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The Red Sox were off last night, which usually means a little bit of reflection by the local media on the state of the ballclub.

Gerry Callahan says that the time has come to put Papi out of his misery. He reasons that yes, it will be tough to see him go, but it’s going to be even tougher to see him continue to struggle the way he has.

Adam Kilgore notes that the performance of the Sox thus far this season has been uneven, but that the results are OK for now. Michael Silverman wonders when Theo Epstein will move to address the DH and SS positions, and how long the Red Sox can continue to be successful with those two holes. A little more than a third of the way into the season, Daniel Barbarisi believes that the Red Sox best baseball is yet to come. Kirk Minihane cobbles together a Red Sox report card.

Steve Buckley has a mini-feature on Junichi Tazawa, the Japanese amateur star that the Red Sox signed over the winter. Unlike Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tazawa is getting the chance to adjust to America and baseball here by playing in the minors, where he is doing very well. It’s been almost a year since Manny Ramirez hit his 500th home run, and a lot has changed since then. Rob Bradford talks to the man who caught Manny’s homer, who still feels a connection with Ramirez. Sean McAdam makes some observations from around MLB.

Jon Couture examines how New Bedford has really embraced their Bay Sox. Joe Haggerty has Clay Buchholz still waiting in the wings for the Red Sox. Dan Lamothe and Sox & Dawgs look at a poll which shows that there are more Yankees fans in Connecticut than Red Sox fans.

Kilgore’s notebook has Jon Lester talking about pitching with a target on his back. Silverman’s notebook has Matsuzaka unable to dance out of trouble this season. Bradford says that Dice-K has no regrets about playing in the World Baseball Classic this spring.


Bob Ryan looks at where it went wrong for LeBron James and the Cavaliers against the Magic. Bill Burt asserts that we’ll be seeing LeBron in a Knicks uniform in two years. Lenny Megliola says that the Lakers are going to roll all over the Magic. Bill Reynolds thinks that the NBA finals will still be a pretty good show, even without LeBron.

Robert Lee has Stephon Marbury hoping that his experience with the Celtics will show other teams that he can still play and be a positive influence on a team.


The Patriots have another OTA session open to the media today.

Chris Warner on Patriots Daily offers a few thoughts on how the offseason is shaping up.

Christopher Price says that Patriots fans should appreciate what the Detroit Red Wings have been able to do. Jeff Howe has Laurence Maroney talking about what a huge fan of Fred Taylor he is. Michael Felger says that the Patriots and their fans are going to need to be patient with Tom Brady, because he’s not likely to be TOM BRADY right from the start.

Karen Guregian and Christopher L. Gasper have Tom Brady praising the doctor who performed his knee surgery. Guregian also scoops Gasper by reporting that the Patriots will set up a conference call tomorrow for Rodney Harrison, who is expected to announce his retirement. Gasper says only that June 1st has passed and that we might hear something by the end of the week.


Kevin Paul Dupont admires the icy efficiency of the Red Wings.

Stan Grossfeld has a feature on a deaf Arena Football League player.

Ron Chimelis reports on a special DVD chronicling the 100 years of UMass basketball that will be shown at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield.

Michael Whitmer reports that Phil Mickelson may play in the US Open.

Teddy Panos offers a few thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Off-Day Reflections

    1. The more misery in media-Land the more likely it is that some of our hated sports media hacks will feel the pain one way or the other. It is easy for Callahan to sit comfortably behind a microphone and type away like a gorilla on a laptop because he doesn’t have to ‘face’ Mr. ‘stick-a-fork-in-him.’ We call people like Callahan ‘yellow cowards’ for good reason.


    2. Possibly when he hits a hole in one in Augusta, Jack Bauer hangs out with him for a day and our commie president is replaced by some awful country singer. Then and only then will the receding hairline side of the Putt Putt Twins be sated.

      (I’m not sure what would make Dennis happy: A buffet at McDonalds? Five minutes with Ryan Russillo?)


  1. callahan might be the last person writing for newspaper in america that doesn’t have his email listed in the paper or online.


  2. If Ortiz does turn it around, look for Callahan to say it was the, “Stick a Fork in Him” column that gave Oriz the “motivation” he needed……


  3. David Ortiz does not deserve a headline like that, regardless of his hitting struggles.

    It is insensitive, and grossly unfair to the man and his body of work with the Red Sox.


  4. Insensitive, sure but true. Papi is a 37year old man, his feelings shouldn’t be hurt by a column and I’m sure they weren’t. It’s the ‘fans’ that lose their cool over a headline. If he was in NY, it’d be 110% worse.


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