Ignoring the New York media who were proclaiming yesterday a day of retribution for the Jets, the Patriots went into Giants Stadium and put on a defensive show, while Matt Cassel managed the offense, beating the Jets 19-10.

Chris Warner has the game recap over at Patriots Daily.

Christopher Price serves up the Ten Things We Learned Yesterday.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots showing that they are still the team to beat in the AFC East. Karen Guregian says that it was a different recipe used by the Patriots yesterday, but it is still a formula that works. Shalise Manza Young says that this was a win for Belichick and the boys to savor. Mark Farinella says that the Patriots found themselves a “manager” yesterday. Paul Doyle has the Patriots defense ruling the day. Ian Clark has the Patriots managing just fine without Brady. Douglas Flynn has the Patriots still looking to make improvements. Rich Garven says that taking care of the ball was a big key to Cassel and the Patriots having success yesterday. David Brown has the disrespect card coming back into play for the Patriots. Eric McHugh has Cassel passing the test of his first NFL start.

Bob Ryan says that while last year was about kicking butt, this year is about doing what it takes to get the job done for the Patriots. Ron Borges has the Patriots refusing to beat themselves yesterday. Steve Buckley says that the Patriots are right where they want to be right now – underdogs. Jeff Jacobs says that yesterday one quarterback managed the game, while the other managed to lose it. Bill Burt has the Patriots going an old-fashion route to win yesterday.

Mike Reiss has Matt Cassel managing the game effectively yesterday – doing exactly what was required of him. John Tomase points out that Cassel is probably going to improve quit a bit between now and the end of the season. Donaldson says that Cassel believed in himself and that is all that mattered. Farinella says that Cassel simply did what was asked of him, and did it well. Flynn says that Cassel did well in his first starring role with the Patriots. Brown says that Cassel simply did what he had to in yesterday’s win. The Patriot Ledger says that Cassel didn’t have muscle like this backing him up in high school.

Dan Ventura has Kevin Faulk making a big impact in his return to action. Young has LaMont Jordan happy to contribute to a winner. Farinella looks at the play of the running backs, who punctuated the game for the Patriots. Michael Fensom has more on the ground game coming up big for the Patriots.

Joe Sullivan says that the result was a familiar one for the Jets, and he outlines five ways in which the outcome could’ve been different for New York. After saying yesterday that they would roll over the Patriots, Jim Donaldson says the Jets should be ashamed of themselves today. Donaldson adds that the Jets now know that the Patriots aren’t a one-man team. I hope Jim knows this now, too.

Chris Forsberg has the Patriots defense stepping to the forefront and getting the job done. Ventura has Stephen Gostkowski proving to be a weapon for the Patriots with his leg. Young has Gostkowski outstanding on both field goals and kickoffs yesterday. Farinella looks at the strong play by the defense and talks to Brandon Meriweather about his first NFL interception.

Buckley points out the best and the worst from yesterday. The Projo serves up some postgame analysis from both sides of the ball.

To check out the teeth-gnashing of Jets media, go to JetsLinks.com. As an added bonus I’ll even throw in Peter King and his Monday Morning QB column as an added bonus…

Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots getting a big boost from the leg of Stephen Gostkowski. Guregian’s notebook has Randy Moss leaving a message for the non-believers following the game. Farinella’s notebook has the Giants and Jets rejecting a naming rights proposal from an insurance firm involved with Hitler in Nazi Germany.  McHugh’s notebook has Lamont Jordan proving effective at killing the clock in his old stomping grounds.

Red Sox

Jon Lester once again pitched like a top of the rotation stud yesterday, outdueling Toronto ace Roy Halladay in the Red Sox 4-3 win over the Blue Jays yesterday. The Sox took three out of four from Toronto over the weekend, and now head to Tampa for a final showdown with the Rays for the AL East crown.

Get all the coverage at RedSoxLinks.com


4 thoughts on “Patriots Take Down St. Brett and the Jets

  1. Aside from the Division win, yesterday’s game probably served as a huge psychological boost to the team overall. I saw more smiles along the sideline at the end of the game yesterday than perhaps at any point along the way last year. There is something to be said for a ‘dirty/ugly’ win when you’re not supposed to win, as opposed to a blowout when that’s what people are expecting.


  2. As big a psychological lift that win was for the Pats, it was even better for the fan base. This season might not be a lost cause after all! Come off the ledge people…


    1. 100% agreed. 10-6 or 11-5 is imminently doable, with the schedule the Pats have. I think to expect better than that is silly, but getting into the Big Show–the Playoffs–is the goal. And 10-6/11-5 will likely do just that.


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