I’ll try to keep the more painful and annoying pieces away from you…and believe me, there’s a lot out there.

These Celtics deserve our respect and affection – Tom E Curran says that you should not be crushed, crestfallen or irritated with this Celtics team.

Rivers’ faith in Celtics never wavered – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics coach nearly willing his team to the title.

Is this the end for these Celtics? – Paul Flannery looks at the uncertainty going forward.

Rasheed Wallace valiant in possible NBA finale – Steve Bulpett has Wallace potentially riding off into the sunset after last night. (Which would actually be a great thing for the Celtics.)

Celtics’ surprising run through the NBA playoffs ends one win short – Jim Fenton has a potentially great and satisfying championship slipping away from the Celtics.

What comes next anyone’s guess – Julian Benbow looks at what’s ahead.

Garnett takes loss hard, says teammates are ‘brothers for life’ – Kevin McNamara hs KG reflecting on the game, season and team afterwards.

Even in absence of final title, these Celtics were worth it – Tony Massarotti? Yeah.

There’s not much else out there on the Celtics that won’t make your stomach turn.

This time, ‘baseball guy’ gets to enjoy the pitch – Chad Finn’s media column talks to Dave O’Brien about the World Cup, and has WEEI vs. 98.5 ratings numbers. Felger and Massarotti beat The Big Show in the coveted 25-54 males audience, and Toucher and Rich beat Dennis and Callahan in the 18-49 males demographic (Though D&C beat them in the 25-54 dem0.)

That’s a bit of good news this morning, no?

No debate: Manny is one of a kind – Gordon Edes has the best article on Manny Ramirez’s return to Boston this weekend. It’s got both sides of the issue, without being nasty.

Reddick still seen as not quite ready – Peter Abraham files a solid Red Sox minor league notebook.

He seems to fit the bill – Shalise Manza Young says that Bill O’Brien sure seems to fit the role of offensive coordinator.

Pats have plenty of help until Welker ready to go – Robert Lee with a good look at the wide receiver position, and comments from position coach Chad O’Shea.


5 thoughts on “Postmortem Links

  1. Bruce, unfortunately having T&R and F&M winning in the ratings does not really pick me up. I am glad that T&R is starting to defeat D&C in the numbers, but it has nothing to do with talent. T&R is just the lesser of two evils. As far as F&M goes, they might as well call the show, "The Big Show With Felger and Mazz". You can't separate the two. Felger, in my opinion, does not believe half of what he says. He just wants to get a rise out of listeners. Mazz is the robot who says the same thing over and over. "You're right Mike." He still feels that fans are beneath him and do not have an ounce of the knowledge he has. He is dreadful. The one ounce of good news is that DA is possibly starting to make inroads on the dreadful "Planet Mikey" show. Although, it is tempered with the fact Bruins playoff numbers are included. Finally, it is just amazing how much better D&H is compared to G&Z. Andy Gresh may have passed Gary Tanguay as the worst BSM personality in the region. Words can't describe how bad he has become. WBZ is going to have to make drastic changes from 10-2 if they want to make any headway on D&H.

    P.S. One thing that has definitely picked me up is Ann Allred and Dylan Dreyer look absolutely stunning today. It is almost as if both ladies realized that there were going to be many down male Celtic fans and they have done their level best to pick them up. Well done ladies.


  2. Bruce — I hear you on the “not much else out there”, but what was so bad about Bob Ryan’s column today?


  3. I know this has nothing to do with the BSM but I have to mention this. While talking about the ovations Tiger Woods has received during the U.S. Open, Rick Reilly dropped this bomb, "Golf fans are the easiest people in the world to please. If Osama Bin Laden was standing over a put on 18 the crowd would yell, "make a birdie."" There was five seconds of dead silence before Scott Van Pelt asked Reilly who he thought would win. This brings up the musical question, why do sports media or personalities believe that using Bin Laden, Hitler or natural disasters in describing a topic will cause those on the other end to chuckle? It is amazing that these people do not have an automatic filter in their brain that prevents the use of terrorists, mass murderers or natural disasters in descriptions of sports.

    In a BSM topic. I caught about five minutes of Ted Sirandis' show. Ted is still living the 70's. He said the Celtics should keep everybody on this years team while picking up a couple of free agents and getting a good draft pick. Ted has forgotten that there is a salary cap which will prevent the Celtics from getting a free agent let alone more than one. As far as the draft goes, once you are past the top five picks your chances of getting a talented draft choice go down considerably. I wonder who Ted thinks the Celtics will get in the seventh round?


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