has made a new addition to its Bruins staff, adding hockey writer James Murphy.

Hey all, just a head’s up that I am now covering the Bruins/NHL w/Joe McDonald @ESPNJoeyMac for Jul 06 20:19:16 via web

Murphy has been covering the Bruins and the National Hockey League for the last eight seasons, at a variety of difference outlets, including,, his own blog Drop Puck Murphy, the Boston Metro, and

Murphy also hosts the Inside Hockey Radio Show on on “NHL Home Ice” XM 204 and Sirius 208 on Saturdays from 2-4 p.m. He has also been a hockey analyst on NESN Sportsdesk.

The Dedham resident is a UMass product, with a major in journalism, and also served as a play-by-play announcer for UMass Hockey.

As noted in his Tweet above, Murphy joins Joe McDonald as a Bruins writer on ESPNBoston. Matt Kalman, who also writes the excellent had been a contributor during this past season, but it appears Murphy’s hiring will push Kalman out permanently, at least on the Bruins side of things.

3 thoughts on “James Murphy Joins The ESPNBoston Bruins Beat

  1. Why is every photo of a sports writer awful? Also, he needs to lose the goatee. That is just terrible facial hair.


  2. This guy must not actually watch the Bruins game when there on. Its evident with his commentary about specific players. Last nights game Paille was amazing with Savard, all over the net and very defensive, he stood out and pays very well with Savard. They should find a new reporter that actually gets the game and see skill instead of politics.


  3. I think he's rather handsome…Peter Bradley, Vancouver Canucks Fan…living in Vancouver,BC


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