3 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-06-01

  1. “PatsFans rates the best and worst media covering the New England Patriots”

    Worthy of BSMW?

    Judging by the comments on that thread, quality is measured in loyalty.


  2. I’m voting “not worthy”.

    But I would disagree with your other point as far as loyalty, Dan. I stopped reading when Deus Irae launched into another paean to Chris Mortenson, the most corrupt journalist working in any genre.

    Writing Mike Reiss off as a toady is as offensive as you can get. I hear that a lot from certain quarters, yet have never seen a link that provided any evidence to this claim. It’s a myth born by Reiss’s stubborn refusal to adopt a Felger-like look-at-me style.


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