Coming off back-to-back 1-0 wins on their road trip, the Bruins fell last night in Calgary 3-2 to the Flames. Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins falling short in the final game of the road trip. Stephen Harris has the Bruins unable to erase a bad first two periods.

Dupont’s notebook has Bruins center Stephane Yelle returning to his professional home of five years in Calgary. Harris’ notebook has the league considering a ban on all hits to the head.

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Two more articles from Patriots Daily today, first in previewing this Sunday’s game with the Colts, Brit Schramm says The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be. Then, I’ve got a look at the Patriots Defense In Transition, as it is being remade right before our eyes.

Christopher Price has the Patriots not buying into Indy’s tales of woe. Christopher L. Gasper has a look at how Adalius Thomas figures to play a much larger role against the Colts this year. Shalise Manza Young says that Thomas will in fact likely be an important player in this game.  Ron Borges says that this game is about two hard-luck teams trying to show that they have some fight left. Jennifer Toland says that this Sunday night showdown lacks glamor. John Powers says that Peyton Manning has been subpar this season, just like the rest of the Colts.

Karen Guregian says that the Patriots need to pound the ball on the ground against the Colts.  Mark Farinella has Dallas Clark again a prominent figure in the Patriots preparations. Eric McHugh has Clark saying that the Patriots are going to miss Rodney Harrison. Jim Donaldson wonders how long the Patriots reserves can keep it going. Robert Lee has a piece on Richard Seymour and how it is hard to keep the big man off the field. McHugh says that Stephen Gostkowski‘s job is pretty secure.

Gasper’s notebook has Ellis Hobbs’ return to practice a welcome sight – for his kickoff returns as much as his cornerback play. Farinella’s notebook has Gostkowski and Jerod Mayo earning some recognition for their play last week. Guregian’s notebook has Randy Moss not appearing hurt at practice. The Projo notebook has the Colts gaining two and losing one at practice this week. Toland’s notebook has the Patriots looking to get some pressure on Peyton Manning.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell talks to Cris Collinsworth about whether Matt Cassel is ready for prime time this Sunday night, and also looks at the World Series ratings for FOX.  On the page for Sunday Night Football, I’m talking with Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis and Tiki Barber about the Colts/Patriots matchup.


Scott Souza has the Celtics trying to make a return to “normalcy” now that opening night is behind them. Steve Bulpett has the Celtics looking forward to starting the “regular” season. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics re-focusing on defense. Mike Fine says a maturing Leon Powe is a good block for the Celtics future. Dan Shaughnessy says that Paul Pierce now belongs with the greatest Celtics.

Bill Doyle has Comcast SportsNet putting together a new Celtics road show this year.

Red Sox

Amalie Benjamin has Jason Varitek filing for free agency yesterday.  Sean McAdam has the Red Sox expected to pick up Tim Wakefield’s option for another season. Tony Massarotti says that Scott Boras is going to bore us to death this offseason. Get it? Boras = Bore us….clever! Michael Silverman says that Red Sox/Rays is the new rivalry in town.

Boston College

Mark Blaudschun and Steve Conroy say that the Eagles need more from QB Chris Cane. Conroy’s notebook has BC suspending kicker Billy Bennett. The Globe notebook has BC and Clemson starting a new rivalry, complete with hardware.


4 thoughts on “Bruins Cooled Off By Flames

  1. You know what: as much as the Rays went out and earned every drop of respect they’ve been given over the past year, the man crush that the Boston sports media has on them needs to end now.

    Here are the facts:

    -They will never have a rivalry with the Red Sox even remotely as tense as the one with the Yankees. One team has contributed to 90 years of heartache. The other has 365 days.
    -The Red Sox – banged up and “old” as they are, stretched the ALCS to 7 games. They were 2 games out of the AL east title. This hardly leads me to believe that the Rays have lapped them for the foreseeable future.
    -If I was going to be jealous of any team in baseball right now, it would probably be the Phillies given that they just won the World Series. That is the point, right?

    Can we please wait and see how the Rays respond to this season before we crown them the best team in baseball for the foreseeable future? Thank you.


      1. I have never seen a baseball gm do so little with so much hype in my life. The guy gets a pass from the Boston Mediots because he’s loved by the oft-wrong Gammons, and he’s from New England.


  2. you guys are kidding, right?….you’re really saying the TAMPA BAY RAYS are getting to much “love” and too much publicity in these parts? It’s Red Sox 24/7 365 days a year around here. Of course I realize they are the local team but you get my drift. If some of the scribes are actually writing about another MLB team for a few columns it’s not going to kill anyone….(and this is coming from somebody who for the most part can’t stand the Boston media)


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