The Bruins showed signs of life last night, going into Philadelphia and beating the Flyers 5-1. Marc Savard though, is likely done for the season with his grade 2 concussion.

We’ll go with 15 links this morning, as there’s a lot going on:

Sudden ending stirred this Cook – Chad Finn talks to Alice Cook about her release from Channel 4, after 25 years of service.

Ricciardi makes move from front office to studio – Bill Doyle talks to J.P. Ricciardi about his new gig working for ESPN, where he’ll be alongside Nomar Garciaparra on Baseball Tonight.

Ari Fleischer has work cut out for him with Tiger – Jim Donaldson with a look at the tall task facing the former presidential press secretary.

Fired-up Bruins show punch in win – Fluto Shinzawa says that a pregame meeting with GM Peter Chiarelli seems to have gotten the attention of the Bruins, at least for last night.

Bruins show fight against Flyers – Dan Rowinski has more on the win.

Magic, Bird were more than rivals – Howard Bryant says that the story of Magic and Bird, recently portrayed in a book and documentary, is incomplete without looking at the issue of race in 1980’s Boston.

Rivers may have to change ways – Chris Forsberg says that Doc Rivers despises change, but may have to make a few with his team.

John Lackey looks good in spring training start for Red Sox – Ron Chimelis says that the newest Red Sox pitcher looked pretty ace-like yesterday.

Beckett deserves big payday – Mike Fine says that the Red Sox don’t really have any choice to ante up and give Josh Beckett his new contract.

Healthy Delcarmen homed in – Bob Ryan has Manny Decarmen saying that he was injured last season, and it contributed to his struggles on the mound.

Lackey as right as rain – The Globe notebook picks up a few more Red Sox pieces.

The Patriot Way suits Neal and Faulk – Tom E. Curran has the two re-signed Patriots talking about why they want to play their whole careers for this franchise.

Kraft explains moves – Mark Farinella’s Patriots notebook has the team’s owner explaining the thinking of the club this offseason.

Curtis Martin, Terry Glenn Among Best Rookies in Patriots History – Jeff Howe lists out the top rookies in franchise history.

A shot at redemption – Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a preview of the Hockey East quarterfinal matchups.

Also see Chris Warner’s Q&A With Auburn RB Ben Tate on Patriots Daily.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will address graduates at the UMass-Lowell’s Commencement on Saturday, May 29 at 10 a.m. at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

Goodell also will accept a posthumous Doctor of Humane Letters degree for his father, the late U.S. Sen. Charles Goodell, a Republican who was elected to Congress in 1959 and appointed to the Senate following the assassination of U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. He established a solid record on issues such as civil rights, the war on poverty and education.

I haven’t been able to confirm this, but a poster on the Discussion Board says that WEEI is now broadcasting on WMKK 93.7 HD3. Could be a precursor to the long-rumored WEEI-to-FM move.

So long, Ben Watson, we’ll always have Denver, though his 63-yard catch-and-run tochdown against the Jaguars a week earlier might’ve been even more impressive.


9 thoughts on “Bruins Show Some Spark

  1. Ricciardi & Garciaparra. The lighting crew is going to have their hands full with the shadows from those noses.


  2. Howard Bryant writes about the racial aspect of the Bird-Magic HBO special. What a surprise! Talk about your one-trick pony.


    1. I saw the debut of the HBO special last weekend. It focused WAY too much on the racial aspects for my taste.

      I know it was always “out there,” but to me it was a side note, not a major aspect of it.

      HBO treats it like it was almost equally as important as the basketball rivalry.

      I’d like to believe that if Magic had come to Boston and Bird gone to L.A., the Celtics would have been just as popular here in the 80s as they were with Bird and the rest of that crew. I know I was in H.S. and college at the time and I loved The Chief and D.J., and even moody Cedric Maxwell as much as I loved Bird and the rest of the team. They were Boston’s NBA franchise and, at the time, most Americans still recognized them as the gold-standard for winning in professional sports, since the dynasty years were not nearly as far removed from the present as they are now.


      1. well, that’s the sports media for ya. It can’t just be about the games. It’s got to have a much “deeper meaning”…..OOOOOOOO…..I stand by what I’ve been saying all along. Many of these sports hacks wanted to go into “hard news” but they weren’t smart enough so they went into sportswriting. But they still try to write stories where people will think, “Wow, that’s really improtant and thought provoking”…..That’s why many of them are hung up on race and steroids. They’re still trying to be Woodward or Bernstein…


    2. Not sure what Howard Bryant is getting at since I thought the documentary focused quite a bit on the racial dynamic at the time. Then again, he did devote almost a whole chapter of his Red Sox book to the makeup of the Celtics of the 80s


      1. That whole thing about the C’s “makeup” in the 80s always ticked me off.

        It was purely coincidental that they had so many white guys in the 80s. Those were the best guys they could get at the time given where their draft picks were in the first round, given the salary cap, and given what players were available in trades.

        The fact that guys like Spike Lee called Red Auerbach, the most racially progressive GM in all of pro sports in the 50s and 60s, a racist during that time period simply proves that people really, really, really need to learn about history before they open their mouths.

        John Thompson’s kid took his entire Georgetown basketball team to Red’s wake in D.C. in 2006 out of respect for what Red did to advance the cause of integration in the NBA.

        Guys like Bryant, Lee, and those two morons from the NY Times who wrote that scandalous book about the “Selling of the Green”, which called the Celtics racist, should be forced to sit down and learn the actual history of the Celtics’ franchise.

        And let’s face it…..if Len Bias hadn’t been a fool and killed himself with cocaine, none of this crap spewed by guys like Bryant, Lee, et al, would have any “juice” at all. Bias would have converted ALL non-whites who hated the Celtics because of their racial makeup back then into fans….all of them.


  3. I find it hard to believe Alice Cook is 54.

    With her gone it leaves Mike Reiss as the lone rational person covering the Pats.


  4. I bought a $40 HD portable from Best Buy today partly so I could try to hear Sox at work this yr (WBOQ too weak on workroom floor; WEEI
    comes in but I need to use a mini FM transmitter to boost signal
    and even then it’s full of interference).

    I can tell you the rumor is true. On 93.7, the HD-1 is regular Mike, HD-2 is “Funkytown”, and while the display of the HD-3 simply says “WMKK-HD 3” it is definitely WEEI, and their facebook group said they would have Sox and Celts games as part of it. Celts indeed were on. I still had a bit of trouble at work picking up the HD signal (even though I’m 5 miles from
    the antenna) but, that’s my workplace. It did come in, in our
    “breakroom”. In homes, on the go, etc. it should be OK. In my own home, it was.

    I’d be happy with Mike (reg signal) just simulcasting Sox games, let alone
    WEEI going there in full.

    btw: at my home in Beverly even the WEEI translator at 96.3 was coming in on the HD unit (not an HD signal, but the reg analog one at 96.3)–but I’m up high and near the water. My workplace is kinda like Homer Simpson’s nuclear power plant,
    only worse.


  5. Alice Cook is nice & competent enough, but I sure hope she doesn’t diminish herself by doing a ‘Mike Maklin’ and launching some ‘age/gender discrimination’ lawsuit. Invariably this is the only bullet media hacks have in their gun, and they use it often…regardless of whether there is any real merit to the charge. Anyone seen or heard from Mike Maklin? I rest my case.


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