First the good news – the Matt Cassel was pretty much unstoppable once again as the Patriots moved the ball at will against the Miami defense yesterday, throwing for over 400 yards for the second game in a row, connecting with Randy Moss for three touchdown passes and running for another in the Patriots 48-28 win over the Dolphins, extracting a measure of payback for the loss earlier in the season to Miami. The bad news is, every other team that Patriots fans wanted to lose yesterday for playoff positioning won, (Jets, Colts, Ravens) meaning that if the playoffs started today, New England would still be on the outside looking in.

Chris Warner has the game recap up over at Patriots Daily.

Chris Price cranks out the 10 Things We Learned Yesterday.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots gaining a vengeful victory over the Dolphins to keep pace in the AFC playoff picture. Karen Guregian has the Patriots making the playoff possibilities a little brighter for themselves with the win yesterday. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots making a statement with their play yesterday. Rich Garven has the Patriots racking up 530 yards of offense in the win. Rob Bradford says that the Patriots may pay a price for their feisty Fourth quarter.

Everyone who thought Dan Shaughnessy would sneak a Wally Pipp reference into his column today, raise your hand. The good news is, Shaughnessy says that this won’t be a Pipp situation, but still writes as glowing a column about player as you’ll ever read from Dan. Ron Borges is equally impressed with Cassel. Bill Burt says that Cassel is becoming one of the greatest stories ever in the NFL. Jim Donaldson has Cassel finding his comfort zone…and the end zone.

Michael Felger looks at the return of the most dangerous weapon in the NFL. John Tomase has Randy Moss with a monster day after the Dolphins coaches decided to go with single coverage on him for much of the day. Garven has Moss proving to be the top receiver that he is with his play yesterday. Donaldson has Moss proving to be double trouble for the Dolphins.

Brian MacPherson has Kevin Faulk once again kick-starting the Patriots offense. Chris Forsberg has Wes Welker bouncing back from a nasty hit to post 120 receiving yards on the day. Donaldson marvels how Welker takes a licking and keeps on ticking afterwards. Young has Jabar Gaffney with a productive day as well.

Mike Reiss has defensive coordinator Dean Pees calling the game from upstairs yesterday, so as to get a better look at the Miami formations and be better prepared for the “wildcat.” Cristina Ledra has more on how the Patriots slowed down the Wildcat yesterday. Tomase has the Patriots defense just good enough to get by yesterday. Larry Milian has the Dolphins down after the loss.

Young has Joey Porter still talking yesterday, this time about how the Patriots cheated and stole “his” dynasty and that he would be the one with three championship rings if the Patriots hadn’t cheated.

Hector Longo runs through the ups and downs from yesterday and has the early grades for the squad. Borges lists out the best & worst from yesterday. Milan’s Play of the Game was Welker’s 64 yard scamper down the sideline on a shot pass from Cassel. The Projo has their Game analysis program fired up.

Gasper’s notebook has things turning nasty between the two teams yesterday. Guregian’s notebook  has Matt Light facing a possible suspension after a fight with Miami’s Channing Crowder. Young’s notebook has the Wildcat tamed by the Patriots.


Frank Dell’Apa and Mark Murphy have Rajon Rondo leading the Celtics to a 118-103 victory over the Toronto Raptors yesterday afternoon. Tim Weisberg has opponents unhappy with the Celtics style of play, and looks at the possibility of Robert Horry joining the Celtics.

The Globe notebook has the Celtics losing out on Antonio McDyess after the veteran forward opted to return to Detroit. Murphy’s notebook has Kendrick Perkins in dangerous waters after picking up his eighth technical foul in fifteen games thus far this season.

Bruins/Red Sox/Misc

Sean McAdam has Milan Lucic adding to his game this season. Fluto Shinzawa revisits the Boston/Montreal flareup on Saturday night. Joe Haggerty has Lucic keeping his gloves on despite provocation.

Michael Silverman has the Red Sox making an offer to Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa.

Will Leitch and Paul Flannery rehash last week in Boston sports.


5 thoughts on “Cassel, Moss Lead Pats Over Dolphins

  1. Matt Cassell, another QB who’s looks good thanks to Randy Moss. Let’s not forget what Matt looks like in games where he does not get the ball to Randy.

    Brady > Cassell and everyone had better remember that.


  2. I don’t know whose continued whining amuses me more this morning: Joey Porter’s imaginary “dynasty” or les Habitents obsession with Luccic not engaging Laraque in fisticuffmanship.
    Hilarious on both ends.


  3. I made it about 4 sentences into Felger’s column, when I got to THIS line I stopped reading >>>>

    “Moss went after balls in the air with a renewed vigor”

    “RENEWED VIGOR”???….Felger is the kind of simpleton who thinks if Moss doesn’t have 125 yards and 3 touchdowns EVERY GAME then by God HE MUST BE LOAFING!!!….I just can’t stomach Felger anymore. I knew I shouldn’t have even bothered.


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