In a minor surprise, (at least to me) Peter Gammons and Will McDonough are currently the leaders in the All Time Boston Sports Columnists  poll, which was posted on Monday.

I had originally not planned on including either one, as they are mostly associated with a single sport, (Gammons on Baseball, McDonough on Football, though he did do a general sports column in the latter part of his career.) but I guess you could say the same about many on the list. Bob Ryan is probably thought of as a basketball writer, etc.

However, it seems that the majority doesn’t agree. While I’ll say that Peter Gammons is right up there among the best (if not THE best) baseball writers in history, and that McDonough was the best football reporter ever, it appears that many are comfortable placing them among the best sports columnists as well.

4 thoughts on “Gammons, McDonough Lead in Columnists Poll

  1. of course I guess you have to wonder how many people who visit this site actually ever read Montville, Fitzgerald, Horgan and the rest of the old timers. …(although McDonough has been gone for awhile)


    1. But isn’t uninformed, but hotly held, opinion the lifeblood of all sports (and media) discussions?


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