Bledsoe Traded

As stated here Friday, appears to have first broken the story of Drew Bledsoe being traded to the Buffalo Bills.

Bledsoe traded
21 Apr 02 / by Fred Kirsch

The Patriots and Buffalo Bills have reached an agreement in the Drew Bledsoe negotiations.

The Patriots will receive the Bills first round pick in the 2003 draft for Bledsoe.

Bledsoe to the Bills speculation has been swirling for weeks with the Patriots adamant about receiving first round compensation in the 2002 draft and the Bills offering anything from a third round pick in 2002 to picks in the 2003 draft. Up to today, the Patriots were not willing to discuss anything short of 2002.

Now, with day one of the draft behind them, both sides seem to have softened their demands.

As of this posting, I don’t see this being reported elsewhere on the Web. ESPN hasn’t mentioned it in its draft coverage either. This follows the news that the Patriots traded up to select a QB in the 4th round.