Conducting a little experiment with Scott Benson’s afternoon post (Note The Absence Of A Fat Lady Singing) on Patriots Daily.

If you’re able to, could you take a moment go over here and go over here and Digg the post? Basically, you’re just recommending that others check it out.

I’m interested to see what impact this would have, if any on traffic levels over there.

Thanks for your help…


2 thoughts on “DIGG Experiment for Patriots Daily

  1. If you have never used DIGG before you will need to register.

    For those of you who don’t have a username, it’s really easy and quick.



  2. Awesome. The Patriots blog is now inundated with comments from the Hateriot Nation. Dissenting opinions is one thing, colossal idiocy is another.

    I feel like I’m reading the Herald.


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