Larry JohnsonMondays have become WEEI day on the Boston Sports Media Approval Ratings.

Today we’re rating weekend host Larry Johnson.

LJ co-hosts the “Mustard and Johnson” weekend show for the station, known for talking about the Yankees incessantly and featuring a lineup of New York Yankee fan callers. Johnson is also a regular co-host on The Big Show during the week.

A cartoonist by trade, Johnson worked for the Boston Globe for many years, and now creates cartoons for and The Remy Report website. He was also a regular cartoon contributor to’s Page 2 “Daily Quickie.”

WEEI frequently pokes fun at LJ in Pete Gustin’s skits, including portraying LJ at “The Tracer” a moniker that seems apt as shown by Larry Johnson vs Google Image Search. They also enjoy replaying his voicemail messages to station chief Jason Wolfe. Johnson frequently touts his Christian faith on the air, and has objected to some of the bits played on the station.

You can see more of Johnson’s work on his site: Larry Johnson Art.



61 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Larry Johnson

  1. Awful. On WEEI he’s always ratting his colleagues out to
    his boss Jason Wolfe. Jerk.

    On air he thinks he’s the stations resident comedian because he draws cartoons for a living. He’s not funny at all. Seriously. Funny looking yes.

    As a cartoonist-the other guy that draws cartoons for The Remy Report-Chip O’Brien is by far a much better cartoonist than Larry Johnson.

    I’m sure he’s a wonderful Christian and thats admirable.
    As a radio host and cartoonist? That ship sailed for Larry years ago.
    Stick to preaching.


  2. Larry Johnson’s sports knowledge is confined to the most platitude of cliches. He offers zero insight, and unlike Butch Stearns/Steve Burton, he’s poorly spoken.

    He still has a job because he’s Ordway’s friend, and probably works for cheap. Other than that, I see no other reason as to why he co-hosts a regular weekend show, and is regularly featured on the afternoon drive time show.


  3. He’s a great cartoonist…but why in god’s name is he on the radio?

    This guy is a perfect example of why there are people that protest WEEI. He’s buddy buddy with Ordway and Sheppard so he’s given air-time. He has an awful voice with an awful accent. His laugh is ear ache-ingly painful to listen to. He uses all cliches, that bit they have about him being recycler is so true. He’s a minister on top of it all. Anyone involved with religion should not be on a station like WEEI.


  4. Larry Johnson is not funny or talented or insightful. He cackles at everything the Big “O” says which is why they have him around. He draws like a 4 year old.

    Oh and he still lives with his Mom.


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