If you’re listening to WEEI this afternoon, apparently there is a technical problem which does not allow them to play commercials at the moment.

They can still take phone calls from listeners.

The running joke from Glenn Ordway is that WEEI has turned into PBS and will be opening up the lines for donations soon.

Update: At 4:00pm, the commercials returned…

2 thoughts on “WEEI Commercial Free (for now)

  1. You sort of miss the commercials after a while. They’re like little oases, tiny reprieve from the mindlessness of these fat fools.

    Seriously, I’d rather listen to John Shibley’s “Biggest No-Brainer” ads for four hours than these guys. Unfortunately, I have no choice. The boss listens to what he wants … he also happens to be Dad-in-Law.

    Oh, cruel fate!


  2. WRKO was fakakta as well. Chump line went on at 4pm. i was listening on the Worcester affiliate and he was trying to explain the issue. Basically said that calls were still being taken during commercials on the affiliates.


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