassed or offended Buckley. Buckley could have just said, "As I wrote in my column…" and just moved on. This maybe the first time in years that I have defended Felger. Maybe I'm starting to feel feverish. 🙂


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