The Red Sox dropped their second straight game to the Tampa Rays last night, this time by the score of 3-2. The bigger loss may have come in the person of Kevin Youkilis, who injured his right ankle and had to leave the game in the fourth inning.

Here are your top stories from another scorching day in New England:

Rays exploit depleted Red Sox – Gordon Edes has the Red Sox left with no good options after losing Kevin Youkilis.

Backup plan falling apart – Nick Cafardo says that the Red Sox have found the last two nights that it is tough to beat a team of major leaguers with a squad of 4A talent.

Lineup in real crisis – John Tomase says that the injury strain is finally beginning to show for the Red Sox.

Beckett takes another step – Peter Abraham’s Red Sox notebook has Josh Beckett showing real progress in his simulated game yesterday.

Winning the NBA lottery – Bob Ryan looks at the undeserving players who are also getting rich this offseason.

Lafayette looking to secure spot – Chris Forsberg looks at why Oliver Lafayette could be an intriguing prospect for the Celtics.

Gaffney looks to make an impact with his defense – A. Sherrod Blakely has piece on another Celtics hopeful, forward Tony Gaffney.

Brown and O’Neal said to be in play – Gary Washburn’s notebook has a look at the Celtics search for a free agent big man.

Colborne at center of everything for Bruins – Joe Haggerty has a piece on the Bruins top pick in 2008, who is looking to move to the big club this season. Mike Loftus also has a piece on Colbourne.

A few sizzling topics for a hot day – Jim Donaldson has a few thoughts.

Within a span of a few minutes yesterday afternoon, I heard the clueless Mike Adams demand to know why Kendrick Perkins waited to have knee surgery, only to be informed by Cedric Maxwell that the swelling in his knee needed to go down before the surgery could be performed. Adams then referenced Wes Welker and his quick recovery, the inference being that Perkins needs to do the same.

Then in a switch over the 98.5, I hear Felger and Massarotti going over the comments of Tom Brady’s throwing coach Tom Martinez, who stated that Brady had three broken ribs and a broken finger last season. The duo immediately used this to vindicate Charlie Casserly, of all people. Casserly, you recall, reported on CBS that Brady had broken ribs, a claim that Bill Belichick refuted on WEEIthe next day. This was used to make the leap that Bill Belichick lies about everything.

Felger even went into a painful Glenn Ordway-like “fan” impression mocking Patriots fans.

But how much do Felger and Massarotti really know about the situation? Casserly made his report in January. Others had reported the Brady injury occured  much earlier than that  (see update)- some even placed the injury to the preseason when Albert Haynesworth crushed Brady.  Perhaps Belichick was knocking Casserly’s timing, as the ribs may have healed by January. Whatever the case, using the recent comments to validate Casserly and then apply to other things the coach has said, is par for the course for those in the media who are just looking for the opportunity throw the word liar out there.

Then they used a caller as a jumping point to a logic leap that Tom Brady is ticked off at the Patriots for not giving him a contract. Anything to tweak the Patriots fans in the “footy pajamas.”

Another leap of logic is the Jacoby Ellsbury situation. Without knowing a single thing, and simply comparing it to the “same” injury suffered by Jeremy Hermida, it automatically means that Ellsbury is either faking his injury or incredibly soft. The reality is, Felger and Massarotti don’t have a clue about Ellsbury’s injury, they don’t know what the injury is, how it is healing, or what it feels like, so they’re making stuff up with their twisted leaps of logic.

Just a snapshot of sports radio in Boston.

5 thoughts on “Sox Lose Another Game and Player

  1. I just can't handle Felger anymore. I don't know if he's "playing a role" or not when he gets so obnoxious and negative and accusatory and conspiratorial, but the bottom line is that I've had it with him. The very fact that he gives the completely discredited Ron Borges a forum on his Sunday night show at least twice a month is reason enough to tune him out altogether. It's a shame because back in the early 2000s when he started covering the Pats he was a breath of fresh air and was one of the few fair reporters covering the team back then.

    Mazz is just a tool. It's clear that he has utter contempt for his audience (i.e., his customers), which is fine, I guess, as long as there are still customers to hate. Count me among those who will never be one of his customers.


    1. Spot on analysis. I can't listen to them at all and haven't been able to for months. It's hard to believe that radio programming could be poor enough to drive me back to WEEI, but that exactly what 98.5 has done for the 2-6 time slot.


  2. In fact, if I had to guess I'd say Belichick was more upset that Casserly was wildly off on his timing. That Brady HAD hurt the ribs, but not recently as Casserly reported. As you note Casserly reported on January 3rd, the final week of the season, Brady had suffered the injury just a couple weeks earlier versus the Dolphins. Shalise Manza Young had put the injury in preaseason. The injury had been speculated about literally since August when Haynewsorth hit him, so for Casserly to put it in December…..perhaps it was fair to ask "what has Charlie Casserly ever been right about" and that he was "100% wrong" If he was THAT off on the timing on what was a now healing injury several months old, then Belichick WAS completely accurate and NOT a liar in his assesment of Casserly and his report. Until Felger can tell us WHEN the injury occurred, Casserly is not vindicated, Belichick is not a liar….though Felger remains an unprofessional, unethical journalist. Sad he has lost his way so completely.


  3. Bruce, don’t you realize by now that all sports media members are orthopedic surgeons who have looked at the x-rays and MRIs and know exactly what is wrong with these athletes. They must be, because they speak so confidently about who is not tough or who is delaying surgery just, because. There is no reason given by Adams about Perkins, Adams just assumes that Perkins just is waiting. Felger and Maz of course believe that Ellsbury is not hurt and that Boras is putting him up to staying out until he is 110%. There is no proof just speculation. By the way, when Ellsbury came back for a few games before re-injuring himself, Felger said Ellsbury was jaking it. So let’s get this straight, if your playing hurt but not producing, you’re jaking it because the doctors have cleared you so you must be good enough to produce. But, if you are out for an extended period of time you are a wus because you should have been back a lot sooner, even though Mike you have no idea about the seriousness of the injury. Thanks a lot Dr. Frankenstein errr Felger.


  4. One difference I’ve noticed between ‘EEI and 98.5 is the way they handle callers. 98.5 doesn’t allow the long speeches that happen on ‘EEI. WEEI just can’t seem to shed itself of the so-called celebrity callers, who are mostly one-trick ponies. Frank from Gloucester, Danny from Quincy, Tony from Bridgewater, Dakota from Braintree, Jack from Lynn, Ray from Lynn, John from the Cape, et al. I noticed that they seem to be cutting off Steve from Fall River quickly, as of late. He may be the worst of the bunch and I don’t see why they even take his calls anymore.

    Even the “Whiner Line” seems to be the same callers over and over. Some of them are talented and you can tell that they put some effort into it, but I think I’ve heard everything that I want from the Mary Currilo/Morgan Freeman guy. Frank from Gloucester and Angelo from Everett have just lost their magic.

    I must say that I was shocked to hear Larry Johnson on the Big Show on Friday. If they’re worried about ratings, they aren’t showing it. He’s the last person I’d have on if I were in a ratings battle.


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