Does anyone else see the irony in WEEI hosts criticizing Curt Schilling for saying stupid things on the radio?

This whole Schilling/Barry Bonds/steroids/blogging thing is just way out of control and I’ve got a headache from hearing take after take on the topic.

In talking about the attention being paid to Barry Bonds on the steroid issue, Michael Felger on 890 ESPN radio laid out a fairly compelling circumstantial trail connecting Roger Clemens to steroids through his trainer, Brian McNamee. (Just Google that name with the words steroids.)

Even the Technology/PR blog Micro Persuasion is talking about Curt Schilling’s blog, saying: “I wish every company had its high profile individuals blogging like Curt Schilling does.”

Jonathan Papelbon weighed in on the topic as well, saying what Schilling said about Bonds “wasn’t too professional.”

The blog LyfLines says Glenn Ordway twisted Schilling’s words on The Big Show yesterday.

Eric Wilbur notes that lost in among all this nonsense is the fact that the Red Sox are tearing it up on the field.

Mike Reiss has a quick Q&A with Wes Welker.

Dan Lamothe looks at the NFL cracking down on how the injury report is use. Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think much will change here in New England or anywhere around the league. Players who have an injury will be listed as “questionable” and “had limited participation in practice” which will be just a vague as the old system.

Jake Schumaker on Football Outsiders polls a number of the top NFL draft grades and averages them out.

Tina Cassidy looks at what Tom Brady wearing a Yankees cap really means.

Jessica Camerato has Tony Allen playing basketball again. Sort of.


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