Sox Heading Out On The Road, Look To Stay Hot

The Red Sox begin a six game road trip in Colorado and San Francisco tonight as they face the Rockies.

John Tomase looks at the recent seven week stretch that saved the Red Sox season, and has five reasons why they’ve become the hottest team in baseball. Jeff Goldberg has a quick note about why the Red Sox have Randy Winn to thank for their hot streak. Gordon Edes has 10 reasons why you should believe in the Red Sox. Maureen Mullen has the Sox looking to take their winning streak on the road.

Peter Abraham has a frustrated Mike Cameron hoping to be able to show Boston what he is capable of. Mike Fine has more on Cameron, who doesn’t want to talk about his injury any more. Brian MacPherson notes that the fill-ins in the Red Sox outfield this season have come up big.

Rob Bradford notes that at one time Victor Martinez wanted to quit hitting right-handed, but is now on a historic pace against lefties.

David Willis has a look at Red Sox draftee Bryce Brentz’s debut with the Lowell Spinners on opening night.

Abraham’s notebook has several Red Sox looking forward to a return to Coors Field, where they clinched the 2007 World Series. Tomase’s notebook looks at some of the talented pitchers the Red Sox will be facing on this trip. MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal notes that the Red Sox could again have two All Stars in their starting rotation. Fine’s notebook has the Sox preparing to face Ubaldo Jimenez, who is an amazing 13-1 with a 1.15 ERA.

Gerry Callahan has a lot of hate for Manny Ramirez and Tiger Woods. Hmmm. I know he’s knocked Roger Clemens in the past, but I don’t think it’s been anything like this. I wonder why. Clemens is a combination of the worst of Ramirez and Tiger;  he’s a philandering steroid user, but Gerry harshest wrath is reserved for Manny and Tiger. Got it.


Mark Murphy has a look at what directions the Celtics might be looking at in the draft and free agency. Jessica Camerato gives us five Celtics storylines to watch this summer. Chris Forsberg says that the Celtics late season slide to fourth in the East might actually be a stroke of luck in the draft. Jim Fenton says that the Celtics need to have a better offseason than they did last summer.

Julian Benbow has Doc Rivers telling WEEI that he’s leaning one way, but not flat out saying which way that is. Peter May looks at why Rivers should stay, and what might happen if he leaves. (Mike Brown? Cmon.) Dan Duggan has Rivers still undecided. Teddy Panos says that a lack of urgency ultimately did in the Celtics this season.

Bob Ryan remembers Manute Bol the basketball player, and more importantly, the man.


Steve Conroy says that this might be the most important week of Peter Chiarelli’s career. Mike Loftus says that the Bruins have a lot of options heading into the draft. DJ Bean looks at what moves are out there for Chiarelli and the Bruins to make. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins win with either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, but they do have one guy they prefer over the other. James Murphy thinks  that defenseman Jarred Tinordi could be an immediate contributor at pick #15. Fluto Shinzawa says that the Bruins aren’t revealing which player they prefer.

Stephen Harris has the Bruins set to make a stop in Northern Ireland during this fall’s exhibition season.

Ian R. Rapoport has five Patriots questions to ponder between now and the start of training camp. Jeff Howe talks with Patriots receivers coach Chad O’Shea.


Manny’s Return – A Big Yawn

Manny Ramirez returned to Boston this past weekend, and no one cared.

The fact that the Celtics had just dropped game seven of the NBA Finals probably contributed to the lack of talk about Manny’s return, but even this weekend, when the focus could be squarely on the events at Fenway Park, there didn’t seem to be much interest in Manny from a media perspective.

I didn’t really listen to sports radio this weekend, so I’m not sure how much of a topic Ramirez was, but the upset of the weekend for me was the absence of a Boston Globe/ column from Dan Shaughnessy or Tony Massarotti (or anyone else, for that matter) rehashing all the Manny episodes over the years and sentencing the slugger to eternal damnation. The Boston Herald was likewise tame, with the harshest column being from Steve Buckley this morning, a column that was as weird as Manny, which was perhaps the point. I know he’s all the rage on Twitter  these days, but an Old Hoss Radbourn reference? Really?  (@OldHossRadbourn ) What was Buckley’s larger point? That Manny didn’t tip his cap, so he quit on the Fenway fans all over again? Buckley gets to be on The Big Show this afternoon to talk all about his column, so maybe we’ll find out.

ESPN had Curt Schilling on the broadcast last night to talk Manny, and he didn’t go off on his former teammate like you might’ve expected, except to say that in the end, Manny’s teammates wanted him gone, which should tell you just how bad things were.

Ramirez has been a fairly hot topic on sports radio this morning, checks on each station have found Manny being discussed, though there was still plenty of Celtics talk as well. I’m sure Mikey Adams will be treat to listen to tonight as he spews Manny hate for five straight hours with no Red Sox game. There were a number of callers today with anger in their voices  as they recalled why they hated Manny so much.

Which I really don’t understand.

In my mind, Manny is no different from the multi-millionaire rock star or movie star who is difficult to work with on the set, or shows up when they feel like it, or drunk/on drugs, or checks into rehab when they need a break from things.  

Do these same callers boycott the latest movie or concert from these superstars?  Do they have the same moral outrage?

Manny did some atrocious things here, and it’s best for all involved that he’s no longer here. He went too far in his final season. He quit on the team. But he’s gone. I don’t need to talk about him or listen to others talk about him anymore. He’s not our problem any more. I’m glad to see that the media reaction to Manny’s return has been rather underwhelming.

Hopefully we’re close to closing the Manny Ramirez in Boston chapter for good.

Sox Sweep Dodgers, Clay Gets 10th Win

The Red Sox finally have the spotlight all to themselves…

After a shaky (but scoreless) first inning, Clay Buchholz settled down nicely last night, shutting out the Los Angeles Dodgers for 6 2/3 innings improving to 10-4 on the season while lowering his ERA to 2.47 in the Red Sox 2-0win over the Dodgers at Fenway Park. The win gave the Red Sox a sweep over LA this weekend.

Believe it or not, after their shaky start, and the media driven scorn and panic over the “run prevention” mantra, the Red Sox have the best record in the Majors since that rocky start, and have now tied the Tampa Rays in the standings, just one game behind the Yankees in the AL East. Something many experts thought impossible, given the start that the Rays got off to.

Peter Abraham has making a case to be an All Star this year with another strong performance. Brian MacPherson notes that for the second straight game, the pitching line didn’t tell the whole story for Buchholz, but also for the second straight game, it didn’t matter. John Tomase has the Red Sox crushing this homestand. Maureen Mullen has Buchholz settling in after a rough first inning. Mike Fine has Buchholz relaxing before the game by playing with the young sons of David Ortiz and Victor Martinez.

Bill Ballou says that Theo Epstein and the Red Sox deserve credit for not giving up on Buchholz.   Joe McDonald has Buchholz rewarding the Red Sox patience in him. Ron Chimelis notes that Buchholz could make a run at the Cy Young award if he keeps up this pace. Speier has a look at how the Dodgers missed outon Buchholz.

Nick Cafardo wraps up a strange weekend with Manny’s quiet return and expressing regret over how he handled things at the end of his run here, and Roger Clemens sitting in the Monster seats on Friday night (unknown to the Red Sox). MacPherson has Kevin Youkilis talking about what he learned over the years from watching Manny Ramirez hit. Steve Buckley takes his predictable, tired shots at Manny Ramirez.

Lenny Megliola has the Red Sox resurgence coming as a sweet surprise now that they are once again the focus of our attentions. Steve Buckley has Mike Cameron a quiet contributor to the Red Sox run since his return. McDonald has a piece on the benefits of player-son bonding at the ballpark.

Danny Picard has a heads-up base-running move from Dustin Pedroia proving to be the difference in this one, as he made the Dodgers pay for their shift on David Ortiz. Alex Speier has Pedroia’s teammates marveling at the picture perfect play. Robert Mays has Pedroia putting on a show last night, at the plate and on the basepaths.

Laurel J. Sweet has a must-read piece about the horrific genetic disorder that has plagued former Sox outfielder Dwight Evans’ two sons – something that was going on during his playing days, but of which he never spoke a word about to anyone involved with the Red Sox.

Fine’s notebook has Terry Francona remembering his time as a kid in his dad’s locker room. Picard’s notebook has Pedroia and Adrian Beltre extending their 10 game hitting streaks. Ballou’s notebook has Buchholz on pace for 20 wins this season. MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal has more Francona memories on being the little guy in the clubhouse. Abraham’s notebook has Buchholz getting some help behind him in this one. Tomase’s notebook has more on Pedroia’s heads-up baserunning.


Mark Murphy has the Celtics needing to get right back to business with the draft and free agency looming. Paul Flannery provides a primer on what awaits the Celtics this summer. Steve Bulpett has a detailed look at the Celtics roster and what could happen with each player.

Christopher Price looks what the Patriots’ rookies have experienced to this point, and what’s ahead for them. Mark Farinella blasts the “Patriots’ sycophantic fan base that refuses to acknowledge that the team that won three Super Bowls (and should have won a fourth) had finally grown too old and too deficient at several key positions to assert itself in the postseason.” Ho Hum.

The word sycophant is a favorite among sports writers. They LOVE to use it, tossing it around frequently, usually with the intent of trying to rile up their audience. The term actually means a “servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.”

So what favor exactly are the fans trying win from the Patriots, and how are they being a “servile self-seeker” as a group in this process? Please, explain.

Postmortem Links

I’ll try to keep the more painful and annoying pieces away from you…and believe me, there’s a lot out there.

These Celtics deserve our respect and affection – Tom E Curran says that you should not be crushed, crestfallen or irritated with this Celtics team.

Rivers’ faith in Celtics never wavered – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics coach nearly willing his team to the title.

Is this the end for these Celtics? – Paul Flannery looks at the uncertainty going forward.

Rasheed Wallace valiant in possible NBA finale – Steve Bulpett has Wallace potentially riding off into the sunset after last night. (Which would actually be a great thing for the Celtics.)

Celtics’ surprising run through the NBA playoffs ends one win short – Jim Fenton has a potentially great and satisfying championship slipping away from the Celtics.

What comes next anyone’s guess – Julian Benbow looks at what’s ahead.

Garnett takes loss hard, says teammates are ‘brothers for life’ – Kevin McNamara hs KG reflecting on the game, season and team afterwards.

Even in absence of final title, these Celtics were worth it – Tony Massarotti? Yeah.

There’s not much else out there on the Celtics that won’t make your stomach turn.

This time, ‘baseball guy’ gets to enjoy the pitch – Chad Finn’s media column talks to Dave O’Brien about the World Cup, and has WEEI vs. 98.5 ratings numbers. Felger and Massarotti beat The Big Show in the coveted 25-54 males audience, and Toucher and Rich beat Dennis and Callahan in the 18-49 males demographic (Though D&C beat them in the 25-54 dem0.)

That’s a bit of good news this morning, no?

No debate: Manny is one of a kind – Gordon Edes has the best article on Manny Ramirez’s return to Boston this weekend. It’s got both sides of the issue, without being nasty.

Reddick still seen as not quite ready – Peter Abraham files a solid Red Sox minor league notebook.

He seems to fit the bill – Shalise Manza Young says that Bill O’Brien sure seems to fit the role of offensive coordinator.

Pats have plenty of help until Welker ready to go – Robert Lee with a good look at the wide receiver position, and comments from position coach Chad O’Shea.

Celtics Just Can’t Finish, Lakers Are World Champs

In a microcosm of their season, the Celtics couldn’t hold on to a double-digit third quarter lead, and fell to the Los Angeles Lakers 83-79 in game seven of the NBA Finals.

The Celtics were in full control of this game, dominating the Lakers in every area except rebounds which was how the Lakers hung in throughout this one. Los Angeles controlled the boards, 53-40, including an incredible 23 boards on the offensive end.

The Celtics offense went completely stagnant during a late third quarter, early fourth quarter spurt which saw the Lakers erase the lead and take one of their own. The teams traded three pointers late, and the game wasn’t decided until Sasha Vujacic hit two free throws, which gave the Lakers a four point lead with 11 seconds to go.

Kobe Bryant, supposedly playing for his legacy, was terrible. He lead the Lakers with 23 points, but shot 6-24 in doing so. One media certainty going into tonight was that “there is no way that Kobe will allow the Lakers to lose game seven at home.” That was a joke. Even Michael Jordan’s son (it looks like it really was him.) was trashing Kobe on Twitter.

So this era is over for the Celtics. They’re going to look a lot different when training camp begins just under four months from now. Ray Allen and Doc Rivers are most likely gone. Paul Pierce could be gone. Tom Thibodeau is gone. The only players signed for next year are Garnett, Perkins, Rondo, Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis.  In the aftermath of tonight’s loss, Wallace is already talking retirement. What will Danny Ainge have planned for this summer?

It’s unfortunate that things ended this way, but they gave us a great run. Falling four points short in game seven of the NBA Finals is a whole lot further than anyone predicted they would go. But this was their last chance. I don’t see them coming back to the Finals for quite a while unless Ainge can quickly retool this club. Maybe getting this close convinces them to make one more run at it with this current group. ( I kind of hope not.) Maybe Ray Allen gets a three-year deal, to push his contract to a year beyond Garnett’s, maybe Pierce exercises his option and stays, and maybe Ainge picks up a steal in the draft next week or in free agency and Doc is talked into taking one last run at it. Rivers’ press conference tonight sure seemed like it was the end of the line for him.

I don’t see them trying to get the band back together for another run, but it’s a possibility. Overall, this was an equally infuriating and endearing team. One game they don’t show up at all, and the next game they’re playing with such heart and intensity that you are drawn right back in. The last two games of this series were a perfect example of that. They missed Perkins far more than I expected they would on the boards tonight, and just ran out of gas in the second half. The Lakers turned up their energy, and the Celtics couldn’t match it.

Historically, this is a devastating blow. Losing to the Lakers brings LA a step closer to Boston’s all time title number (though the titles won in Minneapolis shouldn’t count, in my opinion) and adds another title for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, boosting their stock even more among the all-time greats. This Celtics group is now just a one-title bunch, which I’ll certainly take, but seeing this run makes you wonder what they could’ve done with a healthy KG last season.

The summer will come quickly, with the draft next week, and free agency less than three weeks away. I’ll be watching what Danny Ainge does very closely.

Afternoon Of Game Seven

A few links and items to pass the time until the 9:00pm tipoff.

Bill Simmons will have another Cover It Live in-game chat tonight on, but it will start at 8:00pm tonight.

Game Preview: NBA Finals, Game 7 – Celtics at Lakers– Marc D’Amico of has the preview.

Pierce on brink of joining royalty – Chris Mannix has Paul Pierce embracing the moment and looking to add to his legacy.

Kobe’s legacy on the line in Game 7 – Mitch Lawrence says Kobe has the most to gain and lose tonight.

Why the Celtics will win Game 7 – Chris Forsberg tries to boost your confidence.

Why the Lakers will win Game 7 – Andy Kamenetzky does the opposite.

With legacies and a title on the line, these factors could decide Game 7 – Lee Jenkins tries to sort out what’s going to happen.

Lots of Legacies at Stake in Game 7 – Kevin Henkin looks at what’s at stake.

Perk or No Perk, the Celtics Got This – Jon Duke examines how the Celtics will fill in for Perkins.

Celtics, Lakers feel electricity of Game 7 – Marc J. Spears talks to those who have been there before.

Win or lose, Celtics will do it together – Mark Kriegal calls the Celtics chances of winning tonight “slim, at best.”

Desperate teams should make for epic Game 7 – Todd Behrendt says nothing about tonight is predictable.

Ray Allen talks a good game about not talking – Steve Buckley with an afternoon column on Ray Allen, perhaps playing his last game as a Celtic.

Globe Sports editor Joe Sullivan and Chad Finn preview tonight’s game:

Bob Ryan also weighs in.

Obseervations from Patriots mini-camp today – Ian R. Rapoport, Mike Reiss, Christopher Price, Andy Hart.

Bill O’Brien comes over to talk – Albert Breer with what the QB coach had to say today.

Basketball Armegeddon 2010. Tonight. 9:00PM. Be There.

So it all comes down to this. 8 preseason games, 82 regular season games, and 23 playoff games leave us with just tonight to determine the NBA champion. (I didn’t say “World” Champion because I don’t want Gregg Popovich coming after me.)

Do the Celtics have one more big game left in them? Or is the tank completely empty, especially with Kendrick Perkins out? Can overcome the crowd, the early energy of the Lakers, the relentlessness of Kobe?

It’s a tall order. But if this Celtics team has shown us anything, it’s that they are resilient, and can rise to the occasion when needed.

Dan Shaughnessy looks at what is the last chance for this Celtics core to do something special together. He notes:

The mind games have already begun. Folks at Staples Center departed from routine and left the Game 6 score on the big board over the court for yesterday’s practices. The chagrined Celtics were forced to work with “89-67’’ staring down at them from the rafters. Sounds like something Red Auerbach would have done in the old days.

I don’t know if that imtimidates the Celtics, or makes them angry. The Soxaholix has a take on Shaughnessy’s column this morning.

 Steve Buckley also has a look at the final curtain call for this group. Peter May says that this game will determine this unit’s place in franchise history.  Bill Reynolds says that game 7 at home is why the regular season matters, and he thinks it will be too great an advantage for the Celtics to overcome. Howard Bryant says that game 7 will be decided by Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce.

Mark Murphy has Kendrick Perkins crushed that he cannot play tonight, and depressed that this era seems to be coming to an end right before his eyes.  Julian Benbow has the Celtics making their last stand without Perkins. Kevin McNamara has more on Perkins being sidelined for Game 7 tonight. Bill Doyle says that this game will have everything…except Perkins. Scott Souza looks at the Celtics options with Perkins out. A. Sherrod Blakely says that Perkins will still be an integral part of this team tonight.

Bob Ryan says that this one will come down to big man play, and revisits the game 7’s that this unit has played together. Ron Borges has Rajon Rondo trying to view this as just another game. Kevin McNamara says that game 7 is where legends are made. Jimmy Toscano tells us what we’ll see in game 7. Flannery tells us What to watch for tonight. Kirk Minihane has 10 questions that will be answered tonight.

Gary Washburn says that the Celtics will need a legacy game from Rasheed Wallace tonight, who can justify his contract with one game. Steve Bulpett has the tag-team duo of Wallace and Glen Davis needing to step into the spotlight tonight. Paul Flannery looks at what the Celtics need from Wallace tonight. The Celtics recuited Wallace on the pitch of having a chance to win a title, and tonight comes that chance. Chris Forsberg has Wallace getting a chance to earn his keep. Rich Levine also looks at Wallace and Davis getting a chance to step in.

The Eagle-Tribune plays good cop, bad cop today, Michael Muldoon says that the Celtics don’t have a chance in H-E-double hockey sticks, while Bill Burt says that the Celtics are the better T-E-A-M and will win. Tim Weisberg says that it is going to take one last amazing effort from the Celtics.

Shira Springer looks at the approach Phil Jackson is taking to his first ever game 7 in the NBA Finals. Monique Walker adds that this is the first game 7 in the Finals for any of these Lakers. Dan Duggan has Kobe Bryant just ready to do his job.

Benbow’s notebook says that Rajon Rondo cannot disappear again if the Celtics have any hopes of winning. Doyle’s notebook says that 17 stitches in the chin from a Ron Artest elbow (no foul) aren’t going to slow down Rondo.

Walker’s Lakers notebook has Andrew Bynum ready to go for game 7. McNamara’s notebook has more on Bynum, plus Doc Rivers talking about stretching the minutes for his starters tonight.

More links coming under a separate post, which will be BELOW this one….

Sox Back Lester, Now Just Three Games Out of First

Jon Lester went seven innings last night, giving up just a pair of runs to pick up his eighth win of the season in the Red Sox 6-2win over the Arizona Diamondbacks last night at Fenway Park.

A reminder that tonight’s game has been moved to 6:00pm, to allow you to catch more of the Celtics/Lakers championship game.

I have to say that the Celtics extended run, and getting to game seven tonight has spared us a whole lot of sports radio soap operas about the Red Sox. If the Celtics weren’t playing this week, all we would’ve heard would be about Manny’s return to Boston this weekend. As it is, the Globe has a nearly 1500-word feature from Stan Grossfeld about whether Manny will be booed or not this weekend.

Resurgent Red Sox slice lead to 3 – Bill Ballou looks at last night’s win, and the Red Sox slow climb back into the AL East race.

Jon Lester’s changeup has become weapon – Mike Fine looks at Lester’s new, diverse offerings on the mound.

Lester won’t be left out of discussion of the best – Alex Speier says one of the four best lefties in MLB, along with CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee and Johan Santana.

Lefty Doubront ‘a fun kid to watch’ – Joe McDonald has a look at Friday’s starter for the Red Sox.

Pedroia rediscovering his stroke – Brian MacPherson has the former AL MVP getting back on track.

Doubront on fast track – Benjamin’s notebook has more on the rookie and other items.


Attitude adjustment – Albert Breer examines whether the Patriots are making progress on their shortcomings of last season.

Rookies looking to catch on – Mike Reiss looks at a pair of rookies who could contribute to the offense from day one.

Early coaching tendencies – Shalise Manza Young profiles new Patriots assistant Corwin Brown.

Hoyer having great minicamp with Patriots – Christopher Price is impressed with the second-year QB.

Eventful day for Pats’ Aaron Hernandez – Tom E Curran with a look at the fourth-round pick.

Taylor Price quick to catch on – Karen Guregian has the wide receiver prospect having to be a quick study.

Pats’ hopeful Farnham has a mentor in Marshfield’s Morey – Glen Farley’s notebook looks at the former Brown receiver getting some advice.


In Cam Neely, the Bruins have the right face for the franchise – Mick Colageo says that the Bruins the right move.

Boston Bruins make Cam Neely president – Mike Loftus says that while it’s not a big move, it’s not altogether ceremonial, either.

Neely administration greeted by fanfare – Fluto Shinzawa’s notebook has more on Neely, and Peter Chiarelli saying that he’s going to hang on to the number two pick.

Lakers Trounce Celtics, Game Seven Tomorrow Night

The Celtics were never in this one last night, as the Lakers had more energy, more hustle, more everything, in an 89-67 rout of Boston in game six. The Lakers defense smothered the Celtics all night long, holding them to 33% shooting on the night, and they dominated the boards by a margin of 52-39.

To make matters worse, it sure appears that Kendrick Perkins will be out for game seven, as the Celtics center suffered a knee injury that forced him out of the game. – Get the entire picture from last night here.

It was a no-show job – Bob Ryan says that the ugly score fully represents the nature of this game.

Celtics left to put back the pieces for Game 7 – Paul Flannery has the Celtics in a familiar spot last night, and says that it will be up to Rajon Rondo to lead this team in game seven.

Tough road for Celtics – Steve Bulpett says that, as usual, the Celtics will need to do things the hard way.

Celtics’ troubles just multiplied – Peter May says that Lakers fans called it early last night when they chanted “Boston Sucks.”

What’s up for Game 7, Doc? – Gary Washburn wonders what adjustments Doc Rivers can make for Thursday night.

Can Celts draw inspiration from injury? – Chris Forsberg wonders if the Celtics can use Perkins’ absence as motivation tomorrow night.

As in Game Six, there will be no secrets in Game Seven – Rich Levine says that like last night, the Celtics know exactly what they need to do for game seven.

Perkins injures right knee; status unknown – The Globe notebook updates us on the condition of Perkins.

Draft sneaks up on distracted Rivers – Yeah, the draft is just a week away.

Expect a classic in Game 7 of Celtics-Lakers – Adrian Wojnarowski says tomorrow night’s game will turn this series into an epic.

Red Sox

Clay Buchholz picked up his ninth win to continue his strong season, as the Red Sox beat the Diamondbacks 6-3 at Fenway Park last night. Buchholz is quietly 9-4 with a 2.67 ERA on the season.

Buchholz, Sox good enough – Amalie Benjamin reports from a Celtics-influenced Fenway Park. To avoid a repeat, the Red Sox have changed the start time of Thursday’s game.

David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia start to roll – John Tomase has two key members of the Red Sox lineup coming alive.

Red Sox lineup continues to outpace expectations – Alex Speier looks at the surprising Red Sox offense.

Felix Doubront’s name comes up – Michael Silverman’s notebook has the 22-year-old lefty expected to take Daisuke Matsuzaka’s spot in the rotation for Friday.

The most interesting Red Sox draftee – DJ Bean is fascinated by fourth-round pick Garin Cecchini.


Patriots quietly moving on – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots lining up Nick Kaczur in Logan Mankins spot, and not making any comments on the guard’s comments.

Old college try by Warren – Shalise Manza Young has Ty Warren finishing up his degree this offseason.

Wilfork focuses on getting ready, not contracts – Mark Farinella has Vince Wilfork, new contract in hand, focused on preparation, not the contracts of his teammates.

Bill Belichick won’t ‘get into’ Logan Mankins issue – Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots coach not commenting on Mankins.

Cam Neely moves in as Bruins prez – Stephen Harris looks at what this move means for Neely and the Bruins.

Afternoon One-liners

A hockey source just confirmed it: Cam Neely to be named President of the Boston Bruins tomorrow at TD Garden. More at in a bitTue Jun 15 20:02:30 via UberTwitter

  • Glenn Ordway shared this pearl of wisdom with listeners today: It will be much harder for the Celtics to win tonight if they fall behind by 15 points early, than if they keep it close the whole game.
  • Bill Simmons will do another in-game chat on during tonight’s game.
  • As before, CSN’s Celtics Pregame Live will start at 7:30 tonight, and Post Game Line will be on immediately after the game.