Thanks to six home runs by six different players, the Red Sox routed the Rays last night in Tampa, 13-5, and pulled into a virtual tie for first place in the AL East. Only percentage points keep the Rays in first place this morning.

Sean McAdam looks at the Sox breaking out the lumber in their chase of the Rays. Michael Silverman notes that despite the importance of last night’s game, there were still empty seats at Tropicana Field. Joe Haggerty has the Sox shellacking Rays ace Scott Kazmir last night. Jeff Goldberg has the Red Sox showing the young upstarts what a real first place team looks like. Paul Jarvey has things getting ugly for the Rays last night. Amalie Benjamin has the Sox bashing their way to first place.

Steve Buckley discusses the small crowds that the Rays continue to draw, even though they’ve been a contender all season for the first time. McAdam asserts that the Rays still haven’t established an identity for themselves down in Tampa. Nick Cafardo wonders if the clock is about to hit midnight for the Rays.

Rob Bradford has Mike Lowell playing through a tear of the labrum in his hip. Haggerty has the Sox starting pitchers putting them in good position for the postseason. Buckley has Josh Beckett not concerned whether he gets the call to start game one of a postseason series, saying that he just wants what is best for the team. Adam Kilgore has Jonathan Papelbon striking back at critics of his recent outings. He also has a blow-by-blow account of the six homers by the Sox.

Silverman has Sox coaches talking about former third case coach Dale Sveum getting the call to manage the Brewers yesterday.

Silverman’s notebook has Mike Lowell battling a partially torn hip labrum, looks a number of milestones being reached last night, and has a look at Jonathan Papelbon’s struggles as of late. McAdam’s notebook looks at milestones reached by Dice-K and Mile Timlin last night. Goldberg’s notebook has more on Lowell’s hip. Jarvey’s notebook has Terry Francona a fan of what the Rays have done this season. The Globe notebook says that surgery will likely be needed after the season for Lowell.


On Patriots Daily, Tyler Carter has High-percentage play calling and great execution as The Turning Point of Sunday’s game with the Jets.

It’s Tuesday, so it must means the battle of the Patriots Report Cards is on! Michael Felger gives out high grades all around, but has some criticism for Randy Moss, for no reason that I can see other than that he is Randy Moss. John Tomase also has plenty of praise, and only one grade as low as a “C.” Ian Clark also has just one “C” but for a different position.

Gerry Callahan says that the Brady-less Patriots are still a dangerous team that should have the rest of the NFL concerned. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots sending a message on Sunday and leaving no doubt about their ability. Karen Guregian has Randy Moss taking his leadership role with the team seriously, as shown by his work with Cassel. Douglas Flynn has the Patriots rediscovering an old formula on Sunday. David Brown says that it was like old times with the defense stepping up against the Jets.

Christopher L. Gasper says that special teams put Cassel in position to succeed on Sunday. Bill Reynolds says that big win or not, yesterday was just another day at the office for Bill Belichick. Glen Farley looks at the positive reviews for Matt Cassel’s performance on Sunday. Rich Thompson talks to Adalius Thomas about his monster sack of Brett Favre. Robert Lee has the running game getting into high gear for the Patriots on Sunday. Rich Garven notes that a division win on the road is worth savoring.

Guregian’s notebook has the Patriots cornerbacks looking impressive on Sunday. Lee’s notebook has Cassel staying in control on Sunday and managing the game just fine. Gasper’s notebook has Kevin O’Connell set to go should something happen to Cassel.

5 thoughts on “Sox Join Rays Atop AL East

  1. Did anyone else find it curious that in today’s “Patriot Notebook,” Chris Gaspar said the following:

    “Just a little bump and bruise, the guy caught me awkwardly in my stance. I’m fine,” said Cassel, during a contractually obligated appearance on WEEI yesterday morning.”

    Why would Gaspar go out of his way to say this was a “contractually obligated” appearance? I know about the sniping that takes place between Shaughnessy and Schill about his “paid” appearances, and the enmity of the Globe for all things ‘EEI.

    I confess I also thought that maybe Cassell was doing Tom a favor by appearing for him. I can’t imagine that Cassell has it in his contract to appear, so I suppose the “contractual obligation” is between the Pats and ‘EEI?

    Just seems so unlike Gaspar to throw something in there without cause. It did not elucidate anything for me.


    1. Yes, the contract is between the Patriots and EEI. Whoever the QB is has to appear. And John Dennis is contractually obligated to be a flaming ayhole. It helps that he is one so it’s easy work.


      1. Thanks. Still find it curious he would use that awkward phrase, as if to suggest that what Cassel said would be influenced because of his “contractual obligation,” or perhaps because it was a friendly forum, he was not interrogated in-depth on what was really going on with his knee.

        I mean, why not “on the Patriot quarterback’s weekly scheduled appearance on WEEI.”

        I suspect an editor’s pen inserted that phrase for no reason other than smarm. Thanks again!


  2. Speaking of flaming ayholes:

    Last Tuesday:

    Gerry Callahan says this morning that Belichick is 42-58 without Brady. Callahan is the latest to state that we’ll really see what Belichick is made of, now that Brady is out.

    This morning:

    Gerry Callahan says that the Brady-less Patriots are still a dangerous team that should have the rest of the NFL concerned.


  3. Callahan doesn’t just say that the Brady-less Pats are still a dangerous team, I think he says that they’re as dangerous as Sarah Palin with a moose in her gunsight, or as dangerous as Sarah Palin flying over a wolfpack with her rifle, or as dangerous as Sarah Palin telling Congress what to do with its bridge to nowhere, or as dangerous as Sarah Palin after an hour in her tanning bed, or as dangerous as Sarah Palin going all Tony Soprano on her ex-brother-in law, or as dangerous as Sarah Palin field dressing Baarack Obama or…or…Good god! The man’s dirty old jock stinks to the high heavens of his politics.


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