The Red Sox opened the home portion of their 2008 schedule yesterday afternoon with a 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. Prior to the game, the Red Sox received their 2007 World Series Championship rings and raised their second banner of the decade. These things just don’t get old.

Dan Shaughnessy has the Globe front page story on the afternoon, and says that yesterday had a little bit of something for everyone. Michael Silverman says that from here on out, the Sox can just be themselves. Gordon Edes has the sports section game story for the Sox, starting with Bill Buckner’s ceremonial first pitch, and moving onto the real pitching done by Daisuke Matsuzaka in the shutout win for the Sox. Joe McDonald has the Sox keeping their on-field play simple in the win over the Tigers. Jeff Goldberg has Dice-K and the Sox getting through their third opener of the season in style. Garry Brown has the Sox glad to be home yesterday. Bill Ballou has the Sox taking advantage of some home cooking (at last). Joe Haggerty has Matsuzaka and the Sox rolling over the Tigers in the opener. Kevin Thomas has Dice-K and the Sox starting the Fenway schedule on the right foot.

Jackie MacMullan says that Matsuzaka was brilliant in all aspects last night. Jim Donaldson has Dice-K hoping for another ring and a chance to get it at the same time as his teammates the next time. Steve Buckley says that Matsuzaka stole the show in the home opener. Art Davidson has Matsuzaka off to a strong start in his second season in Boston. Jeff Horrigan has more on Matsuzaka’s second straight strong start. Krasner says that once again the focus was on fastballs for Dice-K and Jason Varitek. Bob Stern has Matsuzaka finding his comfort zone with the Sox.

Lenny Megliola says that it was close to sensory overload at Fenway Park yesterday. Alex Speier has the Sox getting a chance to say good-bye to 2007 and start fresh. Tania deLuzuriaga has fan reaction to yesterday’s events, and the official end of winter for Red Sox fans. Dan Ventura looks at the previous Boston sports champions who were brought in yesterday to participate in the ceremonies. Marie Szaniszlo and Joe Dwinell have more fan reaction on yesterday’s events. Ron Chimelis says there’s no place like home for the Sox. Ballou recaps a grand opening for the Sox at Fenway.

Jon Couture says that you can’t fake emotion, and there was plenty of it on display yesterday…especially when Bill Buckner was introduced. Amalie Benjamin has Buckner saying that he had to find it in his heart to forgive the media – not the fans – for how he has been treated and what he has been put through since that fateful October night in 1986. Ventura has Buckner getting welcomed back with open arms to Fenway Park yesterday. Mike Petraglia has things coming full circle for Buckner yesterday.

Rob Bradford has David Ortiz well aware of his early season struggles, and working hard to put them to an end. Steven Krasner has Manny Ramirez’s hustle (I think this puts an early wrench in Peter King’s calculations of how many runs Manny would cost the Sox this season) paying off with a triple and being rewarded with home on a throwing error. Benjamin has Kevin Youkilis adding to his collection of rings and hits yesterday. Horrigan has Youkilis seeking out Buckner yesterday to tell him how much he admired him and how he had handled everything he had been through. Phil O’Neill has Youkilis delivering on and off the field for the Sox. Bradford says that being a member of the Red Sox is a preferred way of life for players now.

Nick Cafardo has the (expected to be) powerful Tigers falling to 0-7 on the season. Tony Massarotti says that the $138 million Tigers are a mess at the moment.

Edes’ notebook has Manny Delcarmen and the Sox making it through the ring ceremony without incident. Silverman’s notebook has Delcarmen bouncing back after a tough weekend in Toronto. The Projo notebook has more on Youkilis reaching out to Buckner. Chimelis’ notebook has Boston’s sports champions getting together. Ballou’s notebook looks at Ramirez’s trip around the bases yesterday. Couture’s notebook has more on Youkilis hitting his stride early for the Sox. Thomas’ notebook has more on Buckner’s appearance.

Celtics, Bruins

The Celtics pulled out a 107-104 overtime win in Milwaukee last night for win number 62 on the season. Check the coverage at You can also check out the new post on the BSMW Full Court Press: The Renewed Sound and the Fury of the Celtics in the Spring.

The Bruins are getting ready for their playoff opener with their storied rivals from the North, the Canadiens. Browse the latest stories and playoff previews on

David Scott says that after Monday’s loss in the NCAA Championship game, Memphis can be considered a sister city to Boston.


4 thoughts on “Sox Ring In The New Year

  1. Sox beat on the Kittens Yippy. The Tigers are more like kitty cats then Tigers. Their bats still think its spring training someone needs to wake up the sleeping tigers I know they are better then that. They got a solid team and will bounce back from this 0-7 start eventually.


  2. Was that Haiku?

    I thought my grammar sucked as bad as Farinella’s , but Holy Kyle Snyders career that was an awful English.


  3. Damn that was terrible grammar! Can’t a brother be in a rush! Basically what I said was that the Tigers Bats'(their hitting) must believe its Spring Training(Pre-Season). Someone needs to wake up the Tigers because I know they are better then they are showing right now. The Tigers have a solid team and I believe they will bounce back(Start to win Games). With a win yesterday against the RED Sox that is a STEP (act of moving) in the right direction. Do I get an A+ on this plus Professor DK?


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