• RT via @Jeffrey_Donovan: Will be at the Fenway Park Friday night throwing out first pitch. So honored. Can't wait!!! #
  • RT via @nyp_joelsherman My latest SI.com piece http://bit.ly/WZAWn #Red Sox Tim Wakefield's long/steady climb to Red Sox Nation immortality #
  • From the WHY? category: FOX Sports To Carry Ramirez’ First At-Bat Live Nationally on Sat – http://tr.im/qwgc #
  • Michael Sweetney and Robert Swift to play for Celtics summer league team: http://tr.im/qw2E #
  • Sources say Celtics GM Danny Ainge and Leo Papile showed up on Rasheed Wallace’s doorstep just after midnight Wednesday http://tr.im/qvQU #
  • Red Sox Game 77 (@BAL, 11-10 L) Reloaded by Jon Couture: http://tr.im/qur3 (Passive-Agressive Pet Peeve included) #
  • Fenway Pastoral examines the um, creative, ways that the local papers have tried to make headlines from Brad Penny's name: http://tr.im/qsLV #

5 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-07-01

  1. Jeffrey Donovan? Throwing out the first pitch? Who the hell is he?

    Bob Stanley should be throwing out the first pitch, to mark Papelbon’s recent milestone and to celebrate his own terrific career.


    1. Jeffrey Donovan is an Amesbury native and the star of Burn Notice, a show we recently had a giveaway contest here on BSMW for.

      Bob Stanley isn’t a bad idea, though.


      1. Yeah, I confess I did Google him afterward. Couldn’t help the snark, though.

        Any other night . . .


  2. The HR Stanley gave up to Reggie Jackson in the ’78 playoff game was an absolute bomb and seems to be forgotten.

    He did, however, have an honorable career and reached into his own pocket when fellow players stiffed clubhouse personnel on playoff shares in ’86.


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