The Red Sox begin a six game road trip in Colorado and San Francisco tonight as they face the Rockies.

John Tomase looks at the recent seven week stretch that saved the Red Sox season, and has five reasons why they’ve become the hottest team in baseball. Jeff Goldberg has a quick note about why the Red Sox have Randy Winn to thank for their hot streak. Gordon Edes has 10 reasons why you should believe in the Red Sox. Maureen Mullen has the Sox looking to take their winning streak on the road.

Peter Abraham has a frustrated Mike Cameron hoping to be able to show Boston what he is capable of. Mike Fine has more on Cameron, who doesn’t want to talk about his injury any more. Brian MacPherson notes that the fill-ins in the Red Sox outfield this season have come up big.

Rob Bradford notes that at one time Victor Martinez wanted to quit hitting right-handed, but is now on a historic pace against lefties.

David Willis has a look at Red Sox draftee Bryce Brentz’s debut with the Lowell Spinners on opening night.

Abraham’s notebook has several Red Sox looking forward to a return to Coors Field, where they clinched the 2007 World Series. Tomase’s notebook looks at some of the talented pitchers the Red Sox will be facing on this trip. MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal notes that the Red Sox could again have two All Stars in their starting rotation. Fine’s notebook has the Sox preparing to face Ubaldo Jimenez, who is an amazing 13-1 with a 1.15 ERA.

Gerry Callahan has a lot of hate for Manny Ramirez and Tiger Woods. Hmmm. I know he’s knocked Roger Clemens in the past, but I don’t think it’s been anything like this. I wonder why. Clemens is a combination of the worst of Ramirez and Tiger;  he’s a philandering steroid user, but Gerry harshest wrath is reserved for Manny and Tiger. Got it.


Mark Murphy has a look at what directions the Celtics might be looking at in the draft and free agency. Jessica Camerato gives us five Celtics storylines to watch this summer. Chris Forsberg says that the Celtics late season slide to fourth in the East might actually be a stroke of luck in the draft. Jim Fenton says that the Celtics need to have a better offseason than they did last summer.

Julian Benbow has Doc Rivers telling WEEI that he’s leaning one way, but not flat out saying which way that is. Peter May looks at why Rivers should stay, and what might happen if he leaves. (Mike Brown? Cmon.) Dan Duggan has Rivers still undecided. Teddy Panos says that a lack of urgency ultimately did in the Celtics this season.

Bob Ryan remembers Manute Bol the basketball player, and more importantly, the man.


Steve Conroy says that this might be the most important week of Peter Chiarelli’s career. Mike Loftus says that the Bruins have a lot of options heading into the draft. DJ Bean looks at what moves are out there for Chiarelli and the Bruins to make. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins win with either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, but they do have one guy they prefer over the other. James Murphy thinks  that defenseman Jarred Tinordi could be an immediate contributor at pick #15. Fluto Shinzawa says that the Bruins aren’t revealing which player they prefer.

Stephen Harris has the Bruins set to make a stop in Northern Ireland during this fall’s exhibition season.

Ian R. Rapoport has five Patriots questions to ponder between now and the start of training camp. Jeff Howe talks with Patriots receivers coach Chad O’Shea.


9 thoughts on “Sox Heading Out On The Road, Look To Stay Hot

  1. Re. Callahan- why do you think he has such loathing for Manny and Tiger? Enlighten us- don't keep it to yourself…


    1. Bruce How does that article have a lot of "hate"? Manny is a creep and TIger is a phony and there is nothing in the article that we didn't already know. You think that Callahan took it easy on Clemens? How so? Check out these articles.
      Yeah, he really takes it easy on Roger.
      Bruce is playing the race card without saying that he is. That's pretty cowardly actually.


      1. ok, i will try to spell it out for you, and please let me preface my comments by saying this is in no way, shape or form as a result of Callahan's political preference. I fully endorse the belief that Callahan is a racist. Hopefully, that will not make me a coward in your eyes, but having read and listened to him for years, I have garnered that opinion. I don't believe he is malicious with intent in his racism, just playing up to many in his audience. But, in any fashion, it doesn't diminish the pathetic aspect of his mindset.


      2. Callahan is still on the radio and writing columns? Wow! How does he do that and play 72,000 holes of golf a week?


    1. Doc Rivers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mike Brown.

      I would take Doc Rivers over pretty much anyone at this time. That playoff run was amazing.


      1. But they should at least make it interesting. Mike Brown is a horrible coach. And I realize the same was said about Francona, Belichick and Rivers before they got here but Brown doesn't have the same intelligence or awareness as those guys.


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