So it begins. The latest installment of Patriots/Jets will take place on Sunday afternoon at 4:30, thanks to the Jets wildcard victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night.

In some ways it should be a very fun week, anticipating the game, and seeing what the principals involved (mostly the Jets) have to say about things. On the other hand, some of the week will be insufferable, as a major storyline on sports radio this week will be “What if the Patriots lose to Rex Ryan and the Jets????? It wuld be a disaster of EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!

If you want a glimpse of what 98.5 will be like from 2:00-6:00 all week, just watch this 60 second video:

The Jets can certainly beat the Patriots. I’ll save my anguish over it for when it actually happens.

Jets have propulsion – Karen Guregian has the Jets flying sky-high following their victory over the decimated Colts. She’s got them also burying memories of the ‘MNF’ massacre. Mike Reiss has a collection of Soundbites from the Jets spouting their bravado following their win.

Wes Welker’s boundless resiliency – Jackie MacMullan has a feature on the Patriots receiver’s remarkable comeback from knee surgery.

Idle Pats win without playing – Jonathan Comey says that Saturday night was the best the Patriots could’ve hoped for.

Expect this edition of Patriots-Jets to differ from the first two – Christopher Price says that the third version of the rivalry might surprise some people. Monique Walker has Belichick preparing for a ‘different’ foe this time around.

He’s a top tackler – Monique Walker has a look at Patriots outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich and his goals.

Bill Belichick and Co. brace for rivals – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots starting preparations, and the latest from Terrell Suggs on Tom Brady.

Ryan Named To NSSA Hall of Fame – The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan has been named to the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame. A well deserved honor.

A trio of vintage recent John Dennis tweets:

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19 thoughts on “Patriots/Jets Set For Sunday, Hype Machine Started

  1. Clearly John Dennis is the same simmering caludren of rage that Gerry is, he only saves his hate speech for voice mails and twitter. The fact that he uses a picture from 10 years ago as his twit pic shows that he is no longer in touch with reality. John, you weigh 400 pounds and you are a very small, unhappy man. Enjoy your money and all the misery that comes along with it. I feel sorry for you.


  2. Plus John Dennis is posting in the middle of the night. So, he may have some of those Bombay martinis influencing his tweets


  3. Don't listen to toucher and rich but since the 2 guys who were tweeting also tweet to the toucher and rich account and seem to be showing off to their "heros" on 98.5, is it possible that there was an on air suggestion to bash the EEI competition via twitter to rankle them? Shame on Dennis either way but it's worth wondering.


  4. I cannot believe how lame those responses are. If he came up with something more creative, I would have supported his right to trash tweet.

    But hey, I was wondering how the WEEI guys felt about the Hub's ratings. I guess I have my answer. I can't wait 'til they start shaking things up over there. An FM signal and some new talent; both desperately needed.


  5. A disaster of epic proportions is what happened in Arizona. Sunday is JUST a football game where life goes on regardless of the outcome.


  6. I think John Dennis' twitter avatar is from the 80's. Certainly it was before he discovered Big Macs and donuts. He only wishes he looked like that photo. Now he has a coconut the size of a Maytag. These tweets don't surprise me though. I guess that is what happens when you measure your worth and social status by your 1040 account. No one will ever accuse Dennis of having class; especially after the famous Russillo-Rutillo-Rutello tough-guy voice-mail:


  7. Shouldn't everyone realize by now that Dennis and Callahan are 2 of the most hateful, out of touch men on radio right now? I figured that out after the Metco Gorilla escapade.


      1. O'kay how about when Callahan belittled a person with asperger's syndrome who wanted to know more about getting Shonda Schilling's book on the disease? Not good enough for you? How about the borderline racial rants, especially by Dennis, with regards to Pedro Martinez who would dare ask for more money when his contract was up. Of course D&C had no problem taking a couple of months off when their contracts were up. I guess it's okay for them to want a raise but not those greedy baseball players.


  8. Gerry's problems all link back to his High School days in Chelmsford when he was called for clipping on an otherwise game winning kick-off return for a TD in the HS Superbowl that year. CHS lost the game and he became bitter and twisted as a result of his own futility.
    Back in the 80's I was at a CHS football game that he was covering for the Lowell Sun and the CHS student body were giving him a "Clipping" chant. I enquired and got the story of its origin. It explains alot about him. Denis,,,he was just probably dropped on his head as an infant.


  9. Bruce, Dale Arnold agreed with you on your media myth with regards to the Ravens and Steelers being the only physical matchup in the AFC. Dale asked the rhetorical question. "What are the Patriots and Jets doing, playing flag football?" Good line by Dale.


  10. The funny thing is that the Pats out "physical-ed" both the Steelers and the Ravens in their regular season match-ups. Yet you won't hear anyone describe the Pats as a physical team let alone them in the same category as the other 3 AFC teams still playing this weekend.


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