Yes, you did hear Dennis and Callahan talking this morning about how “homely” and “ugly” the one and a half year old son of Masters Champion Trevor Immelman was during their discussion with Brad Faxon about yesterday’s final round.

Someone want to run these numbers by Mike Adams: Since the start of the 2005 season, in 167 at-bats, Manny Ramirez is batting .407, slugging .772 and has a 1.282 OPS with 17 home runs, 46 RBI and 35 walks against the New York Yankees.

Listening to a few moments of the WEEI baseball show yesterday morning, it’s clear that Adams cannot resist any opportunity, no matter how small, to take a shot a Manny, whether to insult his intelligence, his hustle or his work ethic.

It was as maddening as listening to Bob Halloran on Saturday demanding to know at what point David Ortiz will cease to be “Teflon” and Red Sox fans will finally boo him.

The worst thing about Red Sox/Yankees weekends is that it usually means Tim McCarver on Saturday and Joe Morgan on Sunday…

A few afternoon links:

Peter King has the Patriots and Jets engaging in some mind games leading up to the NFL draft in this week’s version of Monday Morning Quarterback.

Eric Wilbur weighs in on the Yankees’ sudden paranoia regarding all things Red Sox.

ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber says that the network is correct to engage and not avoid racial issues.

Jerry Crasnick has David Ortiz not letting his slump get him down.

Jack Curry in the New York Times says that in Jason Varitek, the Red Sox have a studious and gritty leader.

Ken Fang has the sports related nominations for the Boston/New England Emmy Awards.


15 thoughts on “Masters of Poor Taste

  1. The most ridiculous part of all was Mikey Adams trying to deny that he’s a Manny basher and challenging callers to quote him on the numerous anti-Manny rants he’s had in the past. Anyone who’s ever listened to Planet Mikey knows that Adams is all over Ramirez for any slumps, “injuries” or whatever Manny’s latest overblown gaffe might be. He often contrasts Ramirez with David Ortiz with regard to perceived work ethic, hustle and attitude. It’s part of his regular shtick and I found it comical he would not acknowledge that on Sunday when the callers and Buckley brought it up. Interesting Ortiz gets an unlimited amount of rope while he’s in a slump….I wonder if Mikey would feel the same towards Manny?

    There was also the show vs. show undercurrent on Red Sox baseball today with Adams insisting (ad nauseum) “Dale Arnold doesn’t like me!” Will the next WEEI subplot be the mid-day show hates the weekend baseball show??

    I long for the days when the worst part of the sunday morning baseball show was Peter Gammons lousy cellphone reception….or Neumy flying in late and unprepared from the latest horserace.

    Oh, and the Buckley/McAdam on alternating weeks format sucks too.


    1. Adams led off his show tonight striking back against all the “idiots” who think he is a “manny basher.”

      methinks he doth protest too much.


      1. Bruce:
        When I heard him last night, I was pretty sure that Mikey read this site and that is what set him off. Regardless of what got to him, it is nice to see him get all in a tizzy.


  2. If it wasn’t for McAdam on The Baseball Show it would just be a copycat show of Mustard and Johnson. At least you get some up to date infomation from McAdam.

    I learn nothing from Adams except he likes below avg. Red Sox players that were stoners or boozers. As for Buckley he is the Mark Harris of baseball. Who cares about old time baseball. If old time baseball was so great how come no one ever went to the games.


  3. I stopped listening to Dennis and Callahan when they decided to make it their civic duty to bash the Pats and Belichick starting with spygate and continuing all season long. Their negativity always bothered me but the way they covered the Pats this past season was the last straw. Maybe they are cranky because they have to get up so early. I don’t understand how anyone can listen to them on the way to work and not get out of their car pissed off at the world.


  4. Halloran is a clown. Like some other media knuckleheads in this town, he thinks he’s Woodward and Bernstein covering Watergate. It’s sports, you moron, I’m trying to enjoy myself. I don’t follow sports for the pleasure of bashing my home teams.


  5. Do you suppose the ad revenues are down at EEI and hence Buckley/McAdam on alternating weeks? Sounds like they can’t afford two experts per week.

    Though I’m sort of liking the possibilities if the revenues continue to fall. How about alternate days with D $ C? Or, alternate weeks with Smerlas and DeAwful? Less grumpy old men would be a good thing.


  6. I think it’s definite cost-cutting at Entercom. Just like the first week of the season when they did not send anybody to work with Joe C. in Oakland and he had to work alone.


  7. Cost cutting in the face of crowing about record ratings is a bit strange. Perhaps that’s why I was greeted to a roundtable discussion on baseball’s appeal (or lack thereof) among inner city kids on Sunday afternoon, courtesy of Jermaine and Everett. It was a poor imitation of NPR, where facts and solid reporting were replaced by unfounded opinions and loud talking.

    Thanks, Wolfie.


    1. That Jermaine and Everett thing wasn’t bad because they’re real people (for a change) and not bitter, old white sports writers collecting a check.


  8. Chris,

    The topic was an interesting one, and while those two have value as callers because they bring a perspective that is nearly absent from the station, I did not think the level of discussion was high. I just don’t think they are good hosts or facilitators of conversation.


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