So there’s an odd headline. No, one thing has nothing to do with the other, but both items are worthy of note this morning. There was a terrific game played at the Garden last night between the two best teams in the NBA, record-wise. Rajon Rondo recorded a triple-double with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 22 assists as the Celtics survived a last-minute charge from the Spurs to win, 105-103. Get all the coverage over at

The other news from last night/this morning is longtime Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley revealing in his column this morning that he is gay. (Welcome to my coming-out party.)  Buckley is not the first Herald sportswriter to come out of the closet. Back in September 2003, Ed Gray wrote a similar column, revealing that he was gay. He left the paper shortly thereafter.

Buckley will be on WEEI’s Big Show this afternoon. He mentioned Glenn Ordway in his column today as someone who has been supportive of his decision.

The Union Leader Responds – The blog had some material lifted by The Union Leader in NH, and the response from the paper seems tepid at best.

Win an elite feat for Celtics – Mark Murphy looks at a big win for the Celtics.

Starring Rajon Rondo, as himself – Paul Flannery has Rondo getting closer to full strength. Chris Forsberg has more on Rondo.

He’s not against popping off – Gary Washburn says that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is the outspoken sort.

Bringing up older Baby – Steve Bulpett has a look at the continued maturity of Glen Davis.

Not in books till last second – Julian Benbow’s notebook has a last second rebound completing the triple-double for Rondo. The Herald notebook by Mark Murphy has Ray Allen doing the unthinkable – missing a pair of late free throws. The Celtics Journal from Kevin McNamara  has a look at the opposing head coaches last night. The CSNNE notes from Jessica Camerato has more on Rondo.

Season full of highlights for Patriots – Jonathan Comey says that putting together the highlight film of the 2010 Patriots will be no easy task.

Patriots became boss minus Moss – Ian Rapoport looks at the mid-season bombshell the Patriots dropped in trading away Randy Moss.

Branch ready, raring to go – Robert Lee has Deion Branch ready for another postseason with Tom Brady.

Defense becomes a key for Patriots – Mike Reiss says that the Patriots became dominant once the defense stepped up.

Atiyyah Ellison takes new job in stride – Ron Borges talks to the newest Patriot.

Borges was on the Big Show yesterday and the subject of Deion Sanders not tackling came up, and Borges related a story involving Sanders when he was with the Cowboys, and facing Roger Craig of the 49ers on a sweep which was run directly at Sanders. Borges has Sanders saying something to the effect that it wasn’t his job to tackle running backs.

The only problem with the story is that Craig’s last year with the 49ers was 1990. He retired in 1993. Sanders didn’t join the Cowboys until 1995.

Robert Kraft ‘loves this team’ – Karen Guregian has the Patriots owner enjoying this team after not recognizing the club that was beaten 33-14 in last year’s playoffs.

The Cameron Equation: How the outfielder fits the 2011 Red Sox – Alex Speier looks at what role Mike Cameron could play this season.

Adrian Beltre’s Signing With Rangers May Set Stage for Texas-Boston ALCS and Eight Other Red Sox Thoughts – Tony Lee has a bunch of Red Sox items.

Bill Buckner eager to bring his tough, disciplined style to Brockton Rox – Erik Potter has the former Red Sox first baseman looking forward to managing the Rox.


37 thoughts on “Celtics Hang On Against Spurs, Buckley Comes Out.

  1. So Buck has now announced to the world…"Look at me, Look at me…I'm gay". One of Boston Sports Media's worst kept secrets is out. To slightly twist an old George Carlin bit…does this mean when Buckley says a batter has 2 balls on him…we need to snicker. Or can we go on ignoring Buckley who became irrelevant years ago because he brings nothing of interest to the table. The fact that he is gay and that he is now telling (flaunting it in our faces?) means what…we should respect his opinion more?… why? He is usually a dullard, restating the obvious, making an arcane reference to something no one cares about or worse not adding anything germane to the conversation.

    Steve Buckley has his place at the Herald. The much maligned Olde Time Baseball game is one of my most favorite events to attend of the year (opening day at the Cape League is a close second). However announcing to the world he is gay does absolutely nothing other than say "Look at me, Look at Me…look I am important…look…define me not by my body of work but by the gender of people I choose to have sex with". Had he not made the announcement we all would have thought of him as the old soul who pontificates on Tony C. regularly, who frequently brings nothing new to the Big Show but is a good person who means well. Now he is just Craig Mustard without the wife.


    1. I'm sure they would be respectful, they just don't want him to get married, serve in the military, adopt a child, visit the lockeroom, march in the St. Patrick's parade…


        1. It shouldn't have anything to do with anything, but S. Boston parade organizers have fought for years to keep gay groups out of the parade. Callahan has supported the position of parade organizers. I think gays should have every right to wear ugly green garb and puke on their shoes with everyone else in the parade.
          Not sure what your point is about it being a Catholic holiday, because it is not exactly true and the parade is not organized by the church.


          1. If you're organizing a parade, you have the right to tell any group they can't march in your parade…be they the VFW or NAMBLA. It's your parade.


    2. of course they were " respectful" Buckley is one of "theirs" that was my point. . D&C will continue to make snide,juvenile remarks about Barney Frank and anyone else who is ****sexual but "Buck" will be off limits. I'll say that about the local sports media, they take care of their own…..don't get me wrong I DO NOT think they should direct their usual snide,wise ass, juvenile comments toward Buckley…….it just proves my point that they are HYPOCRITS…..and it's not just D&C you could say the same about Ordway. Smerlas, DeOssie and a few others. It will be interesting to see how they handle the subject of ***s now (especially on those days Buckley is sitting there next to them) I have a funny feeling all of a sudden they will have more "tolerance?" shall we say?


      1. Buck's boyfriend didn't get busted running a prostitution ring out his apartment. Buck didn't use taxpayer money to go on vacation with his paramour.

        Barney deserves every bit of criticism he gets.

        Tolerance does not mean acceptance. (I wish liberals would learn the difference between the two words). The Big Show crew are tolerance of Buck. They're dong the show with him, correct? If they refused to do the show solely because they'd be doing it with a gay man, then that would be intolerant.


      2. Hey JohnnyApps, you really are a D&C "rumpswab" aren't you? I bet you have pictures of them taped to your bedroom walls…..anyway, as I've stated SEVERAL TIMES you don't have to listen to sports radio 24/7 like you do to know whats going on. There is this thing called the BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA WATCH……maybe you've heard of it?


        1. Dude stop yelling.

          So you form your opinions about sports radio by reading this website? It just seems a bit weird that you're so passionate about hating D&C, and all of WEEI and Felger for that matter, but yet you say you don't ever listen to the radio.


  2. Lots of stuff today,

    1) With regards to Steve Buckley, I DON'T CARE. It will be great when the day comes and no one needs to write or proclaim that they are gay, straight, striped, checkered or polka dot. People will be who they are and no one will bat an eye. I will say this, if Buckley coming out makes him less of a smart-ass on the radio then we are all winners.
    2) I am not surprised about the Union Leader. Other than a couple of writers, Kevin Gray in sports or Tom Fahey in state politics, the Union Leader is full of self-righteous yet miserable human beings. It starts with publisher, Joe McQuaid and goes down to opinion editor Drew Cline. I now read the Concord Monitor.
    3) It looks like Ron Borges has gone from copying stories to just plain old making them up. At least he's versatile.
    4) I will end on a high note. Last night's Celtics game was a joy to watch. It could very well be a preview of the finals. I am getting a little scared of the Heat who are starting to get it. That being said, the Celtics will go as far as Rajon Rondo can take them. He is a very special player who, when it is all said and done, could be considered the best point guard this franchise has ever had. If the Celtics do make the finals against the Spurs, I can't wait to see the predictions from ESPN. Everyone of them will pick the Spurs and Rick Bucher will, of course, have it as a sweep.


  3. they weren't respectful, they were ignorant. i tuned in to hear doc and they mentioned buck coming out.

    for about 5 minutes i thought they were talking about joe buck and thought to myself, yeah big surprise that joe buck is gay i'm shocked he had the guts to come out.

    then they mentioned buckley by full name after saying that he wasn't a rabble rouser, a activist, etc. so freaking ignorant. when they then made a historical analogy that placed ann frank in poland or germany during world war two i couldn't take anymore.


    1. "then they mentioned buckley by full name after saying that he wasn't a rabble rouser, a activist, etc."

      Umm, he isn't. He said as much in his column. How's that ignorant? Sounds like you're the one who's ill-informed.


      1. despite neither host being able to name the country she lived in they – callahan in particular – had no problem comparing themselves to ann frank. 'the activist gays will hunt you down if you don't agree with them'.

        if that's not ignorance the word has no meaning.

        hearing doc rivers be interviewed isn't worth suffering through such stupidity.


  4. The ultimate "look at me" column from the ultimate "look at me" columnist. All that has changed is Buckley is a fruity, past his prime writer.


  5. Only in this market would a sports reporter announcing his sexuality and then spending extended time talking about it qualify as a "major story." I've always respected Buckley's writing for the most part and I have no issue at all with whatever he does sexually, but that's the point — who cares? Gay, straight — he's still dull as dishwater to listen to most of the time, proclaiming his opinions as if he's the star. Like most of the writers with inflated egos in Boston.


  6. Glad to hear that Buck ran it past Glenn Ordball first and got his blessing. God forbid if he didn't approve. Let's see if the rednecks DeOssie, Smerlas et al change their views about gays.


  7. I hope this doesn't come off as being an ass. All the media tweets are calling his decision to come out Courageous. Really??? What is so Courageous in 2011 about announcing that you are Gay? This isn't 1960 where one may lose a job because of it. Then again, the way Buck writes, he's still in 1960 so maybe he thinks he may be fired for it.


    1. So you think that being fired is the worst thing that can happen to you if you come out?

      Here's a little experiment: go to one of the non-trendy dive bars in Southie and announce you're gay.

      I'll come visit you at Mass General, I promise.


  8. I'm sorry, but I do think it requires a certain amount of courage to give your detractors a weapon. I don't care about his motives, because I can never really know them. I have known GAY (not ***) people agonizing about this. I can't judge them, as I don't walk in their shoes.


    1. Heaven forbid we judge Big Show commentator on his contributions and not his sexual orientation. Isn't that the point?


  9. I love how everyone feels the need to rip on Buckley for making a decision to come out. If anyone read his column, they will see why he did what he did. It allows him to go places, partake in activities, and associate with individuals that he could not do before for fear that his actions would be reported in the Inside Track. To be "outed" in that fashion would be much more painful and humiliating than coming out publicly on his own. The Rutgers tragedy may or may not have had something to do with his admission as he indicated in his piece, but I'm sure that he feels like a million pounds has been lifted from his chest. Frankly, I do think it was a courageous thing to come forward knowing that he will be in the locker room covering professional athletes which is going to be uncomfortable for him, I'm sure. He will probably hear lots of unflattering comments from some of these jocks which will probably be very hurtful, but he is willing to deal with that in order to live his life the way he wants to live it. Good for him.


    1. And I love how you think it is brave. The guy is over 50. He could go and do whatever he wanted for the last 30 years. He lives in Cambridge and is not an athlete…he comments on athletes. He is not and never has been part of the jock culture (a different debate for a different time). Make zero mistake about it…this was all about Buck yelling "Look at me, Look at me." He may have good reason, he may not have wanted to be outed in the inside track or in the Boston Phoenix, but the fact remains rather than doing his job and discussing sports, he made himself the story. I know I am being a bit harsh but quite frankly I don't think people deserve kudos because they announce what gender of partner they prefer to sleep with. Had Buck quietly went on with his life, and if he wanted to play in the alternative lifestyle softball league then he would have been lauded. Instead he announced it to the world in some grand gesture, to please his late mother. Sorry if I don't bow down to his self aggrandizement. Its not his orientation that should be questioned or mocked or ridiculed…it is his selfishness, over developed sense of self importance, and narcissism.


  10. For years Buckley has been a loyal co-host on The Big Show and WEEI and has sat through the homophobic ramblings of Smerlas, DeOssie, Ordway, etc. While I don’t care if he’s gay or not, I never understood how he could sit there and stay silent while his “friends” essentially insulted him to his face. Difficult stuff.

    Good luck, Steve.


  11. I think today ought to be officially christened "Buckley's Gay Day".

    Felger was right about Buckley timing this for maximum exposure. He even said he didn't want to come out during the Christmas-New Years week because of the fill-in hosts on WEEI. Very obviously this was strategically timed to coincide with the start of the ratings book, and he's all over the place today: on EEI's morning show, on the Big Show, on Comcast tonight, on the entire page of the Herald. Since when was sports radio supposed to be all about a writer? He's not even an athlete! (Can we look forward to a book as well? "Coming out of the Boston Closet'? And an accompanying media tour?).

    I also find it ironic that Buckley gets ripped most of the time for telling long-winded stories, and today on EEI he's been holding court for the entire duration of the show, talking about his life, his career, other gay athletes — it's simply painful to listen to. And what's more, Rob Bradford's condescending lectures about the "life lessons we all can learn" make hearing Ron Borges' once-weekly appearance something to look forward to.

    I'm thrilled Buckley is happy with coming out, but the coverage of it today has been an utter joke on WEEI and around the local media.


  12. i forgot why i came here today.

    grande with 2 minutes left in the game decided it was a good time for some kim kardashian talk. with one minute left the jumper glen davis hit was 'the biggest shot he's ever hit'.

    grande stinks.


  13. You really can't use the word "gay" on this site? Seriously?

    Anyway, I just always assumed Buck was gay. I'm sort of at the point in my life that I assume anyone over 40 who's not married (or divorced or widowed) is gay. Whatever, move on.


  14. I read on another board that Felger was a real jerk about the Buckley matter on his show yeaterday. And then Buckley was very short with him on TV last night. Anyone else hear or see?. Felger's voice and image both repel me.


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