Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed a few days off here, as we get ready to what used to be the “dead” month of July.

It used to be that there was only baseball in July. It was the “dog days” of sports. Now however, July is packed with sports – NBA and NHL free agency, NBA summer leagues, the Bruins hold a developmental camp,  the MLB All Star Game, the ESPYs (meant to initially capitalize on the dead time around the All Star Game) NFL rookie signings, and as we get closer to the end of the month, NFL training camps open up.

The Red Sox staked Daisuke Matsuzaka to a 5-1 lead last night in Tampa, but the pitching couldn’t hold up, resulting in a painful 6-5 loss to the Rays. Get all the coverage over at

Rather than the traditional links and listings, here’s a few items and thoughts from the last few days.

The July 12-19 issue of The New Yorker has a feature from Ben McGrath on David Ortiz. It examines his improbable return to All Star form after having his career declared dead by practically all in the media, and the revelation of his failed substance test in 2003.

I’m mildly intrigued with the idea of Shaquille O’Neal joining the Celtics next season, but I hold firm in my belief that if the Celtics want to make one more run at a title, they need to add a more significant piece than a 38-year-old Shaq, or a 34-year-old Brad Miller. I don’t think Semih Erden is the answer either. I’m still holding out faint hope for a David Lee sign-and-trade.

Game On – Interesting look at the sports radio battle in Philadelphia, where longtime heavyweight WIP 610 AM is being challenged by the upstart 97.5 The Fanatic FM sports radio station. A very similar situation to what is happening here in Boston between WEEI and WBZ-FM.

So Tom Brady was playing with a broken finger and three broken ribs last season.

Catcher Martinez hasn’t received call from team – A few things are certainties: Death, Taxes and Nick Cafardo will take up a players case for a new contract. Over the years, contracts have been an obsession with Cafardo, who writes about them far more than any other writer I can recall.

Boston’s ballot power ain’t what it used to be – Jon Couture looks at another sign that the madhouse passion for the Red Sox seems to be cooling a bit.

No sponsor here – For the most part, I cringe a little when I hear a sports radio caller or host refer to a local team as “we.” But I’m not going to get all fired up over it.

I’ll be interested to see how much vacation time WEEI’s Glenn Ordway takes this summer, with Felger and Massarotti on 98.5 presenting a ratings challenge, and no Pete Sheppard as back-up host. If we’re going to be treated to a summer full of Butch Stearns or Mike Adams hosting the Big Show, Felger and Massarotti is going to leap even higher in the ratings.

8 thoughts on “Dice-K, Sox Bullpen Can’t Hang On

  1. Farinella sounds more and more like that guy from ESPN who compared the Pats/Colts to evil vs. good.


  2. Farinella should peruse some other pro teams' message boards from time-to-time. If he thinks the "we" syndrome is exclusive to the New England area, he's in for a rude awakening (Steelers fans, in particular, seem to use "we" a lot).


  3. Bruce,
    Any Pete Shepard sitings around here. Hope he is not a personna non grata on the local airwaves. Can we expect Pete to resurface soon?
    Hard to believe Butch Stearns, Mustard and Johnson, Gresch and Zolack are still viable while Pete the Meat is on the sits sidelines! Come on back, Pete!
    Shout-out to Neumy and Bob Ryan for some great "sports talk" this week subbing for D+C.


    1. No on-air sightings. The Big Show crew made a comment about him playing poker professionally, perhaps even with the WSOP, but I haven’t seen anything on that.


  4. …..oh please……that Farinella clown needs to relax……never had a problem with people using the word, "we" when talking about the team they root for ( here or any other part of the country)……might of even did it myself a few times and guess what?…..I KNOW I DON'T PLAY FOR THE TEAM……after rooting for a team for YEARS it just comes out sometimes……..Good Lord, people just love to whine and cry about the smallest things. ……the Boston sports media makes sports about as fun as a root canal…… wonder I'm an Angry Old Bastard


  5. I can't believe that they had Mustard & Johnson on Monday afternoon. Even one day is too much for that pair. I don't know if they're arrogant, stupid, or they just can't get anyone to host .

    I agree with tomtv. It's hard to believe that Pete Shepard is still out of work when you look at some of the people who still have even part time gigs; Mustard, Johnson, Stearns, Muttnansky, Minihane, Freid, Trupiano, Gaspar, et al ………..weekends are a train wreck.


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