The Celtics played postseason defense last night as they clamped down on the Miami Heat, holding them to 9 points in the first quarter and 80 for the game en route to an 88-80 opening night victory at the TD Garden.

LeBron James led a second-half run that had the Heat as close as three with just over a minute to play, but the Celtics closed things out for the win. Ray Allen had 20 points in the win, while Paul Pierce had 19.

Celtics own the night, beat Heat, 88-80 – A. Sherrod Blakely has the game recap, and links to the other CSN coverage.

Celtics can enjoy, move on – Steve Bulpett says that with this one behind them, the Celtics can move onto the regular season.

Debut a slam dunk – Michael Vega has Shaquille O’Neal making an impact in his Celtics debut.

This isn’t a completely done deal – After writing yesterday about “Big Three” combinations in NBA history that won championships, Bob Ryan today looks at perhaps the most famous Big Three, which didn’t win a title.

An Icy Start For Heat; Celtics Win NBA Opener, 88-80 – Jeff Jacobs looks at the opener, and some head-scratching quotes from LeBron and Wade. Yeah, LeBron, you lost this one because you were too unselfish.

Buzz still has ears ringing – Chad Finn’s got a media column on the opening night coverage.

Not your everyday opener – Paul Flannery has a few things to take away from opening night.

Celtics show off their togetherness– Chris Forsberg has the Celtics giving Miami a chemistry lesson.

Rajon Rondo dishes out big helpings – Dan Ventura has a look at a big assist night from the Celtics point guard.

Big Daddy’s house – David Willis’ notebook has more on Shaq’s debut.

Favre soap opera is coming to town – We get our first look at new Globe NFL writer Greg A Bedard with this piece on Brett Favre this morning.

The Patriots are mysteriously elite – Glen Farley can’t figure out how the Patriots are 5-1 and among the league’s elite.

How will the Patriots go about defending Randy Moss? – Christopher Price examines how the Patriots might play against their former teammate.

Signals not crossed: Pats ignore Brad Childress – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots not acknowledging Brad Childress’ attempts to stir up Spygate.

Young’s pitch has been well-received – Peter Abraham has the A’s pitching coach jumping to the top of the Red Sox wish list.

Sox looking inside and outside club for new pitching coach – Brian MacPherson looks at some other possible candidates.

Bruins have interest in Coyotes’ Yandle – Joe Haggerty reports on interest in the 24-year-old defenseman.

I’m actually looking forward to this World Series, which begins tonight in San Francisco. Some new blood in the series, and some more great pitching matchups, starting with Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee tonight.

The good news about the World Series being played this week, is that it means no Joe Buck on the Patriots/Vikings game Sunday. Yes, we get Thom Brennaman instead, but he’s the lesser of two evils here.

I enjoy the TNT crew last night, Marv Albert is always good, but having Steve Kerr actually criticise the officials on the blocking call against Paul Pierce when LeBron barrelled into him on the fast break, was refreshing. You don’t often hear national guys make that kind of strong statement.

Overnight ratings on the Heat/Celtics game  on TNT were at 5.6 nationally, up 75% from last year’s Celtics/Cavs opener.


6 thoughts on “Heat Superteam No Match For Old Celtics

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Cedric Maxwell has become obsessed with race? He turned yesterday's Big Show into four hours of race relations talk. It was his contention that the negative reaction to Lebron James was due to race and not to the most public display of narcissism that I can ever recall.

    Max used to be entertaining and funny. He used to make an occassional racial remark, but usually it was humorous. I don't care for the new act..


  2. I thought the same thing, Bruce, when I heard Kerr question the bogus blocking foul on Pierce. You could almost hear the silence from Albert and Fratello as he was doing so.

    Also, it doesn't look like the technical fouls will be a problem. Dwayne Wade spent the entire night animated and crying to the refs and nothing was done about it.


  3. Bruce:
    Whether or not the World Series is enjoyable has no effect on the absolute joy Fox must have with two non Eastern Time Zone teams playing in the Fall Classic. I can't think of a matchup that I care about less (unless it includes the Mariners and/or Brewers). Sure there will be a few good pitching matchups. Lincecum and Lee are great. But come on…I doubt even hard core fans can name the top 5 hitters in either lineup never mind both. Fox executives must be apoplectic trying to figure out how to sell this to anyone outside of Texas and SF. No one is going to watch (other than you). The weekend games going up against college football and the NFL are going to have hockey like numbers. Heck I bet last nights Celts-Heat game gets a better national rating than any game in this series. Its bad enough Fox did not run a new episode of House this week in anticipation of the World Series. The fact that I am going to have to miss a new episode of Fringe so I can be bored to death by extended long shots of Nolan Ryan in the owners box (remind me again how many titles he won as a player), and whisperings of how the Giants have rebounded since getting out from under Barry Bonds aura will really annoy me.

    Enjoy this series…wake me when it is over.


  4. ^^^^^ Degenerate gambler lose points on this site or at least they should. What about the children? Or the scalpers? ( oops sorry, Bruce)


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