After an emotional pregame ceremony that included the Celtics getting their Championship rings, and with Banner 17 being raised to the rafters, the Celtics were a little spent in the first half of the actual game against the Cavs. They refocused at halftime, and Paul Pierce led the way with 27 points as the Celtics came back and beat Cleveland 90-85.

Mike Fine has the Celtics taking their time, but finally finding their game and beating the Cavs. Frank Dell’Apa has the details from the Garden. Jeff Howe has the Celtics opening the defense of their title with a win. Paul Doyle has Pierce and the Celtics picking up where they left off. Mark Murphy has Pierce able to put his game face back on with remarkable ease. Robert Lee has the C’s handling their business last night. Scott Souza has the Celtics taking a slugfest from the Cavs. Bill Doyle has the Celtics dropping the Cavs after raising banner 17.

Bob Ryan wasn’t impressed with Pierce’s “rambling, embarrassing, self-indulgent speech” to the crowd before the game, but says that since the Captain scored 27 points and the team won, he will be forgiven. Thanks Bob. Paul owes you one. Bill Burt says that this night was all about Paul Pierce. Jessica Camerato has Donnie Wahlberg bringing out another side of Pierce. Lenny Megliola has more on the emotional night for Pierce. Paul Flannery says that the tears said it all for Pierce.

Steve Bulpett has the Celtics getting their title defense off to a slow start last night before turning it on. Tim Weisberg says last night was a celebration worthy of the Celtics. Daniel Barbarisi has the fans getting a big rise out the ceremonies last night.

Marc J. Spears says that the Celtics might miss P.J. Brown more than James Posey, and still might try to do all they can to bring the big man out of retirement for another midseason run. Camerato has another big man, David Robinson in the house to support his ex-teammate Doc Rivers. She also talks to Scot Pollard about his ring and his NBA future.

Ryan also gives a history lesson this morning, saying that these Celtics are good enough to win another title, and need to win another title to preserve their place in Celtics and NBA lore. Howe says that last season is now in the rearview mirror for the Celtics. Flannery explains What It All Means for Boston and the Celtics.

Steve Buckley says that last night’s production was spot-on perfect. Barbara Matson looks at the atmosphere at the Garden last night.  Mike Petraglia provides the sounds of the game. Barbarisi has Commissioner David Stern getting booed even during the ring ceremony last night. Buckley talks to Leon Powe about the final hoop of the game. Ron Borges has Tony Allen giving fans some hope with his fourth quarter play. Lee has Rajon Rondo full of confidence this season.

Ron Borges has the Cavs sitting out last night’s ceremonies. Matson has the Cavs cold shooting doing them in last night. Bulpett has Delonte West getting his life together.

Dell’Apa’s notebook has a look at Danny Ainge’s promotion to Celtics President. Jim Fenton’s notebook has the Celtics bench making an impact in this one. Murphy’s notebook also addresses Ainge’s new deal and whether he’ll turn out to be a NBA “lifer” after all. Souza’s notebook and Doyle’s notebook have more on Ainge being rewarded for the championship.


Tim Thomas and the Bruins recorded their second straight 1-0 win on their road trip last night with a win in Vancouver. Stephen Harris and Kevin Paul Dupont have the details on Thomas’ back to back shutouts for the Bruins.

Dupont’s notebook has Milan Lucic returning to his native area last night, while Harris’ notebook has the city giving Lucic a warm welcome back.


On Patriots Daily, guest poster Kevin Henkin says that the Patriots need to steal Condoleeza Rice away before the 49ers can get her.

Mike Reiss and Shalise Manza Young report on Vince Wilfork being called to the commissioner’s office to answer for a hit on Denver’s Jay Cutler. The incident could result in a one-game suspension for Wilfork. John Tomase says that the Patriots are still wary of the struggling Colts. Sarah Green says that Patriots/Colts has lost a little something. Christopher Price has Bill Belichick talking about Matt Cassel’s improvement.

Kerry J. Byrne says that the Patriots are second-to-none in big games.

Reiss’ notebook has Sammy Morris saying that his injury is not season ending. Tomase’s notebook has more on Wilfork’s meeting with the commish.

Jon Couture and Amalie Benjamin have Fort Myers making a move to ensure the Red Sox keep their spring training site there.


5 thoughts on “Pierce Tears Up, Then Tears Down Cavs

  1. As much as I like Bob Ryan, he does every once in a while make an insane comment. This isn’t up there with joining the anti-Belichik bandwagon last year or talking about how he’d love to slap to Jason Kidd’s ALREADY ABUSED wife, but it’s close. Paul Pierce is not a public speaker.


  2. I didn’t speak to anyone in my section last night who didn’t find Pierce’s speech bizarre. It certainly did nothing to put a damper on what was a great pregame ceremony but it was just really strange.


  3. Interestingly (or not), the Bruins do not play in California this year. All three California teams come to Boston instead. Also, no games west of the Mississippi after Calgary on Thursday and no games further west than Columbus after we play the Blackhawks early next month. Every away game is on this side of the country.


  4. Ever since Bob Ryan started to appear on ESPN and got his own show (what’s it called again?..”Bob Ryan’s PTI Ripoff Show”?) He has become nothing more than another self-important Blowhard. It was a harmless speech,certainly not worth a column. Ryan has soldout, he’s become one of the, “LOOK AT ME!…”LOOK AT ME!” crowd.


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