If you missed it, Scott Benson on Patriots Daily yesterday had an Exit Interview with Douglas Flynn, who had his position with the MetroWest Daily News eliminated by parent company Gatehouse Media recently.

In the interview, Flynn talks about covering the Patriots, the state of the newspaper industry, what he would do if he could be “media czar” for a day, and what the future holds for him.

I agree with the closing statement from Benson that we need more sportswriters like Flynn, not less.


10 thoughts on “So Long, Douglas Flynn

  1. That really is sad, isnt it? Here’s an obviously talented, intelligent and well educated member of the media who can actually uplift a reader, make him or her think, and he’s forced out of the business while soap opera actors, broadcast school grads and barely literate hacks from UMass rule the sports media world.

    There is truly no room for a Douglas Flynn in a world where Lenny Clarke is a comedy king and Larry Johnson is an “artist”. Nicholas Kristof is always writing about the “war on brains”. Well, in the sports media, the war is over. The capitulation is total. Stupidity is victorious on all fronts. Mike Adams is the captain of the U.S.S. Missouri.


  2. Mike Adams? The Planet Mikey guy? Remember that time he locked himself in the studio and wouldn’t come out until they gave him the job? That was frickin’ classic!!! And I know what you mean about the war on brains. That’s why I like listening to his show. I always feel like I learn something.


  3. One more usless jock sniffer bites the dust … time to get a real job, if you can find one.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy but sportswriters are a dime a dozen with most willing to work for low wages to see their heroes in the buff.


    1. And to think that hacks like Shaughnessy, Borges, Callahan, Massarotti, Tomase, etc…are still gainfully employed…And you wonder why newspapers are bleeding to death?


  4. I realize the newspaper business, as with everything else is in our economy, is suffering — but why would the MetroWest let “the best of the best” go? I enjoyed reading Doug Flynn’s coverage of the Patriots and looked forward to his stories every week. He will be missed! WE can only hope that he will be covering the PATS for another newspaper SOON!


  5. davey, if you have such a low opinion of us media types, why bother coming on here – a Boston sports media website (actually, THE Boston sports media website) – to post your opinion at all?

    as for the ‘real job’ comment, try handling a sports writer’s workload for a week and you’ll find out just how real a job it is.


    1. Not going to happen, Chris – Davey can’t tear himself away from stalking this web site 24/7 in his never ending quest to be the biggest asshole in New England.

      Davey should let us know the next time he graduates Brown with two degrees. Considering that his tired, repetitive material consists of nothing but ‘homo’ jokes, I’m guessing his walls aren’t exactly lined with sheepskin.


  6. E-T Chris, I’m convinced whenever someone posts a comment like davey’s it’s been marinating in envy for quite some time.

    On a more serious note, it feels like almost all sports media is going to be internet-driven within the next five years. The newspaper industry is dying (at least in the print format) and radio isn’t far behind.


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