So there you have it.

As news that Tom Brady’s season is likely over many across the country were celebrating the perceived end of the Patriots season, and perhaps the dynasty.

So much for moving onto a new season with no drama and soap opera storylines.

My own thoughts are simply this: I’m devastated by the injury and the fact the Brady is probably done for the season. Once I accepted that, the season got interesting again. The Patriots will no longer be the top dogs where each week our biggest worry (beyond the already-happened Brady injury) is an upset by an opposing team trying to make their season. Last season was weird like that…it was hard to really enjoy the games, with all that was at stake each and every week.

There are several players on this Patriots team who seem to thrive on and relish in the role of the underdog. Well, the Patriots aren’t going to be the favorites any longer, each week is going to be a challenge, and it could even be fun seeing how they face the challenges of each week along the way. Watching to see who steps up this season will be interesting.

I’m a wild-eyed optimist by nature when it comes to my teams, and looking at the remaining talent on this team, I’m not counting anything out of the realm of possibility.  The Colts sure didn’t look like Super Bowl contenders last night, nor did the Chargers.

Chris Warner on Patriots Daily has wrapup on the game, which the Patriots did win, to extend their regular season winning streak to 20 games. Chris Price knocks out the 10 Things We Learned Yesterday.

Christopher L. Gasper looks at the costly opening day win for the Patriots. Christopher Price was struck by the silence in Gillette after Brady went down. Karen Guregian has the Patriots worst case scenario coming true yesterday. Ian Clark has a look at a win and a huge loss for the Patriots on opening day. Shalise Manza Young has the collective nightmare of Patriots nation becoming a reality yesterday. Paul Doyle has Matt Cassel leading the Patriots to victory in relief of the injured Tom Brady. Douglas Flynn says that Bill Belichick’s knowledge may be tested more than ever in the coming weeks. Chris Kennedy says that yesterday the Patriots greatest hopes collided with their worst fears. Hector Longo has Cassel delivering the goods for New England. Jennifer Toland has the Patriots persevering through the Brady injury. Mark Farinella says that now is the time for the philosophy of Bill Belichick to kick in…come to work, prepare each week, do your job. David Brown notes that the world did not come to an end as was expected with a Brady injury.

Bob Ryan says that injuries are a part of the game, and the Patriots recognize this. John Tomase asserts that the Patriots Super Bowl hopes are dead. Jim Donaldson agrees, arguing that the Patriots season could be over before it even began. Jeff Jacobs looks at whether Cassel has what it takes to lead the Patriots. Bill Burt is intrigued by what could happen this season, and seeing if the rest of the Patriots step up their game in Brady’s absence. Peter Gobis has the little things paying off for the Patriots here. Eric McHugh says that the defense is going to have to step up even more for the Patriots with Brady out. Ron Borges reminds us that Bill Belichick is “41-56 with any starting quarterback not named Tom Brady.” That is the kind of objective, hard hitting analysis brought him on board to bring…

Mike Reiss says that Matt Cassel did well in relief of Brady yesterday. Steve Buckley says that Cassel was good, but he still remains a mystery. Glen Farley looks at Cassel stepping in and leading the Patriots to the win. Buckley also looks at the Cassel/Moss touchdown play. Robert Lee says that Moss reading the defense and changing his route, along with Cassel recognizing what Moss was doing, made for the play of the game. Donaldson has Cassel making the most of his opportunity. Toland has Moss ready to embrace Cassel with Brady out. Farinella watches as Cassel steps in, steps up.

Chris Forsberg has Sammy Morris, who contributed mightily to the win, forced to talk about his blocking skills after the game. Lee says that Morris and Maroney once again formed a solid tandem in the running game. Tomase has a look at the play of Ellis Hobbs in the new-look secondary yesterday. Young notes that Hobbs contributed big on both defense and special teams in the game yesterday.  Dan Ventura has the running game stepping up at the right time. Donaldson has Deltha O’Neal making a game saving play in his Patriots debut. Farinella also has O’Neal there when it counted.

Bernard Pollard is a name that will live in infamy around these parts. Barbara Matson has the Chiefs safety trying to give his side of things. Dan Duggan has Pollard shrugging off accusations from Randy Moss of a dirty play. Lee has former Brady backup Damon Huard throwing a scare into the Patriots late in the game.

Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots bringing in Simms and Tim Rattay for tryouts. Guregian’s notebook has the Jets reacting to the Brady injury. Flynn’s notebook says that the debates about Pollard’s play are just beginning. Kennedy’s notebook has the Patriots red zone defense holding tough in the final minute. Rich Garven’s notebook has the Patriots extending their winning streak to 20 games. Gobis’ notebook has Ellis Hobbs atoning for earlier mistakes. Tim Weisberg’s notebook has Sammy Morris happy to just be back out on the field.

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The Red Sox took care of business in Texas yesterday, beating the Rangers 7-2. Tonight, they battle for first place in the AL East as the Tampa Rays come to town.

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10 thoughts on “…And Rejoicing Broke Out Across The Land…

  1. I’m glad that Bob Ryan got the call to write today and not the insufferable Dan Shaugnessy. Ryan has it right: As bad as this is, injuries are a part of the game. Brady’s remarkable string of consecutive starts underscores the simple fact that it was all likely to catch up to him at some point. In the end, I think this turns a 13-3 season into a 10-6 one and a Wild Card berth. No longer a prohibitive favorite in every game, the Patriots will need to scratch and claw their way through the season. I will be angry if any sports media types come forth with a ‘Told-you-so’ attitude. This is not the time for that, but someone like a Felger would relish the opportunity to say that ‘He’d do things differently if he were King.’


  2. Who will be the first reporter to write or say how this is what Bill Belichick deserves for running up the score on Joe Gibbs, “spygate”, treating the media like they should be treated, etc?

    The hit on Brady was exactly what Michael Wilbon was practically cheering for last fall.


    1. The glee over Brady’s injury proves – yet again – that too many people who are interested in sports exemplify the worst human attributes. Pathetic and disgusting.


    2. I heard that Wilbon asked to have John Lennon’s Instant Karma! playing in the background during today’s PTI segment on Brady’s injury, but I’m not sure that means anything.


  3. I’m glad Tomase came out and said the Super Bowl dream is over. This coming from the same Pulitzer Prize award winner that said he had sources that told him there was a videotape of the Rams Super Bowl walkthrough.

    The Patriots still have an imposing defense, wide receivers that are among the league’s best, and a full stable of running backs. If the Baltimore Ravens can win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer as their QB, than the Patriots have more than a puncher’s chance the rest of the way. The Patriots have a favorable schedule. The rest of the division looks weak as well. The Jets were not impressive against the Dolphins, I think the Pats can still make the playoffs, and move past the first round.


  4. And, it’s all over,
    The Season is over.
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    It’s all over, baby!
    All over, baby!
    All, all over, yeah!
    Aah, hah-hah.
    All over, all over, babe!
    Oh! Oh yeah!
    All over, all over!


  5. Dynasty?!?!? How is the Pats considered a dynasty right now? I didn’t even consider them a dynasty when they barely won (scores of Super Bowl contests could have gone either way and when you factor in the cheating….) 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. Doesn’t anyone remember they didn’t even make the playoffs that 1 year? Don’t you have to be a playoff team every year to be considered a ‘dynasty?’

    Anyways- they weren’t a dynasty then and they aren’t now, seeing that each Manning has 1 more Super Bowl win then Brady the last THREE years. Don’t you have to at least win a title to be considered a dynasty? Don’t get me wrong, in this day and age, we water down every word possible, so I could see how someone would see the Patriots as a dynasty in this watered down world.

    And yes, that circle that you hear being closed, is KARMA. Karma has come full circle because of all of the Patriot’s cheating ways and getting off lightly (yes, a # 1 pick lost is big, but the punishment should have been harsher). Well, just like in the Super Bowl against the Giants, karma has come back to bite the Patriots with this Brady injury. Never underestimate the football gods!!!!!!!

    Good day.


    1. 3 championships in 4 seasons is a dynasty. I’m sorry, that argument is atrocious.

      The taping of games was a minor rule infraction. The call for harsher penalties came from the jealous frauds that sadly make the majority of sports fans in general and NFL fans in particular. Tainted? Only in your wet dreams.

      one of these days, someone will kindly explain to me how fans of a tough, “manly” sport like football whine more than the Mexican soccer team and a pack of European golfers combined.


  6. …..I’m telling ya right now….Casell can do the job (NO I DON’T THINK CASELL WILL BE BRADY) but I think he can do a decent job. I’m more worried about the defense. They will have to keep the score down. While I do think Casell can do the job, I don’t know if he’s ready to win any shootouts.


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