The moment the NBA world has waited for has finally arrived, as the new-look, self-appointed next superteam Miami Heat come to the TD Garden tonight to open the NBA season against the Boston Celtics. (Tickets still available.)

The Power of 3 – Julian Benbow notes that the Celtics top trio has their quirks, but they’ve managed to mesh well together.

Celtics chances look Shamrock solid – Steve Bulpett boldly states that “Given reasonable health, if the Celtics don’t win the championship, they’ve got some splainin’ to do.”

Some titles have been triple crowns – Bob Ryan provides your history lesson for the day with a look at various incarnations of “The Big Three” in NBA history.

18 Questions on the Drive to 18: Part Two – Rich Levine with the second part of his season preview.

Celtics say they can go deep with Heat – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics believing that their 15 can beat the Heat’s 3.

Who’s afraid of Miami? Not these Celtics – Paul Flannery has the Celtics OK with playing second fiddle tonight.

The Celtics at a glance – David Willis runs down the Celtics roster.

Miami hopes one plus two adds up correctly – Gary Washburn in the Globe has a good look at the Heat.

20 questions for the 2010-11 NBA season – The hoops team looks at issues around the league as the season begins.

It’s only October, but Celts-Heat opener kindles playoff atmosphere – Daniel Barbarisi says that it will feel like the playoffs right away tonight.

Report Cards for the Patriots performance against the San Diego Chargers are out, with grades all over the place. Here are the grades from Jeremy Gottlieb | Ron Borges | Kirk Minihane | Michael Felger.

Shades of 2001 for Patriots – Jonathan Comey says that this edition of the Patriots has recaptured the magic that was their original hallmark under Bill Belichick — the ability to somehow be more than the sum of their parts. I’m enjoying The Return Of The “Lucky” Patriots.

Pats to get Halloween visit from Moss – Glen Farley has the receiving coming to Gillette on Sunday dressed as a Viking.

Childress resurrects Spygate when talking about Patriots – Tom E Curran has the Vikings coach getting the attention of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Belichick scoffs at NFL ‘praise’ for Meriweather – From Paul Kenyon’s notebook, I enjoyed Belichick’s reaction to the league’s praise for the clean hits from Brandon Meriweather on Sunday.

Sergio Brown comes up big on defense – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the practice squader making an impact after his call-up on Saturday. Rapoport reports this morning that Brown has been given a four year contract.


14 thoughts on “Celtics, Heat Get It On At Garden Tonight

  1. So I'm listening to D&C yesterday (I know, you are all asking "why?"). It just happened to be where the dial was. Gerry Callahan was going of on a rant defending comic genius, Lenny Clarke who made a pretty distasteful joke about a democratic politician Katherine Clark during a fundraiser for republican Craig Spadafora. The quote is here in Bruce's favorite column in all newspapers throughout the world 🙂 .

    Callahan of course said that Lenny Clarke was only kidding and Katherine Clark should get a thick skin. From what I have seen Katherine Clark has not responded to Lenny Clarke's "joke" so I have no idea why he has decided to attack her?

    My question for Gerry is a simple one. If a liberal comedian said the same joke about a conservative female politician, would he still say it was only a joke and that she should have a thick skin? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no.


    1. Didn't a WRKO producer say something about Karyn Polito, the Republican candidate for Treasurer? I think she mainly ignored it but there was minor outrage for a day or so in the Herald.


    2. why does it always seem like your posts start with "well, I was listening to the radio, which (by golly whatta coincidence) the dial was on WEEI"? You rant about them all the time, yet you keep listening. Sounds like you're WEEI's kind of listener: self loathing.


      1. Probably the last time I was listening, Dale and Holley was on which I actually enjoy. There is also some weekend programming I may have been listening to, although definitely not Mustard and Johnson. I don't hate every program on EEI or 98.5, although the majority is lousy. When driving in the morning I will eventually try to reach 96.3 out of Portland, ME. When I started my car D&C was on and Callahan just happened to be in the middle of a rant. Since this site is called Boston Sports Media Watch I decided to post.


        1. I figured that you were working undercover, infiltrating a KKK meeting and happened to overhear them. I guess your explanation is better.

          If you don't like them, don't listen.


          1. Far more often I don't listen. I would love to listen more to 98.5 in the mornings but T&R are just as dreadful although not mean spirited. Their only problem is that have no talent whatsoever. I actually hope they beat D&C in the ratings so that may put some fear in them to change the way they do their show. After all, the station claims to be SPORTS RADIO WEEI.


      2. If you like sports it's almost impossible not to listen to some WEEI… I listen like this>>>Sound ON- Sound OFF-Sound ON-Sound OFF-Sound-ON-Sound OFF


    3. We need a funny conservative version of "the Daily Show" so the Lenny Clarks and Gerry Callahans of this world can get it out of their system. Apparently, South Park doesn't count, which is a shame because as crude as it is, it's light years ahead of anything on AM radio…
      And in his defense, Dale and Holley is better than Zo and Gresh.


  2. Isn't "The Colbert Report" supposed to be the socio-political counterpart to "The Daily Show"?

    Nothing wrong with folks listening to EEI and wanting to post updates here, just to see if the top-ranked Boston sports station keeps making tweaks to try and stay ahead of the Sports Hub.


  3. Colbert Report isn't a conservative Daily Show. If you think that it is, then you are not getting what Colbert is doing.


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