Karen Guregian had mentioned this morning that the Patriots would be setting up a conference call for Rodney Harrison tomorrow, where the hard-hitting safety would announce his plans for the future.

Meanwhile, NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol will make NFL talent announcements on a media conference call tomorrow at Noon ET. It has been announced that the commentators will also be on the call.

The two events would seem to dovetail nicely, with Harrison announcing his retirement as a player, and moving into a commentary role on television.

There’s also a small chance Harrison could end up on the NFL Network (where his former teammate Ty Law has been spotted in recent days), but NBC seems more likely, where Harrison could replace Jerome Bettis, who is reportedly out at the network.

Harrison worked for NBC on their Super Bowl coverage this season, and showed a lot of promise. Neil Best is ready to bet his kids college fund that Harrison and Tony Dungy will be introduced by Ebersol tomorrow.  

Mike Reiss  also touched on the topic in his blog today.


4 thoughts on “Rodney Harrison Likely Heading to NBC

  1. I think Rodney will do well. He’s blunt and to the point without being a hysterical screaming ninny. At least he was when I saw him on the NFL Network….hopefully he won’t change now that he’s going fulltime and to one of the “Major” networks…..got to be better than Bettis who was a snooze. He should be better than Tiki Barber too. Barber is as BLAND as they come.


  2. I hope he never rips into a star for testing positive for performance enhancers. Overall, I think he’ll do well in this role as long as he avoids childish comments such as just before this past SB when he said, “unlike last year, the better team will prevail, Im taking the Steelers…”


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